File integrity monitoring

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You publish important documents on your website—regulations, tender invitations, forms. You don't want any unauthorized person to tamper with them—which is why you care about security.

But you can never be 100% sure and that is why you should monitor these resources for unplanned changes.

How it works

Every 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes our application downloads the indicated file, generates its current checksum and compares it with the model. Any discrepancy causes a failure to be registered and notifications to be sent.


The setup of the file consistency monitoring test, in addition to specifying the monitoring frequency, consists in generating the model checksum of the file, with which the checksums generated after each download of the file will be compared.

Checksum is generated with the press of a single button. Of course, you have to do it when you're certain that the file is correct/hasn't been tampered with.

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