Monitoring of domains and SSL certificates

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Daily health check

You certainly don't want to miss the expiration date of your domain or SSL certificate.
And if by chance your website got blacklisted by Google or RBL, you undoubtedly would want to find out as soon as possible to respond immediately.
You could also accidentally block Googlebot and other search engine robots. If you don't notice this in time, your website may disappear from the Google index and search results.

domain, SSL certificate, blacklists, robots.txt monitoring

How it works

Once a day, at a set time, we will check selected vital points of your website:
  • how long until the domain expires
  • how many days until the SSL certificate expires
  • whether the SSL certificate is valid
  • whether the URL is not on the Google Safe Browsing blacklist
  • whether the hostname or IP address is not on the RBL blacklist
  • whether you are blocking search engine robots with robots.txt or the "noindex" meta tag.
You will receive a warning before your domain or SSL certificate expires. But if one of them expires, we will report a failure. Appearing on one of the blacklists or actively blocking the robots will also be considered a failure.


Daily health is the only type of check for which you do not set the frequency of monitoring. The test is carried out once a day, for example at 8:00 in the morning.

The check configuration requires entering the URL address and deciding which of the above points are to be checked.

After enabling the monitoring of the domain or SSL certificate expiration, you must set how many days before the expiration date a reminder should be sent.

The last option requires a decision whether the reminder or alert should be sent once, or whether it should be resent every day—until the problematic situation is amended.

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