E-Commerce Monitoring

Stop losing customers due to malfunction of the shopping process!

  • Search engine does not find the product?
  • “Add to cart” button disappeared?
  • Cannot enter shipping address?
One problem is enough to make your customer cancel his purchase. Make sure that you are the first to find any vulnerability in order to eliminate it before you lose customers.

Make sure you’re the first to learn about any failure, so you can eliminate it before you start losing customers.

Monitoring for online stores

Hire superheroes to take care of your store, they will check every minute if it works and they will measure the loading speed and test the entire shopping process every ten minutes.

In case of any problem, they will alert you immediately (by e-mail or text message).

In the user’s super panel you will find detailed bug reports (graphs, screenshots, etc.).

No false alarms!

Works with all platforms, including:

Zen Cart

Easy implementation

You do not have to install anything in your store. Our monitoring works remotely by pretending to be a regular user.

We will be happy to assist you in optimal checks’ configuration.