Server Monitoring

Care for the whole server

If you have a lot of websites on one server, apart from monitoring separate websites you can monitor the whole server by specifying an IP address instead of an URL address. In this way you will always learn about server problems from the monitoring system before they are reported by dissatisfied users or clients.


A regular ‘pinging’ of a server lets you find out when the whole server is not reachable or when, for any reason, the test packets reach their destination within a longer time period (latency) than the predefined acceptable.

Monitoring of mail servers

Email is a service whose availability is key not only for business. You usually learn about a possible message system failure when your attempt to download or send an email proves unsuccessful. Still, failures happen not only when you download email.
That is why, while configuring the monitored website, among the options you can see there are mail server types: SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

Database server monitoring

A problem with the database of a website can be found by the ordinary website monitoring functionality (see Website monitoring). But websites are not the only thing internet database servers are used for. “mysql and mssql” options in the monitored website settings allow you to directly monitor database servers.

Monitoring of other services and ports

The drop-down list of protocols in the monitoring configuration form also includes Telnet, SSH, DNS, SIP and Connect.
Do you need to monitor another service/port? Let us know.