FAQ: Public status pages

How can I make the status page available under my domain?

First, add a CNAME record in your domain's DNS pointing at "statuspa.ge". Then enter the name of this domain (or subdomain) in the status page configuration.

Why can't I add a "daily health" check to my status page?

Unlike all other types of checks, this one is only run once a day. Therefore, it does not collect data on the level of availability during the day. The historical uptime chart would show only 100% or 0% bars.

Why on my status page for some checks there are two charts and for some other checks only one chart?

The second chart displays the average server response times (availability and content checks) or the page loading times (loading time check). For other check types such values are not recorded, so only one chart can be displayed – the uptime.

How can I change the order of messages on my status page?

Messages are displayed chronologically – most recent at the top. To display them in a different place, you just need to change the date and time of the message publication.