Monitoring of online forms

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So what if the page is available and loads all the content if one of its key features doesn't work? Contact, registration, login or search form.

In addition to availability, it is important to monitor the proper operation of important features.

How it works

Our system, at defined time intervals, fills the indicated form with specific values, sends it and then checks whether there is a specific answer on the result page.

If the answer does not match the model or is missing, a screenshot is taken, a failure is registered, and notifications are sent.
Of course, only in a situation where we are sure of the failure—that is, its occurrence was reported by at least three independent nodes of our monitoring network.


The preparation of the form test consists in configuring the fields to be filled in and providing the data to be entered. You must also specify the button used to send the form and the text, the presence of which on the result page will mean that the form works correctly.

Available monitoring frequencies are 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes.

Additional information

Form tests are not logged by Google Analytics and other statistics suites based on JavaScript.

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