Check if your backlink exists and is indexable

Verify the presence of your backlink, make sure it’s not marked “nofollow”, “sponsored” or “ugc”, detect any anti-indexing measures and calculate how much link juice is passed through.

Is your backlink still present and indexable?

Backlinks help search engines in deciding how definitive and relevant your site is to the keyword or topic for which your content ranks. The number of backlinks to your website is a signal to search engines that other external websites are supporting your content’s quality.

The indexability of your backlinks

Backlinks are extremely critical to achieving a high rank on SERPs and you should always aim to create them on high-authority sites. Owing to the positive reputation of high-authority websites, your webpages (which have been back-linked) will index more quickly.

Getting backlinks indexed is essential to the success of any link-building campaign. That is why you also have to check if the links are still present on the targeted websites and are indexable. There is no point in creating links if Google doesn’t index them anymore. In such a scenario, you are just wasting your money, energy, and time. Thus, before going through the effort, make sure to check if your backlinks are still indexable.

The indexability of backlinks can be blocked on website level, which means they must be executed in context with the respective piece of content. They should be editorially placed in the content, not unnaturally, because doing that is against Google’s guidelines. Backlinks can also be blocked on a page level (through files such as robots.txt, X-Robots-Tag header, or robots noindex HTML tag).
There is an option for checking your backlinks by simply copying and pasting the backlink into Google and clicking the search button to see the result. If the link back to your site pops up in the search results, it is indexed and if the result comes with no results, it means that the backlink is now not indexed.

How to check the indexability of your backlinks?

Although the above-mentioned manual method mostly works to verify if a backlink is indexed, if it is unable to do so, you can always use Super Monitoring’s backlink checker tool. To use it you just have to paste the URL of the website on which your backlink is placed and the URL of your backlink. After that, you can click on “Check” to get the full report.

By using this tool, you can verify the presence of your backlink, and make sure it’s not marked “nofollow”, “sponsored” or “ugc”. You can also see if any anti-indexing measures have been applied to your backlinks and also check the total number of outgoing dofollow links on the page. You can even calculate how much link juice is passed through your link.

To Conclude

Link building is a valuable way to build site authority, but keeping your backlinks indexed is not a walk in the park. With the Super Monitoring’s backlink checker tool and backlink report generator, you can have access to the latest data about the backlinks to your website, which you can use to improve the indexability of your links.

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