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50+ Website Monitoring Services that Shut Down

Last update: October 18th, 2017

12 shutdown services added (11 moved from “The Updated List of 100+ Website Monitoring Services” and 1 discovered)

Currently the list contains 62 items, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Website Monitoring Services that Shut Down…

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If you happen to know of yet another service that is no longer operational – please let us know in comments below.

The Updated List of 100+ Website Monitoring Services

Last update: October 18th, 2017

11 services moved to “50 Website Monitoring Services that Shut down”
20 new services added

Currently the list contains 117 items, listed in alphabetical order.

If you know of any other service offering uptime monitoring that is missing here, please let us know by adding a comment below the list.

  • The Updated List of 100+ Website Monitoring Services…

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If you have a suggestion of a service that should be added to the list – please let us know in comments below.

Small improvements

We have just implemented two small modifications to the website:

1. The option to confirm the presence of the </html> tag (indicating if the whole page has been loaded) has been replaced with an option to confirm the presence of a user defined text string. In other words, the monitor can now look for any sentence or a tag you configure.

2. We have started to check and save downtime types. From now on, every unavailability event in the history will have this information next to its time and duration. Monitors can recognize the following outage types:

  • specific server response (other than “200 OK”)
  • timeout
  • nophrase (when a defined text string hasn’t been found).

More to come soon.

Best Web Tool Award

best web has been awarded and recommended as a top rated website monitoring service by Web Hosting Search who also provides reviews of the top hosting sites on the internet. service greatness secret revealed: Superheroes (video)

See how REALLY works!

Website monitoring with form testing

For some websites uptime monitoring is not enough. What’s worth a website that is online, but its forms don’t work?

Our website monitoring service has just been enhanced to enable customers test their online forms. The system is now able to fill in the form, press the submit button and confirm the result (if it matches a pre-defined text fragment).
It can even log in with a given username and password!

You can test the new feature by signing up for the free trial account here.

New features in the website monitoring service

We have introduced three new features:

1. The website is online during all the trial period? No problem, trial account users can now simulate the outage by simply clicking a button.

2. Checking the server response is not enough? Our system can now confirm if your website HTML is fully loaded by checking the presence of the "</html>" tag.

3. Changed the URL of your website? Or decided to use the service to monitor a different website? You can now modify the URL and decide whether to purge the historical data or not.

More to come soon.


We have added a dictionary to our website – to explain all the terms used on our pages that could confuse users.

It can be found here.

The first version of the dictionary covers the following terms: Alert, Database server, Downtime, Googlebot, Impression, Mail server, Monitor, Page, PageRank, RSS, Server, SLA, SMS, Uptime, URL, Web application, Web server, Website traffic.

Plugin for Drupal – delayed

Have you been wondering why plugins for WordPress and Joomla! have beed published so quickly and Drupal plugin is still missing?

The truth is we have created the Drupal plugin in April. It has been submitted to the portal for approval and… we had to wait 4 months for the feedback!

We need to fix the code here and there and then apply for another review. We hope we won’t have to wait another 4 months…

Monitoring hosting providers

On April, 2010 we have started to monitor two of the most popular shared hosting providers – HostGator and HostMonster. Now we are able to publish their uptime for the last 30, 90 and 180 days.

Important: we don’t monitor their official websites, as they use special-priority servers. Instead, we’ve been monitoring test websites installed on their servers used to provide hosting services.

The idea was to help customers make their choice by comparing the quality of hosting providers services.

We hope that more ISPs decide to join us and appear in the table.

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