Dedicated Website Monitoring Solutions

Dedicated solutions

The standardized availability monitoring, which you can order here online, is a must for a basic website.
But larger and more complicated websites and online applications have higher requirements and need an individual approach.

Each functionality and each process may fail independently of each other. On a constantly available and quick loading ecommerce website a cart failure can happen and it would be better if the website owner knew about that before they lose clients.

Monitoring specific functionalities requires a dedicated solution that involves analysing the client’s system, designing and implementing a monitoring application and then providing services which develop together with the monitored website.

Customisation includes not only the monitoring mechanisms but also:

  • notification patterns,
  • reporting,
  • handling users and their permissions,
  • the number, parameters and location of monitoring stations.

Tell us about your system and we will suggest what can be monitored and what is worth it.