Public status pages

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Communicate the status of your websites and services to your users using customized status pages. In case of a failure, publish there messages informing users about the actions you are taking and the expected time to solve the problem.

public status page

How it works

At the URL you set, we will display a publicly accessible website with a list of the checks you select. For each of them, we can display the current status and charts – the uptime and average response times over the last period (week, month, quarter, year).

On the page with the list of checks - and in the details of any check selected - your messages about the current work related to the availability of your services will be displayed.

See an example of the status page >>


You can create as many status pages as you like and assign different monitored websites to each of them. Each status page can have a name, title, introduction, logo and color scheme. You can even add your own CSS styles to further customize the page's appearance.

Status pages can be displayed in different languages: English, Spanish, German and Polish.

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