Website and Server Monitoring Features

Website and Server Monitoring Features

Unavailability Detection

Your website or shop may not be available for a variety of reasons. We will detect any failure and let you know about its nature.

Performance Check

If the response time of your server suddenly gets longer, you will be informed about it. You will also know the average response times for a selected period of time.

Content Verifying

We will make sure that your website loads correctly by checking for the presence of phrase or code defined by you.

Form Testing

We will be checking your forms (contact, login, registration, etc.), by filling them in and confirming whether they work properly.

Page Loading Time Measuring

We will alert you if speed of your website suddenly drops. We will also show you its average loading times for a selected period of time.

Process testing

We will verify functioning of the entire processes (e.g. e-commerce) according to the scenario defined by you.

File Integrity Monitoring

We will detect any unauthorized changes to your important files by comparing their checksum to the previously saved pattern.

Immediate Alerts

Right after detecting a problem we will notify you by e-mail or text message. No false alarms.

History and Reports

You will receive regular reports about your website. At any moment you will be able to generate a report or export the data for any period of time.

Data for Analysis

Depending on the type of event, screenshots, HTML code or HAR files will help you in the analysis of failures and errors of your website.

Alert Recipients and Sub-Accounts

You can define any number of people who will receive alerts. You can also enable them to access selected checks in the panel.

Integrations and Plugins

The history of your website’s availability can be displayed in Google Analytics and the entire user panel in your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Super Monitoring API

With our API you will be able to integrate Super Monitoring with any application that will receive data about failures of your website.
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