Monitoring of web applications (SaaS)

Detect not only the unavailability of your application but also its improper functioning.

  • Unable to log in?
  • Interface loading too slow?
  • One of the key processes doesn't work?
Make sure you find out about every malfunction before your users notice it.

Monitoring of web applications

Get superheroes to guard your app. Use their superpowers to:
  • continuously check your website's availability
  • cyclically measure the pages' loading time and compare with the limit you specified
  • regularly test the most important features and processes according to the scenarios you defined.
Whenever something goes wrong, they will alert you immediately—via email or text message.
They will provide you with a comprehensive history of incidents, including HTTP headers, HTML code, screenshots and cascading graphs of loading times.

Our monitoring is external, independent of the platform

By checking the availability and functioning of your website, we "pretend" to be a regular user and a standard web browser. The technology you use doesn't matter—you don't need to install anything client-side.

We monitor applications created using various technologies, including:

Ruby on Rails

Our service monitors applications with various purposes for various industries

Here are some examples of the apps we are currently monitoring:
  • medical diagnostics platform
  • website for tenants
  • e-commerce platform
  • website with job offers
  • courier broker
  • electricity ordering system
  • extranets
  • banking and insurance interfaces.