20+ Examples of Best Public Status Pages of Top Online Brands

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Status pages have evolved significantly since their inception. They are no longer mere indicators; instead, they serve as critical communication channels for companies embracing transparency. If you’re running a SaaS (Software as a Service) business, having a public status page is essential. Here’s why:

cockpit dashboard

Transparency and Communication

A Public Status Page is a web page used commonly by end-users and provides updates in real-time, alerts for scheduled maintenance, or delays of specific services or websites you are offering.

Customer relationship management is done successfully whenever the customers become the cynosure of your business.

You can enhance your business prospects through the reduction of customer queries and also loyalty and mutual trust with the clients.

Key Aspects of a Good Status Page

  • Promoting Organizational Transparency: A good status page makes sure that the space between the customers and the business does not exceed the level of communication gap.
  • Written Communication: Beyond just status updates, it can serve as a complete communication platform. Share minute details, whether positive or negative.
  • Relevant Service Breakdown: Avoid overwhelming users with irrelevant data. Break down services logically without confusing them.
  • Post-Incident Annotations: Enhance transparency by including post-incident updates. This builds trust and visibility.
  • Information Metrics: Consider adding real-time performance metrics to your status page

22 Examples of Top-Notch Status Pages from Leading Brands

Here is the list of best real-life examples showcasing exemplary implementations of status pages among top online brands.

Apple Developer

1. Apple Developer System Status

Apple’s status page, embodying the company’s design ethos, offers real-time insights into service operations. Its clean interface, aligned with Apple’s brand, presents incident details with timestamps, severity indicators, and support team updates. Historical data fosters user trust. Integration with social media and messaging platforms ensures widespread incident communication. Subscribe for notifications via email or SMS, and leverage API for dynamic metric updates. Embed on various platforms for seamless accessibility.

Apple Developer Status screenshot

2. AWS Health Dashboard

Amazon AWS

The AWS Health Dashboard is a more advanced section for AWS users and it features a dynamic and organized layout that gives end-users critical information about the different service components available in real-time. List of Points: timestamps, accurate details, and AWS status notes provided. Historical statistics that contain trust, and real-time monitoring that tracks the required indicators that are required to be synced in time regularly. Customize your app by using corporate branding, have notifications subscriptions, and it should work with a variety of application tools. Mobile-friendly portals increase the enjoyment of site pages on phones, desktop computers, and any other electronic device.

AWS Health Dashboard screenshot


3. GitHub Status

GitHub’s Status Page, a vital communication hub for users, boasts a clean design delivering real-time updates on service components, from code repositories to issue tracking, incident details feature timestamps, and support updates. Historical data builds trust, while customization aligns with GitHub’s brand. Real-time monitoring, proactive communication, and seamless integration across devices make it a user-centric tool.

GitHub Status screenshot

4. Google Cloud Service Health

Google Cloud

Google’s Status Dashboard is pivotal, offering real-time updates on diverse services like Compute Engine and BigQuery. With a clean layout, it delivers concise key information, timestamps, and support updates during incidents. Historical data promotes transparency, while real-time monitoring ensures up-to-date information. Customization aligns with branding, and proactive communication across channels reduces the need for hotline calls. Integration with tools like HipChat and Slack streamlines communication during incidents. Mobile responsiveness ensures accessibility, summarizing Google Cloud’s Status Dashboard as an empowering tool for transparency and efficient incident management.

Google Cloud Service Health screenshot

5. Klarna Status


Klarna’s Status Page through itself is a key communication channel that posts live updates about exceptional services that feature a nice design. It will feature the payment processing as a part of the customer support. Along with this, the details of each incident will show log timestamps and good descriptions and eventually will have updates. The feedback loop of historical data assures transparency and helps to build trust among the users. Real-time monitoring, on the other hand, ensures up-to-date information, while tailored awareness embeds visual elements in Klarna’s corporate identity thus, it matches well. A proactive communication strategy via different media channels as well as via integration with tools like HipChat and Slack will help to use the approached channel efficiently for incident management. Mobile responsiveness ensures accessibility.

Klarna Status screenshot

6. LinkedIn Status Page


LinkedIn’s status page helps with the improvement of life expectancy as it is the company’s significant communication channel, where users get up-to-date information on the diversity of services. Well-organized UI provides users with a digestible overview of profiles, messages via app, job postings, and content sharing. Events are comprised of timestamps, descriptions, and LinkedIn support statements. Past statistics immensely assist information transmission and customer confidence. Real-time monitoring helps with information that is always relevant as it has. Tailoring LinkedIn undeniably suits the company’s brand identity, for the features are just about getting involved. Communication tools such as HipChat and Slack are utilized along with the adoption of communication channels so that incident management can be done quickly and easily. By being responsive to mobile devices, users have easy access to your site at every moment everywhere.

LinkedIn Status Page screenshot


7. Meta Business Status

The MetaStatus helps the operate the way of communication between different services in real-time through sleek and user-friendly designs. Indicating the status of a single service, component, and active spots, enables quick detection of the areas with problems. These details include exact timestamps, brief but clear descriptions, and progress data from the support teams. Historical data fosters transparency. Instant monitoring not only keeps up-to-date information but also gives the most recent details of the situation. Customization conforms and adapts to the business, connecting with the corporate image. During communication, multiple channels, as well as mobile responsiveness, help with meeting accessibility.

Meta Business Status screenshot

8. Okta System Status


Okta’s Status Page serves as a pivotal communication means that help provide updates at various times about different topics. Its goal is to do this by maintaining a tidy flow of information and, in doing so, providing only the most relevant data for authentication, identity, and access control purposes. Incident details will include distinct timestamps, detailed information, and Okta support status updates. Historical data plus transparency equals trust. No users means no prospects. Personalization upholds Okta’s brand identity, making it just that other component of the big picture. Approach-oriented communication by various channels whereas integration of tools such as e-mail, SMS, and RSS feeds is the efficient way of managing incidents. The ability to scale over mobile devices ensures a universal use across platforms.

Okta System Status screenshot

OVH Cloud

9. OVHcloud Status

OVHcloud’s services monitoring is a central platform for communication with a live status page displaying information on cloud hosting and other dedicated servers. The site employs a minimalist design which presents the info in a concise/brief format and also adds a time stamp and the details in clear language for each incident. Transparency is maintainable in historical data while updated information can only happen through monitoring in real time. Customization in line with OVHcloud’s identity helps in obtaining swift feedback and related device misuse management.

OVHcloud Status screenshot

10. Pinterest Status


The Status Page of Pinterest is a notepad of communication that provides live updates on any changes regarding image sharing and user profile features. The clean format is short & simple and delivered on-screen with tags and specific incident characteristics. Unlike a conceptual framework that offers broad guidance, decision-makers can have a clear view of the past, while the real-time monitoring process allows for regular and instantaneous checks. This plays into Pinterest’s brand identity facilitating proactive communication and enabling stress-free incident management device technology.

Pinterest Status screenshot

11. Postmark Service Status


Postmark’s Status Page is a vital communication channel among all participants with the mission to create transparency regarding different services that are affected by downtimes. Such a system has a well-organized architecture that allows it to offer critical information in just one way – Email service, Transactional messaging, and related components. The incident details include timestamps, occurrence clarity, and tracking the progress updates, which have Postmark support along. From this historical data, transparency, and reliability for the user will be increased. Data collection in real-time provides refreshed and updated information, which is crucial for taking the decision-making process forward. Customization is among Postmark’s thematic features, which makes it an integral part of a complete internal design. Proactive communication via various channels and integration with tools like email, SMS, and RSS feeds facilitate efficient incident management. Mobile responsiveness ensures accessibility across devices.

Postmark Service Status screenshot

12. Status Page for Quickbase


Quickbase Status Page is an essential communication channel between the users and developers of the platform. It provides real-time information with a comprehensive services overview. The intuitive layout of the platform presents main points in a slim of words dedicated to no-code application development and data management as well as collaboration. The information that is included in the Incident Details feature shows time stamps and descriptions with details updates from our QuickBase support system. Historical data creates future transparency and a growing user base. Instructionals like this go a long way in making sure we get the right information at the right time. Adding this personalization touch suitably becomes part of Quickbase’s corporate identity so that it cannot be distinguished easily from the rest of the design. Using proactive communication across several channels, overlapping this process with email, SMS and RSS feeds functionality enables smooth process flow. Mobile compliance demand providing corresponding conditions on all screen sizes.

Status Page for Quickbase screenshot

13. Revolut System Status


The Revolut System Status Page rank tops the list, delivering real-time information on disparate services. It has a neat design, which delivers key data in a unitive and concise manner for mobile banking, counter-series, and financial products. The details of the incident include time stamps, clear account statements, and the latest from support Revolut. Historical data via flickering lights can bring the measurement to the next level and thus transparency and user confidence. Continuously monitoring in real-time ensures that we keep an eye on all the updates. Customization confirms the positioning of our brand with Revolut, as the concept itself fits perfectly into the visual style. Multichannel proactive communication assisted with e-mail, SMS, and RSS feeds helps the management of incidents including information supplying and collaborative management. Mobile responsiveness ensures that accessibility is not limited to a device or device type.

Revolut System Status screenshot

14. Salesforce Trust Status


Salesforce’s What’s Going On Status Page plays a strategic communication center role, bringing time-wise updates regarding the whole status of such services as CRM, Marketing automation, and customer support. To present together the necessary data briefly, the dashboard’s simplicity and straight-to-the-point design allows for quick status summarization. The Incidents detail option has the database running time stamp and unambiguous description and updates to Salesforce cases if this option is available. Historical data brings transparency and credibility where the users are concerned. Live monitoring and data are used, thus keeping the data up to date. Customs is in sync with Salesforce’s corporate culture having no impact on the overall theme of design. The channels through which we proactively communicate can be DVD, smartphone, and RSS feeds. The excellent way of reporting is achieved by a combination of all of them. Responsiveness contributes to the equalization of devices which include mobile and laptop.

Salesforce Trust Status screenshot


15. Shopify Status

Shopify’s Status Page is a crucial communication hub, providing real-time updates on diverse services, including e-commerce and payments. The clean layout offers concise information with timestamps and clear incident details. Historical data enhances transparency, and real-time monitoring ensures up-to-date information. Customization aligns with Shopify’s identity, integrating seamlessly for efficient incident management across devices.

Shopify Status screenshot

16. Slack System Status


Slack Status Page is a critical medium of communication whereby it enjoys the advantage of providing personnel with real-time information regarding communication, collaboration, and integration. The ability of the user to quickly check the status of the core health indicators in a clear and simple manner, however, makes the dashboard highly effective. Snapshots chronologically ordered problem descriptions, and consultations from Slack’s support departments are some of the incident data to be included in our improvement roadmap. Transparency and ensuring user confidence are the other reasons for keeping the historical data. Data is current due to constant goings on in the monitoring activities. Customization is no exception as it blends right into the overall design. This is a kind of design that still maintains the corporate branding. Such a properly established communication system, which is enhanced by email, SMS, and RSS feed connectivity, makes active crisis management possible. Accessibility in mobile devices is provided since mobile responsiveness is taken into consideration.

Slack System Status screenshot


17. Unofficial Steam Status

Real-time information on a range of Steam services, such as game servers, chat, and content delivery, is provided via the dedicated status page SteamStat.us. Its simple structure makes it easy for users to rapidly assess the overall state by presenting important information in a succinct manner. Time stamps, concise problem descriptions, and updates from the SteamStat.us staff are all included in the incident information. Its purpose-driven simple style ensures familiarity and consistency. In addition to fostering a smoother interaction with Steam’s general design, real-time monitoring and personalization increase user confidence.

Unofficial Steam Status

18. Stripe System Status


Stripe Status Page is an important link between users and is an updated daily report on developer tools, subscriptions, and payment processing. Its minimal design, which is also highly user-friendly, along with the briefness of the information provided, contributes in a manner that lets the user see the whole picture really fast. Transparency is being brought to crowdsourcing through incident information that can take the form of timestamps, details of the problem, and updates from Stripe’s support teams. Past data makes users confident about the service, for the operator shows a history of its stability. Stripe personalizes its data to the trend of the company’s brand; on the other hand, real-time monitoring makes it possible to ensure its information is up to date. An incident management system that effectively visualizes itself on the mobile screen and provides comprehensive communication channels.

Stripe System Status screenshot


19. Twitch Status

Major Twitch services and Live stream status hacking are particularly serious and the Twitch Status Page is therefore the most important thing. It gives you lengthy details for more in-depth study and a complicated design. Imparting transparency is achieved by keeping the timestamps, log of events with sequence, and support updates. The data foundation of reliability is comprised of past results. Proactive communication, real-time monitoring, reporting, and mobile responsiveness enable prompt resolution and case quality.

Twitch Status screenshot

20. Webex Global Service Status


Users enjoy day-to-day interaction with the response of the Webex status page through the various services including messaging and meetings which make it not only a good way of communication but also a hub for communication. The effectiveness of its own simplicity makes it the easy-to-view display of vital information to speed up the process of decision-making. Transparency and trust are strengthened by incident specifics, historical information, and proactive communication channels. Personalization is in line with Webex’s brand, guaranteeing a dependable and easily navigable user experience.

Webex Global Service Status screenshot


21. Wikimedia Status

Provisions of live cuts to the current condition of various services such as Wikipedia are provided by the Wikimedia state page. The users will immediately see the current and historical ramifications of each event in an orderly fashion. The interface will give clear information on the incidents. Transparency, trust, and credibility of the public during disaster and emergency management can be further improved by proactive communication, personalization, and smartphone-responsive efforts.

Wikimedia Status screenshot

22. Xbox Status


Transparency and trust are ensured by the Xbox Live status Page, which provides real-time visibility into the operating condition of various Xbox Live services. Users may stay informed with features like real-time monitoring and proactive communication, as well as a clear interface and extensive incident information. Transparency and trust are fostered by the enhanced user experience that comes from customization and mobile responsiveness.

Xbox Status screenshot

Super Monitoring’s Hosted Public Status Pages

Super Monitoring’s Hosted Public Status Pages provide a robust solution for keeping your users informed about the operational status of your services, applications, or systems. Whether you’re a startup, a growing business, or an established enterprise, having a reliable status page is essential for maintaining transparency and trust with your customers.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Status Pages: You have an opportunity to create as many status pages as you think necessary, each focused on a particular service or component. Post web links from designated sites to several status pages for direct messaging to different audiences.
  • Historical Data and Reports: Super Monitoring captures historical up-times and downtimes in its records. Analyze top trends and performance and show alignment with customer satisfaction through excellent services.
  • Incident Updates: The key function of a page that has been designed to share incident details in real time is to do this efficiently. With Super Monitoring tools it is not only possible to hearten your clients immediately about solvable problems or incidents but also warn them about the issues or planned system maintenance.
  • Branding and Customization: Every status, page on which your product will be advertised can be fully customized, in terms of the name, title, introduction, logo, and specific color scheme. Super Monitoring provides the process of incident management in a framework by which situation-specific details can be omitted, added, or changed. There are no restrictions imposed on your styling (custom CSS) so you are free to set up your standing pages based on your taste. Flavor tones, text, and manner of publicity should be used to represent your organization‘s personality.
  • Responsive Design: The status pages are just as quality on any device, notably a smartphone. How your website looks on desktops or mobile devices will not impact its usability since it will have a single, smooth, and consistent interface.
  • Multilingual Support: The Super Monitoring’s status pages may be set in different languages and it is possible to choose from English, Spanish, German, and Polish. This therefore ensures that your global audience is always provided with updates that are simple to understand and contextually meaningful.

Super Monitoring Status Page screenshot

In summary, Super Monitoring’s Hosted Public Status Pages offer a comprehensive solution for incident communication. From unlimited status pages to deep customization, you can confidently keep your users in the loop during any service disruptions.

To view the Super Monitor status page example, click on the Super Monitoring example. For more details, check out the Super Monitoring Public Status Pages and explore the possibilities.

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