Notifications about website`s failures

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Notifications sent by our system can be configured freely. Decide when, how and to whom we will send them.

Alert recipients

Having one account you can configure any number of alert recipients and then assign them to selected monitored websites. Each recipient is a separate email address, mobile telephone number and range of hours within which text messages are to be sent.

Sending time

By default, alerts are sent the very moment a failure is found. You can turn this setting off and enable notifications to be sent:

  • after the end of the failure
  • after the first 5/10/30/60 minutes the failure lasts (i.e. the moment the failure has lasted, say, at least 5 minutes)
  • after each 5/10/30/60 minutes of the failure (i.e. say, every 5 minutes through the whole time the failure lasts).

Communication channels

Every recipient can receive alerts:

  • by email
  • by SMS
  • as a webhook to a given URL
  • as an RSS feed.

However, only the email alert includes detailed information about the failure (the time it was found, type of an error etc.).


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