FAQ: Check configuration

FAQ: Check configuration

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

How to set alerts to be sent only in the case a failure lasts at least 5 minutes?

Turn off the option ‘Send alerts immediately after failure is found’ and turn on the option ‘Send alerts after first 5 minutes of unavailability’.

Why does my microbanner display ‘n/a’ instead of my website availability?

The microbanner displays website availability in percentages in the last 30 days. That means data appear after 30 days from the day the monitoring was launched.

What does each of the options next to the ‘URL’ (i.e. ‘http’) field mean?

If you don’t know you will probably not need them.
Still a short explanation would do no harm:

  • https - a website secured with SSL,
  • ftp - file server,
  • pop3, smtp, imap - mail servers,
  • telnet, ssh - a console access to a server,
  • dns - name server (translating domain addresses to IP’s),
  • connect, sip - VoIP communication,
  • mysql, mssql - database servers,
  • ping - server latency

I want to monitor an online form. Where do I get the right values for ‘Name of the field’ and ‘Value of the button’ from?

You have to check your form’s source (HTML code) for tags responsible for each field. Each field has its individual Name value and each button has its Value.
This is an example of a form’s code with these values:
<form action="contact.php" method="post"><br />
First Name: <input name="f_first" type="text" /><br />
Last Name: <input name="f_last" type="text" /><br />
Email: <input name="f_email" type="text" /><br />
Message: <textarea name="f_email"></textarea><br />
<input type="checkbox" value="yes" name="f_response"> I want a response.<br />
<input name="f_submit" type="submit" value="Submit"><br />