Integration with 3000+ applications via Zapier

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Integration with Zapier

Super Monitoring allows you to send alerts via webhooks to the Zapier platform, among others. This allows you to send alerts to thousands of applications integrated with Zapier, such as Twitter, Pushover, Twilio, Discord, Trello, Asana, Intercom, and others.

Zapier - screenshot


  1. Create a new Zap based on Webhooks by Zapier Integrations, indicating the application to which you want to send alerts.
  2. Enable the "Silent mode" and copy the generated webhook URL to the clipboard.
  3. Skip the trigger test and configure data reception on the target application side.
  4. Create a new webhook in the "Contacts" section of the Super Monitoring panel by pasting the copied URL and giving it a name.
  5. In the configuration of the selected checks mark that the alerts will be sent to the new webhook.
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