Create automated chat bots with Tars, without coding

Tars is one of the coolest online chat-bot creators through which you can create custom chat bots without any coding.

MixMax – Powerful automation and analytics for outbound emails

Mixmax is the next generation of email tracking that improves your team’s communication for unparalleled results.

How to discover new great web apps for your work

It is worth it to regularly check the online market space and find new web apps as some of them can really make your work (and life) easier. We’ve compiled a list of avenues you should check out if you’re on the lookout for new web apps.

Create Shoppable Images with LinkLay

One of the newest trends to overtake the online shopping market is that of displaying shoppable images on websites. A shoppable image is one where you see a still photograph of a product in use and can click on it directly to see its price and purchase link.

Reacting to website failure: A foolproof process (infographic)

Faultless websites, online stores or web apps simply don’t exist. Despite an exemplary infrastructure, duplicated systems and excellent mechanisms, something can always go wrong. We offer you a proven process that you can apply in a crisis situation – adapting it accordingly to your conditions, of course. You can publish our infographic on your blog […]

Leverage customer retargeting to drive more sales with PixelMe

PixelMe enables users to shorten the links they share on social media while allowing add a retargeting pixel to every link they share.

How to pay less for web app subscriptions

Imagine if you’ve subscribed to even 5 – 6 web apps. How much money are you spending every month on just the subscriptions? You probably don’t think about it much, but in total, all the SaaS subscriptions cost you a little fortune.

Monitor webpages for changes with VisualPing

If there’s one thing that binds people across geographies, cultures, and preferences, it is the Internet. Regardless of their age, sex, or color, people all over the world spend an average of 2 – 3 hours on the Internet every day, and that makes for quite a big window of business opportunity. In such a […]

Facebook algorithm change: How to keep seeing posts from a liked page

On January 12th, Mark Zuckerberg informed about a planned major change to the Facebook algorithm which determines the selection and the order of posts that are displayed in user feed. In short, updates posted by users (friends) will receive a much greater priority, while posts from brands (fan pages) will become even less important than […]

Automate Facebook Ad Management with FastTony

What is the easiest way to get people talking about your product, service, or business? Advertise it on social media; and since the past few years, social media has become synonymous with Facebook. The platform which started off as a means for people to connect with their far away friends and relatives has now transformed […]

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