Website content monitoring

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There are situations in which the website works (it is available), but it doesn't load in its entirety. For example, with a database failure, it may happen that empty templates will be displayed—without any content.
Conventional monitoring of availability will not recognize this as a failure because it will receive the correct server response.

Such a defect will be detected by content monitoring which checks the content of the site.

How it works

Content monitoring consists in periodically checking for the presence (or absence) of a defined text or code fragment. In the case of discrepancies between the content and the model, a dump of the HTML code is executed, a failure is registered and alerts are sent.

For a failure to be reported, discrepancy must be observed from at least three locations of our monitoring network.


First, you need to decide whether the correct state is the presence or absence of a given text. You can then enable (or not) the option to match the case of characters.

Of course, the most important thing is to determine the phrase you are looking for. There may be several of them because operators such as "<or>" or "<whatever>" are available.

The default monitoring frequency is 1 minute—but you can change it up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Additional information

The content test—just like the basic availability test—does not interfere with JavaScript-based statistics (e.g. Google Analytics).

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