FAQ: Registration and trial account

I haven’t received any message with the activation link. What should I do?

First check whether it is in your spam or junk messages folder.
It is also possible that you have made a typo while giving your email address during registration. Try to register again.
If previously you entered your email correctly, the system will not allow you to register. In this case contact us.

What does the trial account offer?

It allows you to set up five checks and use the services for 14 days.

What do you need the information about my time zone for?

Our services are used by clients from all over the world. We want to be sure that data are displayed in your time zone.

How do I test the monitoring if my website is not crashing?

If there are no failures, you can use the "simulate failure" button found in the monitoring history of the trial account. Clicking it will create a 3-minute crash that will allow you to receive alerts and see how inaccessibility looks like in reports.

Can I order a second trial account if I used one before?

Yes but on condition that you use another email address.