Analysis of the causes of websites` failures

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Monitoring of availability and functioning of websites provides information not only about the detected problem but also registers and provides detailed data about the failure. These data help you to analyze the incident and facilitate finding the cause.

Error types

The basic information about a failure—in addition to the exact moment of its occurrence and duration—is the type of error. These include:
  • HTTP error code
  • connection timeout
  • a defined phrase is missing from the website (content monitoring)
  • a defined phrase is missing from the result page after completing the form (form monitoring)
  • page load timeout (loading time monitoring)
  • inability to perform the planned action or lack of the expected object (scenario-based process monitoring)
  • checksum of the file differs from the model (file integrity monitoring).

Additional data

Depending on the type of failure, additional data is available in the monitoring history:
  • HTML code dump (content monitoring, form monitoring)
  • HTTP header (form monitoring)
  • screenshot (monitoring of forms and scenario-based monitoring of processes)
  • cascading graph of loading times for individual elements of the website (loading time monitoring)
  • HAR file (loading time monitoring).
It's pretty common for the owner of the monitored website to be unable to see the reported failure ("it works for me"). In such situations, we are happy to help with the analysis of the problem and suggest possible causes of the failure.

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