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The 5 Web Analytics Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

When people talk about web analytics, you immediately think of Google Analytics. But there is life beyond Google Analytics. There are many web analytics tools that currently exist on the web and many that are emerging daily. Knowing how to combine these tools well is key to a good web analytics strategy that allows us to understand what happens on our website and how our users act.

Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful analytical tool that allows you to measure who enters your website, how, when and where your website is being accessed. And there are a thousand more data that make it an essential of web analytics. However, it is always useful to have other tools at hand that complement the data that Analytics gives us and that measure others data.

In this post, we wanted to bring you the web analytics tools that are the best working today, with a small analysis of their functionalities to help you decide which one to use and which one not.

But first, a little advice on how to choose the web analysis tool that best suits your needs:

  • Be clear about your objectives. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want to measure. Knowing what you want to measure will enable you to know the right tool for your case.
  • Consider the time you have to measure the results. Google Analytics is a marvel, but it is also a very complex tool that you have to study a lot to know how to use it really well. That is why we advise you to think about how much time you will be able to devote or who can contract it to a web development company. There are more intuitive tools than others that measure equally well but in a simpler way.
  • Learn to analyze the data you get. The tools do not stop being more than online platforms that take us some data from our website that then someone has to analyze. The truth is that web analytics tools still do not know how to tell us why the data is what it is. For that, we need to understand this data to draw conclusions and apply them when improving our page.

These are some of the web analytics tools to make your life easier:


1. ClickTale

Clicktale focuses on the user experience on a web page. As its name suggests, is the history of each of the clicks that go through a web. Although it focuses on this, it does not leave aside other aspects of web analytics, but it does gather much more information about the behavior of users than any other tool.

For example, one of its great features is that it allows us to record the session of some users on our website. If your goal is to get the best user experience and optimize the maximum navigability of your website, then this is your tool.


2. Kissmetrics

It is very useful to segment and generates engagement with our customers. Just as ClickTale focused on the user experience, Kissmetrics focuses on the analysis of the users, helping to get new customers and retain existing ones.

Its most interesting functionality is that it provides us with very detailed information about the conversions on our website. That is, it tells us where users are converting, their behavior before and after the conversion and gives us information about who these users are. It also allows us to segment based on this report and selects those users who are very active on the page but have never converted, which allows us to develop marketing actions focused on this audience and conversions.


3. Clicky

Clicky describes itselft as “Real Time Web Analytics”, that is, web analytics in real time. It is a tool that gives a lot of information and it is very customizable according to our needs. Obviously, one of its biggest advantages is that it allows us to see everything that happens on our website in real time, with very detailed graphics and reports.

Also, it groups SEO and web analysis all in one place. It not only tells us what happens in real time on our website but also the keywords by which users have accessed our site, our position on Google and so on. It is also quite simple to install and has a plugin for WordPress users.


4. Alexa

Alexa is a tool to see what and how our competitors are doing: the keywords they use, their visits, the engagement they generate and much more. It is a tool similar to SEMrush.

When analyzing how our website is working, it is extremely useful to see how the competition does it and how our potential target audience interacts with other pages that are not ours.


5. Webtrends

Webtrends focuses its analysis on the multiple devices from which a web page can currently be accessed. As they explain, the most important thing for them is to be able to analyze the traffic that comes from any device, including the so-called Internet of Things. That is users who connect from their smartwatch or from their washing machine. Maybe this is a little exaggerated considering that the Internet of things is currently in diapers, but it is true that in a few years, it is possible that even our clothes will have an Internet connection.

Of course, this is not the only function of Webtrends. Like all other tools, it also measures the usual data that every web analyst needs to know about the traffic of a page.

These are some of the web analytics tools for the analysis of your website. You can meet a web development company to help you out.

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KeywordHero: Saving you from the dreaded ‘not provided’ in Analytics

Organic keyword data, which was till now the essential around which SEO experts and digital agencies revolved, suddenly became “not provided” since 2011. Unless you were prepared to face the hardships, you had to wonder if there was an easier way out.

KeywordHero assures to clear up the ‘not provided’ information that you see in your Google Analytics for any website. So, does it work as promised?


Oh yes! According to countless users’ reviews and our own, it looks like there is finally something that can help with this predicament. One can use the KeywordHero to understand which keywords drive more conversion. It helps website owners understand what the people coming across their website are typing into search engines, and the tool’s findings can help in many ways to improve and build up the number of conversions.

Let’s check this tool out and see how much water it holds.

KeywordHero – Helping you get rid of ‘not provided’ information in Google Analytics

KeywordHero is the only tool so far that gets back your keyword data in your Google Analytics accounts. It uses machine learning systems along with nine different data sources to eliminate the unwelcome ‘not provided’ message from analytics data. After 2011 when Google Analytics’ keyword data removal affected pretty much everyone in business, most people tried to make do with keyword tools like KWFinder, LongTailPro, and Google Keyword Planner for the keyword search volume. But now with KeywordHero, there’s little need for any other tool for the purpose.

Take a look at some of KeywordHero’s impressive features:

  • For each word, KeywordHero gets you detailed analytics in which you will find keyword conversion comparison, bounce rate, the revenue potential of every keyword, and more.
  • The tool focuses on the general traffic that your website is receiving. It notes how the internet users are reacting to your marketing strategies.
  • In the tool’s interface, you will also find your website’s ranking as per Google SERPs. You will be able to understand what your best performing organic keywords are and what are not. You can use the information to fix the keywords that are not doing so great.
  • It saves all user queries in the Google Analytics account for future perusal.
  • KeywordHero is designed in such a way that it can group results according to the intent behind them.

How does this tool work?

Setting up KeywordHero is no hassle. It takes only 2 minutes of your time and the access you grant to it into your Google Search Console, and Google Analytics accounts. Once you’ve done that, you’re pretty much done.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to work with KeywordHero:

  1. Visit and click on “TRY HIM NOW.”
  2. You’ll immediately see an array of subscription options. This is just for your information at this point. Scroll down a little to see a “Sign in with Google” button.
  3. Use your Gmail ID to sign up since that would automatically connect to your Google Analytics account. The tool will request you to grant it some permissions. Allow it.
  4. Once done, you’ll reach your Dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see three different views of your Google Analytics data. Accounts, Properties & Apps, and Views. You can select the Google Analytics View that you want to analyze here and find the right keywords.
  5. First, select the GA Account on the left, then the Property in the middle, and lastly the View on the right. Until you click on each of the values under these columns, the “Next” button at the bottom won’t be enabled.
  6. Finally, from the drop-down at the bottom, pick a tracking mode: “No tracking” or “eCommerce Tracking” and click on “Next.”
  7. Next, select the Search Console account. Doing this creates a duplicate account of your Property. In this step, you will find yourself looking at membership plans. We advise you to go ahead with the free version before you spring for the membership.
  8. You will also find the option of a coupon code which you can use to get discounts.
  9. Finish off!

Keyword Hero

Under the campaign, you will find four options of All Campaigns, Paid Keywords, Organic Keywords, And Cost Analysis. You will be able to see the non-provided stats under the Organic Keywords tab.

Do note that you will have to wait for about 24 hours for Google Analytics to start getting your data. This duration is the maximum limit you’ll need to wait.


KeywordHero offers four plans:

  • Little Hero
  • Big hero
  • Giant Hero
  • Ultimate Hero

The “Little Hero” is free and is perfect for individual use. However, if you are an SEO marketer working alone, you will find “Big Hero” more suitable. The “Giant Hero” plan is great for small SEO agencies and companies while “Ultimate Hero” is for all those who do not want to limit themselves in finding the best organic keywords.

The Pros VS The Cons

Let’s start with the plus points:

  • KeywordHero gives you accurate keyword data that assists you in growing your SEO.
  • You get over three months of keyword data which you get to keep in Google Analytics for an indefinite time.
  • The tool not only helps you with the keyword data but also lets you figure out if your Long Tail keyword strategy is working out.
  • If you find any changes in your search engine ranking positions, the tool aids you in adjusting immediately.

Now with the downsides:

  • Doesn’t include any feature for “suggested keywords.” That would be an excellent addition
  • You won’t find any scheduled white label reporting in the tool as of now.
  • Another good to have feature would be the ability to track keyword performance against other platforms or websites.
  • Say goodbye to “(not provided)” traffic source in Google Analytics with @keyword_hero via @supermonitoring

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KeywordHero Verdict

KeywordHero is a great tool that delivers accurate organic keyword data and helps website owners understand the keywords their visitors are searching for. Despite lacking some features, it is well worth the money and we approve of it entirely. Paying $29 for this tool which is also a Google Analytics technology partner is something not to think twice about.

Leverage customer retargeting to drive more sales with PixelMe

In the marketing world, “retargeting” is a common term, but for those who are new at this, “using cookies to follow target audience and later serve them ads about products they showed interest in” sounds more comprehendible. Retargeting, or remarketing, involves placing a small unnoticeable piece of code into your website to keep tabs on the online movement of users who visit your site. When those visitors later browse the Internet, the code, entirely unobtrusive and known as a pixel, sends your retargeting provider a notification to serve ads about your product to them. Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, but it works best in conjunction with inbound and outbound marketing or demand generation.

If your business keeps adopting dedicated marketing strategies to capture new customers, especially those who frequently stay online, retargeting can do wonders for you. But hiring retargeting service providers can often be a little heavy on the pocket. Plus, not every business is able to spot a legitimate provider who actually helps you drive more sales by accurate retargeting.


In such a scenario, online tools that are affordable, easy to use, and backed by some great reviews emerge as the winners. One such online tool that can enable you to leverage potential customer retargeting so that you can reach your sales goals and go beyond within your desired timelines, is PixelMe.

PixelMe – Shorten URLs, Share on Social Media, Retarget Customers

At the basic level, PixelMe is a URL shortening service aimed at transforming social sharing. It is the age of the “less is more” mantra, and PixelMe is following it to the letter. For many years, short URL services (like TinyURL,, and have been offering ways for organizations to track which platforms their links are shared on, the number of clicks they receive and the locations they are clicked from. Plus, they help make long and confusing URLs neater and concise. PixelMe is built on the same premise but it’s packed with more value than other URL shorteners.

PixelMe enables users to shorten the links they share on social media while allowing add a retargeting pixel to every link they share. This means you can retarget content to people who have not only visited your site but also who have clicked on the links you share. And that effectively leads to more audience capture and eventually, more sales. Drilling it down to its essence, PixelMe lets you use content (original or someone else’s that you’re just sharing) to create your custom target audience.

Here are the best features of the platform at a glance:

  • It lets you automatically include retargeting pixels in every link you share
  • You can measure and track clicks through link analytics
  • The tool gives you access to custom branded short domains that help drive CTR up to 34%
  • PixelMe lets you add retargeting pixels from Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora & Pinterest Ads platform
  • It lets you bulk import with a simple copy-paste and find them in your dashboard to share individually
  • You can also invite people to contribute and help you to manage your links

PixelMe - screenshot

How it works

Here is a step by step guide on how to use PixelMe to embed retargeting pixels from Facebook. You can use the same technique for LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Ads platform.

  1. First, visit the tool’s homepage at and signup for a free trial that will last 7 days
  2. Once through signup you’ll reach the Dashboard where you’ll see a summary of the total clicks your links have received, list of all your links, and some other details. When just starting out, the dashboard will largely be empty
  3. In the menu displayed within the left sidebar there will be a “Settings” option. Click on it to see the “Add new pixel” option. Add a new retargeting Pixel ID for every Ad platform you use. Each pixel should ideally be given a name for easier identification
  4. Now to start sharing retargeted short URLs, select the Pixel for the Ad platform you wish to start with, paste the URL you wish to share within the text box designated for the purpose, and click on the “PixelMe” button.
  5. All links that are ready to be shared are displayed within a list in your dashboard. From this list you can share a shortened URL on any social platform you like.
  6. As soon as people start noticing what you’ve shared, you should start seeing the number of clicks on your shortened links in your PixelMe dashboard. This will give you a pretty good idea of how your links are performing and how much total audience you can reach.
  7. In your Facebook pixel dashboard, click on “Create Audience” in the top left. Select “URL” “contains” and type “”. This will set up and filter your custom audience for all the people who visited a specific webpage.
  8. Now to retarget the audience you just created, in your Facebook Ads manager’s menu, go to “Ads manager” in the top left of the screen.
  9. In “Ad set” in the left menu, you’ll have the ability to customize the Audience. If you click on “create a new one” and then “custom audience”, you should be able to see the list of all the Custom Audiences you’ve already created and the number of people each audience contains.

Once you’re done with these steps, you’ll be ready to create your Ad’s design.

  • Shorten URLs, Share on Social Media, Retarget Customers – Try @pixelme via @supermonitoring

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Evaluating the tool

The thought behind the tool is quite innovative, really, and it does help boost business sales. Though there are no clear cons, it would be good if PixelMe could also offer integration with additional tools like Buffer (which apparently is already being worked on) and more apps on iOS. A sneak peek at their Trello board gives an idea about the work they are currently doing to make the tool even better, and it is quite impressive.

See what your users see with RealEye

What if you could borrow someone’s eyes for some time? Okay, that wasn’t meant to be a joke; it was actually a pretty serious question. Let us put it this way – what if you could see what someone else saw on a website. And by see here we mean actually “seeing” the exact parts of a website’s display that caught a user’s eye during his visit. Wouldn’t it be just the thing a website owner needed?

An online marketer, web designer, or an online business owner always needs to know if his website is actually achieving its purpose – drawing customers in and driving sales. While there are various tools to track how much time a user spends on a web-page before going away, knowing exactly what the user “sees” on a page is rather difficult. Of course if the user ends up filling some form you’d know what he saw for sure, but if it was just another content filled website, finding out the exact points on your website that attracted the customer’s attention could give you valuable insights.


That’s exactly what the tool we’re discussing here does – show you what your customers actually see on your website. With RealEye, you can view your website through your customers’ eyes.

RealEye – Online eye tracking for websites

RealEye is a unique SaaS platform that lets you track your website visitors’ eye movements through webcam tracking. It records visual activity of visitors on websites (landing pages, posters, flyers, etc.) and returns results in the form of playable heat-maps of single and aggregated results. So when you view the results, you can know the exact spot of your website a user focused most on (since it will contain the most concentrated heat-map).

Eye-tracking brings great value to a project’s development lifecycle. You can run tests on your design and spot weaknesses like users not noticing CTA, slogan or branding even before you release the product. The tool is powered by advanced eye-tracking algorithms that allow you to track what people see within ~64px (the size of a button).

Here’s a quick glance at the tool’s features:

  • Supports adding image files or website URLs for eye-tracking
  • Lets you add up to 20 projects into a single analysis
  • Enables you to get results from about 20 testers within 8 hours
  • Allows you to invite your own testers with no additional fee
  • Provides access to shareable dashboards with results presented on playable heat-map
  • Very low error margin on visual angle of 4.17 degree

In a nutshell, RealEye lets you know whether your website’s CTA is being noticed or not!

RealEye - screenshot

How it works

The logic and working behind the tool is quite simple.

  • You add projects (design images or URLs) to the tool’s online interface and run the analysis.
  • The tool’s on-call testers then view your project data with eye-tracking on
  • You get to see the results within a span of 8 hours.

Why 8 hours? Because RealEye uses real testers from its internal team to run eye-tracking analysis on your projects and they might or might not be available when you start the analysis. But you can be assured of receiving the results of your tests within a maximum period of 8 hours. That’s why the demo of the tool is called “instant demo” since don’t need to wait around for the results; you can see them within a few minutes (primarily because you play the part of the viewer).

A cool feature of the tool lets you invite your own testers and use them with eye-tracking instead of relying on RealEye’s testers. This aspect of the tool can be particularly helpful if the images or URLs that you need to test contain sensitive material.

Once you’re able to see the heat-maps, you can click and drag your mouse to highlight a particular area of the maps to see exactly how much time the tester spent looking at that area. This feature when performed on end users helps you identify the most attractive points of your design or URL and thus help you identify:

  • The most important element on the page
  • If you’re users are reading your content
  • Visibility of elements below fold
  • Distractions by useless elements

Highs & Lows

The plus points of the tool are obvious – its unique functionality and purpose. The motto behind the application’s development is to empower people to find out real plus and minus points about their design, and that’s exactly what RealEye allows you to do.

A major drawback (if you can call it that) of the tool is that there’s no trial version available for it. All you get to try the tool out is an “instant demo” that lasts a couple of minutes and lets you see the action. To test out the tool on any sample URL or image you’ll need to sign up.

  • Track what your website visitors see with, webcam eye-tracking for web designers via @supermonitoring

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RealEye lets you take control of things and its results are surprisingly accurate. The platform has helped many designers understand what their audience looks at and thus improve their work. It would be great if the tool had some sort of a trial version, however, even without it, there’s probably no reason why web designers shouldn’t be using it.

Get a peek at what customers do on your website with SmartLook

Convinced you’ve built a great website but aren’t sure why the bounce rate keeps rising? Put attractive options and deals you can on your webpage but still can’t crack your target sales? The problem might very well lie with the design of your website or the information you provide. But how will you get to know what’s wrong? Who should you consult to highlight what you’re missing out?


How about letting the customers show you themselves?

What we’re getting at is that there are tools available online that let you monitor customer behavior by letting you either view their browsing patterns directly or record whatever they do on your website and review it later to gather insights. That way you get to know what customers like or dislike on your webpage and make improvements to achieve your targets better.

Interested yet?

SmartLook – Record customer activity on your website

SmartLook is a smart online tool that lets you record everything visitors do on your website, for free. It records screens of real users as they visit your website so that you can see what visitors clicked, what data they filled into forms, which pages they spend most of their time on, and how they browse through each of your website’s sections. This way, SmartLook can help you identify user experience problems, the reason behind increase in bounce rates, and key attractive areas that convinced users to make purchases.

And if you’re wondering it would require you to install some kind of browser extension or plug-in to activate, well it doesn’t. SmartLook integrates seamlessly with some of the most well known website building platforms including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Google Tag Manager, and many more.

Here’s a look at the tool’s best features:

  • Record user behavior as videos and them instantly to reveal improvement points
  • Maintain all recordings of a particular visitor at one place
  • Generate click, move, and heatmaps from the recordings to watch where your visitors click and how far they scroll down the page
  • Find important visitors using filters
  • Share links of user recordings with your UX designers or developers so that everyone can spot issues
  • Link multiple websites with a single SmartLook account
  • Categorize recording using tags
  • Use tool APIs to link customer’s name, email or other info from your system

Additionally, SmartLook also lets you record visitor activity from mobiles and tablets. The tool is flexible enough to let you adjust recordings as per your needs using APIs.

SmartLook - screenshot 1

Use SmartLook like this

To start using the tool, visit its website and click on the big green button in the center of the screen that says “Get Started – Free Forever” or click on “Get Started Now” in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll be directed to a signup page where all you need to provide is your email id and create a password. Thereafter, click on “Let’s take a look”.

After a couple of seconds you’ll reach your dashboard. Okay you need to pay attention to a little catch here. By default, the email id that you provide during signup will be taken as your website name. This setting is kind of strange but anyways. Click on “Switch website” to enter the URL of your website on which you wish to record user activity. You’ll see some options to edit and then delete site. Once we deleted the email id, we clicked on “Add site” to provide our website’s URL.

Once the website was added, we clicked on “Tracking code” to view the snippet we needed to place on our website. The instructions regarding where to place the code were also given there. We placed the code at the appropriate place in our website’s page and waited for a couple of minutes. Thereafter, to test out if the tool worked, we opened up a browser window and visited the pages where we’d placed the tracking code.

The recording didn’t show up instantly, but after about a minute, it was listed with complete information about our browsing environment, date and time of visit. We could view the recording just as it had happened. The tool even informed us that “the visitor is still on your website” for the time we hadn’t closed the window where we were browsing our website.

So yes, SmartLook works, and it works well. But you’ll have to be a little patient and allow it to get updated with the latest results.

SmartLook - screenshot 2

Pros VS Cons

The benefits of the tool are obvious. As far as the downsides are concerned, when we tested its working on a mobile device, the recordings didn’t show up for almost 3 minutes after we’d started browsing. We tried filtering the tool to pick up recordings only for mobile devices but still nothing. As we were about to pen it down as a con, the recordings showed up. The browsing activity on the mobile device was also recorded with all information of the environment and time and duration of visit.

And considering we didn’t need to give any credit card information for all this and neither were we asked to register, the free tool came off as pretty cool!

  • See your website through your visitors’ eyes with @getSmartlook via @supermonitoring

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There is a pricing model for the tool that allows you to access premium features, but for most purposes, the free account should suffice. All in all, double thumbs up to SmartLook from our end.

Evaluate your website’s reach through UsabilityTools

Imagine you’re a web developer or website owner. From your point of view, what would be the key things towards building a successful website? Unique content, search engine optimization algorithms, attractive web design and such. After putting all of this in place and satisfying yourself of every little detail, you’d probably go ahead and launch your website. Now what would be the next step? Evaluating the impact! That’s where the truth will lie. That’s what will tell you how fruitful all the hours that went into building that website proved to be. But how would you know about the impact?

While some web development tools like WordPress offer plugins to monitor site statistics that specify the number of visitors and visits per day, even such plugins have limits. They don’t include everything. They don’t highlight which areas on your website are gaining maximum attention and which minimum. Plus, everyone doesn’t use WordPress. So then how would you evaluate user impact and gain insights to your website’s reach to its target audience? Through unique and brilliant online utilities like UsabilityTools!


UsabilityTools – See your website as a user would!

UsabilityTools is a web portal that brings together some of the most amazing features that can help website owners capture visual conversion insights and analyze them to increase conversions on actionable user insights. By capturing user gestures like mouse hovers and clicks on specific buttons, text or other areas on your website, this portal helps you know exactly “what” on your website is attracting the most users and “how” you can improve the areas that aren’t as appealing.

Here’s a brief glance over this tool’s features:

  • By enabling you to capture mouse movement, UsabilityTools helps you discover the difference between the most and the least converting user behaviors.
  • Unique engagement metrics feature helps you find out which users make the most clicks during their visits thus spotting conversion barriers and usability issues.
  • Supports smooth playback of user recordings of any resolutions on mobile devices, tablets as well as desktops.
  • It works just as well with static and dynamic websites. Even if your website has carousel forms and drop-downs, that’s not a problem.


There are 3 basic utilities or more correctly, tools offered by UsabilityTools, viz. UX Suite, Conversion Suite and Voice of Customer.

UX Suite is an online suite of small testing utilities to evaluate the User Experience through your website. It includes Click Testing (to validate design concepts), Web Testing (to optimize usability remotely), Survey (where you can ask users questions and get answers) and Card Sorting (to organize your website such that it makes sense to your audience). Since everything is online, it enables an extremely efficient way of remote testing that’s 100% browser based without the need for any plugins or special hardware.

Conversion Suite is where the real power of UsabilityTools lies. Here you can actually translate user-browsing patterns into actionable insights. By tracking how your users are viewing your website, where they are leaving the pages where they are paying attention etc., you can eliminate confusion causing fields and make your forms and other content more suitable to user preferences thereby increasing your site traffic.

Voice of Customer is where you get to directly interact with your customers. Ask them questions and get real-time feedback with no technicalities. Here you can customize feedback forms so as to establish better relationships with your users.


How it rolls

To try out the conversion suite you’ll have to sign-up for a free 14 day trial. Signing up is smooth and free. Once you do, you are allowed to create a new project. Give it a unique name and go ahead to adding scripts to your website by copying them from UsabilityTools. Or if you find yourself confused you can send an email message to the team to seek their help. A convenient tutorial is provided to help you out along the way. It contains screenshots etc to give an idea of how things should look once rolling.

To try out the UX Suite hit the “Try as a participant” button on the UX Suite page and you’ll be redirected to a survey. It is simple to follow and follows a click-next approach.

For anything else that you’d like to try out, there are plenty of “Talk to us” buttons that strangely instead of taking you straightaway to the contact us form, direct you to the pricing page first. Call it their marketing strategy, but we found it rather unnecessary. A simple redirection to the contact us form would’ve been good.

Pros VS Cons

Well, it may sound harsh, but it was a bit tough to find a plus point to this tool. The idea behind it is good but somehow, using the utilities is not very simple. It is very difficult and confusing to understand what to do with the tool and how to use it. The website look is fine, navigation menus are okay etc, but to what end? From a user’s point of view, only if you are very familiar with such kind of tools can you figure out what to do with this tool.

Plus every time you wish to clear your confusion by hitting the “Talk to us” button, you’re first redirected to the Pricing page that makes you think the makers are interested in earning from the service first and making it of use to customers later.

  • Build a better web experience for your users by knowing what they’re liking: @usabilitytools via @supermonitoring

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Final Verdict

All in all, not a very recommended tool since it is quite confusing to deal with and figure out. We honestly couldn’t comprehend why it was made. Maybe we started off at the wrong foot. But there would be a lot of people out there who’d also land up where we did. So maybe there should’ve been something there to help people understand what it’s all about. What an irony, a tool that’s aimed at helping people improve visual conversion insights has quite poor visual insights itself!

Is your website capturing enough mobile traffic? Find out with

With the progress of innovation, smartphones and tablets have captured the imagination of users across the globe in such a manner that any website which does not cater to the requirements of these devices is considered outdated. Your website might be attracting huge traffic on computer web browsers, but unless it does so on tablets and smartphones too, its impact won’t nearly be as spread out as you would like. So it is necessary to ensure that you cover all possible ends there are to make your website suitable for mobile device browsers too. From the design to the interface, touch-screen response to animation, you’ll have to consider everything.

Say you’ve done all there is to make sure your mobile website looks and feels as good as the computer version and you’ve even tested it on all mobile operating systems and browsers. Now you’re good to go ahead and expect decent traffic to your website on both computer and mobile devices. You would of course want to know how you’re faring.
Enter “Mobile Ratio”.


Mobile Ratio – How mobile is your website?

Mobile Ratio is an amazing online tool which helps you in finding out what percentage of your website’s traffic is coming from which devices. This intuitive tool assists users to track their website’s traffic coming from Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops. In this sense it is a step ahead of conventional analytic tools which simply offer website traffic details but do not let the user know exactly the kind of device where the traffic is coming from. Knowing the device from where the traffic is coming is of great significance since users can expand their reach and audience simply by paying more attention to the least covered section and make improvements there.

This is how it rolls

As a first step, you need to sign into the tool using your Google account details. Once logged in, the tool prompts you to select the domain you want to analyze. Now an important thing to note here is, you’ll only be able to track the mobile traffic of those websites on which you already have the Google Analytics tracking code installed. That is, if you’ve tied up any of your domains for traffic tracking with Google Analytics, will pull the data of those websites from Google Analytics and quickly display that in a simplified form.

So basically, after you sign in, the tool scans all domains linked with the Google account you used to sign in, picks out the ones which have Google Analytics installed and displays them in a drop down. Once this is done, you can select the domain you want to analyze.
Once you do so, Mobile Ratio makes use of Google Analytics to gather your website traffic details. It then goes a step further and breaks down the report based on the kind of device used to access your website and displays the report with the percentage breakdown. The report is presented to you as an attractive graph divided into 3 colors, each representing a device. The graph has percentage values on the Y axis and months on the X axis which helps you get a crisp picture of where your actual audience lies. A similar colored pie chart also depicts the same information but over a time span of the last 30 days, making everything more comprehensible.


A good thing here is that you don’t need to register or sign up. You can just use your Google account details to sign in and your data is not even saved. It’s a one-time sign so no security concerns there!
And of course, offering such a cooperative tool at no cost makes the effort of its makers all the more appreciable!

Additional Features

If you thought that was all there was to it, well you’re wrong! Some really awesome features of include its social features. You can choose to save the report publicly or privately and also share it via a link which is provided when you click on any of the buttons given below. You can analyze as many websites as you want with this tool for absolutely no cost. Yes, it is totally free!

Also, if you look at the picture above, there is a link which facilitates checking how mobile-friendly your website is. Clicking on this link takes you to Google Mobile-Friendly Test page where your website is analyzed for mobile friendliness. The best part about this test is that you will be given a sneak peek at how your website appears to Googlebot and you’ll be given pointers for improving your shortfalls. Wonderful!

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Summing it Up

There’s a difference between having a website and having a great website. One which caters beautifully to all devices, operating systems and browsers and is still able to capture its target audience is a website worth the time and effort. And Mobile Ratio is a brilliant tool for people who want to do just that! Try it out today and experience its utility.

All your business data on one dashboard: Fokus

Fokus has been shut down in 2018.

Life has become hectic and data has become priority for any one and every one, synchronized data and compiled data analysis has become the major focus of any organization. The constant addition of new and pertinent information coming online every second it is very easy to go into information overload. The true key is to be able to find the important knowledge, discover resources and sites both in the visible and invisible World Wide Web. What if a single analytical engineering tool could solve all that within a series of a few clicks? That would turn a week’s work into a few minutes of simple and easy browsing. A tool dedicated to the latest and most competent resources for data discovery and management available over the Internet. Isn’t that magical, yes it is data magic that you can experience at


What it is?

A site that helps you gather all the available data about you, your customers, your fans, voters or competitors by compiling information from your website social media, via internet monitoring, CRM application or any software or device which has an API and making it easily available at a single platform. Fokus efficiently monitors and can process data to simplify it if necessary and required by you.

Fokus is created with the ideology to find data, localize problems and generate solutions to give you full real time perspective and help you save time and money. The days of self-analysis and data measurement will surely be gone with the introduction of such sites as it’s highly equipped to analyze a problem, threats in the process and suggest you the required respective solution. It projects aims to develop and extend a range of demographics providing integrated data solutions analyzing all available data connections for the reuse and management of knowledge.

The system is so intrinsically developed that you don’t have to remind yourself to check or maintain the data flow, Fokus allows you to set alarm notifications and Fokus will update you accordingly. Fokus specializes in being with you like a heartbeat it will always know what is going on in your business, company, organization and inform you via notifications.


How it helps to build Image

The largest pool of information and publicity today is transferred and shared via social Medias. Fokus acts as an effective way to: marketing, PR, and Image building. Fokus can help you to detect and eliminate issues connected to hosting, blog or software, positioning, PR crises by constantly measuring and analyzing what your fans say about your organizations, what social media platforms they use to publish their reviews and how does online marketing really impact your sales.

Focus also provides you a facility to control the data flow of multiple social platforms and use the combined information to get the desired demographic required by you. For. E.g. If you need a compiled demographic of all the places you have visited for meetings, Fokus shall gather information from your Facebook posts, your Google maps your work calendar and gives you exactly what you need in text or a pictograph.

The Interface

This search engine will help you find images, connections, demographics, statistics, all data concerning your addressing subject or goal and more that is free to share or build upon within minimum efforts. You can easily set notifications and make a well-rounded search of particular attributes with a single click. The tool expresses in a form that is logically precise, humanly readable, and computationally tractable. With their direct mapping to language, conceptual graphs serve as an intermediate language for translating computer-oriented formalisms to and from natural languages. With their graphic representation, they serve as a readable, but formal design and specification language that can be presented in meetings and can be utilized for professional use benefitting a variety of projects for information retrieval, database design, expert systems, and natural language processing etc.

Fokus saves us time as users, enhances communication with fans and creates visually stunning reports in an instant. This feature allows you to have your hosting under full control – whenever your website goes down you receive an e-mail or a SMS notification. Allows you to follow your brand to every corner of the Internet. Discover what who, where, when and how writes about you, and optimize your business.

Based on the collected data Fokus prepares hints, that will help you easily improve your business. Just by a few clicks, you’ll create your own dashboard that will show the data that is most crucial for your business.



The site is of use to multiple professional careers and organizations. Useful in collaborating a lot of work from various clients in your agency. Its ability to create reports by synthesizing information from multiple sources. You just need to mention which channels you need to create such a report from and you will create it in an instant with an aesthetic touch.

Focus helps you to locate the right branding and web visibility for your clients. You can show them the right channels and media they should advertise in. With Fokus you can discover new websites and communities where your client and their brand should be.

Fokus is featured to easily analyze and show you the “bottlenecks” in your organizations process by analyzing every problem to its core details let it be the network connection of your server provider or simply the malfunctioning of your data system. It helps grow business in today’s world where time is money. Thanks to Fokus you will find out what to change and improve in order to earn more.

There are a million websites, landing pages, channels in social media. Fokus helps you organize it and according to personal or organizational use. Fokus will improve the process of managing multiple websites, landing pages, campaigns and collaboration with external agencies. For companies that want to have their own tool under their brand we recommend Fokus in the white label model.

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Above all Fokus is extremely user friendly- you can freely change it, form it, and connect new mechanisms and services to it. We are able to connect and start analyzing any system, service or device that has an API.
For a better and well maintained data management system direct your focus on now!

Blow off Web Analytics with KISSmetrics

The collection, analysis and measurement of the web data to understand and optimize the web usage utilizing the reports hence generated. Web Analytics is a multipurpose tool which can be used for measuring the web traffic, perform market research, to enhance the impact a website has on the visitors and also to measure the impact an advertising campaign has. Web Analytics helps you keep a watch on the traffic on your website and also reveals the popular trends useful for market research.

It provides the number of visits and page views a website has. Web analytics can be divided into two categories, namely on-site and off-site web analytics. Off-site analytics includes visibility of the website, comments about the website and potential audience of a website while on-site web analytics deals with the measurements about a visitor’s behavior on your website. This includes the force driving the traffic and conversions. Many tools are used these days for performing on-site analytics while Google Analytics is the most popularly used application in this domain, but there are much more advanced tools available these days which give you many additional information such as heat maps.


KISSmetrics is one such analytics tool which helps you in identifying and understanding the traffic and improve the same by enabling you to take an informed decision about marketing and quality of your product. KISSmetrics tells you about what steps a person or future customer who visits you your website takes after landing on your website and before buying your product. Using KISSmetrics you can easily track what a customer does on your website till end until you get paid. KISSmetrics can also be used to track sign up procedures and you it keeps you informed about successful sign ups and what time the person took in signing up for your website so that you can make changes in the future and have a more hassle free signup process. It can track till where the customer completed the signup and where he left so that you know what is keeping you away from increasing your sales. The number of times people log into your website via Facebook or Twitter is also recorded by the KISSmetrics.


KISSmetrics and Your Website

Just getting signups from the people visiting your website is not enough for increasing your sales. You should look for ways to ease up the process after sign up. People should easily be able to find what they are looking for. If you are selling a service or software there should be options to upgrade and details about service configuration. You need to make sure that the core features of your website are being utilized well and people are able to complete this core process which is the essence of your business.


One should be able to locate the products, search for the desired product, view individual product details and your product should be easily downloadable or added to the cart and the complete purchase procedure should be hassle free and completed within a time limit. KISSmetrics would help you fix all these issues and help you keep your customers happy and yourself wealthy.

Unsubscribes and Refunds

KISSmetrics also helps you track the events which lead to cancelling of orders, generating refunds, and unsubscribing the newsletter services. It allows you to ensure that these events do not occur again and you are able to increase your sales next time a customer visits your website.

Events & Data

The Data you get from KISSmetrics gives you the full details about your user for example who he is, where he is from and what he does. Using KISSmetrics you can also form a group of users having similar characteristics. Multiple identities of the same person are merged automatically.
All events involving subscription, signup, sales, downloads and even browsing the homepage and landing page are recorded. The details such as where the user is from , his or her age, if he was a returning visitor and many other such properties about the user are included in the report generated by KISSmetrics.

Unlike Google Analytics KISSmetrics does not include Time on Site, Time on Page, Exits, Bounce Rates and Bounces. You’ll have to perform an analysis of the funnel report generated on KISSmetrics to get these quantities.


KISSmetrics and Social Media

KISSmetrics can be used to track social media for Return on Investment (ROI). This would help you analyze which social media platform gives you the maximum traffic on your website and thus whenever a person who comes to your website through social media is tracked for the source and the particular social media website is credited with the same . Using KISSmetrics you can track the whole life cycle of a customer.

Paid Advertising and KISSmetrics

You can also track your return on investment for online advertising channels . These channels include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Reddit Ads, Yahoo! Bing Network, Twitter Promoted Tweet and more. This allows you to track the best traffic source for you and which advertising source brings you the best return on investment. KISSmetrics tracks people at any point of time and originating from a paid search or a Pay Per Click advertisement a month back.You can find out who converts from a paid advertising service on a day to day basis.

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Plans and Pricing

Offers 14 day unlimited trial without any obligation and credit card. You have an option to choose from monthly or yearly billing. And you are charged 150$ per month for the starter pack while 250$ per month for the basic pack and $500 for professional pack. You’ll be able to track about 500,000 events per month subscribing for starter plan while if you subscribe for basic you can track up to 1 million events and 1+ million events for a professional plan.

KISSmetrics is one of the most popular and trustworthy web analytics website. It is very result oriented and you can see the changes within a short span of time. They say Google Analytics only tells you what’s happening while KISSmetrics tell you who. I found this web application very powerful and worth giving a competition to Google’s Analytics Service. Try out KISSmetrics and let us know your views too.

Competitive Intelligence Tool – WhatRunsWhere

The act of supporting executives and managers in making strategies and decisions based upon defining, gathering, analyzing and distributing intelligence assessment, forecasts of behavior or recommended course of action regarding a product, competitor, customers or some aspect of the environment is called competitive intelligence.

Learning about what’s happening in the business outer world so that you can compete better and beat your competitors. Competitive intelligence is one of the most ethical and legal practice where the focus is on the environment external to the business. The process of getting information and transform it into intelligence and using it in decision making.

When it comes to online ad campaigns discovering insights and trends can be a difficult task if done manually. And this task can be handled more efficiently by machines, saving time and human efforts. Utilizing competitive intelligence for developing an ad campaign can be of great profits. The various details like the kind of campaign and what’s working where can help one to ensure success of the strategy you would be using for your advertisement campaigns.


One of the most used web application utilizing competitive intelligence is, using this application you probably would discover several new sources to route traffic to your website or application so as to more efficiently monetize your advertising campaigns and to know what strategies are being used by competitors .

How to Use has wonderful and simple user interface and also has tracking capabilities across MSN Content Network, AdBlade, Quigo or Adsonar, Pulse360, Google Adwords Content Network and many others totaling to 18 display networks and 6 text ad networks. What runs where allows you to search for banners as well as the text ads. All you have to do is select the networks from the given list, the timeline for which you want the search to be performed and the keyword to be included.

Large Amount of Data and Ad research offers a wide and extensive variety of data which is current and it keeps recording almost each and every aspect of the market to show what is in trend currently. Covering 15 countries on text, display and mobile advertisement trends and around 90 ad networks they manage to maintain the quality of their service very well. Using one can be sure to know what exactly the trend is in a specific country or a location and accordingly plan their advertising strategies.


New and Existing Traffic Sources

There is a huge list of sources which are used to generate the data by these include Tribal Fusion, BuySellAds, Rubicon, Google/Doubleclick , ValueClick, 47 Media, AdBrite and many more. WhatRunsWhere even keeps a check on the latest new sources of traffic as currently Facebook is the largest source from where people can drive in traffic to their websites, blogs or apps but who knows the trend may change any day and just to be safe and keep tracking the traffic source and the change in the trends.

Text and Banner Advertisements

Text Advertisements and Banner Advertisements both can be looked for as I said earlier you can select whether you want to look for text ads or banner ads for your keyword and press the button accordingly. You can select a banner size like 300*250, 250*250 or 728*90 and so on. You can also select from many networks like Google Image Ads, Adsdaq, Zedo, Tribal Fusion, Burst Media and more. Selecting the timeline within which you want the banner ad. Press the search button and you’ll get flooded with relevant results.


Domain Profiling

Checking out the traffic sources, Ad Servers Relationships, Text Ads used and Banner Ads used for the last thirty days on your competitor’s website is one of the coolest feature I came across on this website and it’ll be helpful to you in cutting down the competition and monetize your website properly. The Text and Banner Advertisement details can be exported and you can work on them even when you are offline.

Getting the Most out of WhatRunsWhere

You’ll be amazed to know that they offer a trial for 1$ for 7 days. Now to make the most in your trial period I would advise you to have a list of at least the top competitors and the products which are being promoted in your marketplace. You’ll be able to find a lot of data about the traffic sourse, landing pages and advertisements and you may have an advertisement ready within these seven days based on this data and who knows it may turn out to be profitable and you would like to keep the membership.

Plans and Pricing

Priced at 249$ for a month, WhatRunswhere is an amazing service which would help you learn and chalkout your advertising strategies. You can also go for monitoring and report changes feature for $229 a month.

Customer Support

They Offer customer support via chat and email. The response from the customer support team is quick usually though being a basic or trial customer you’ll have to wait for some time for your queries to be answered. On the other hand if you are a premium customer you’ll get an answer soon through a dedicated service line specially for a premium user.

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As nothing in this world is perfect! WhatRunsWhere has some drawbacks too. It comes up with a lot of data and you’ll have to figure out yourself what is going to work for you and it may be puzzling at times. Secondly, it may appear heavily priced to some.

WhatRunsWhere is a tool which is designed well to give you the desired result. You can be sure that while you’re using this service you’ll come up with a wonderful advertisement strategy for your product the next time you design one. It’ll be profitable and would allow you to make a well informed decision based on the data generated by this application. So now if you want to kill out your servers with heavy traffic and more profits all you need to do is try out Whatrunswhere and I am sure you’ll love the results.

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