FAQ: Alerts and contacts

FAQ: Alerts and contacts

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Can alerts about failures of one website be sent to many recipients?

Yes. You can define any number of alert recipients in ‘Your Contacts’ section. Then you can assign them to selected monitored websites and choose how they will receive notifications.

How can the alerts be sent and how to set it up?

Our system sends alerts by email and SMS (mobile text messages). Additionally, alerts can be made available as an RSS feed.
The type of notifications that will be sent for a given monitored websites to a selected recipient can be chosen in website settings.

What is the proper mobile phone number format?

The ideal format is ‘CCXXXXXXXXX’, where CC is a two-digit country code.
But if you enter the number differently, e.g. ‘+CC XXX-XX-XX-XX’, our system will also handle this.

What should I do in order not to receive SMS alerts in the middle of the night?

In ‘Your Contacts’ section you can specify the times within which text messages can be sent to a given recipient.

I cannot delete one contact from the list. Why?

The first item on the list in ‘Your Contacts’ section is data from your account settings. You cannot delete it but you can edit it.

What do alerts look like?

For example: Email alert (sent in a text format to reduce the likelihood of it being blocked by anti-spam filters):
‘Your website is currently unavailable or is not functioning properly:
- web address: www.mywebsite.com
- time the failure was found: 2012-05-03 0:01:02
- error details: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found’

SMS alert: ‘Your www.mywebsite.com website is unavailable’.