FAQ: List of checks

How many URLs can I have monitored?

The number of available checks depends on the subscription package of your choice - see Price list.

How to add a new check?

You can find the "Add a new check" button in the "Checks" section, under the list of checks. It will work if all checks available under the given subscription plan have not yet been used.

How can I stop monitoring?

You only need to click the "" link displayed in the "status" column next to your website. It will then change to "" and the monitoring is stopped.

Can I temporarily disable the sending of alerts?

Yes. Simply click the "" icon found by the check for which you want to silence the sending of alerts. All types of alerts—e-mail and text—will be suspended.

Is there an option to automatically refresh the list of checks?

Currently, the checks list does not refresh automatically. However, if you need to reload it often and you don't want to do it manually, you can use a browser plug-in, for example Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome or Tab Reloader for Firefox.

How to add a maintenance window?

In order for scheduled maintenance works (scheduled website unavailability) not to disturb your statistics, you can define a maintenance window—the time during which monitoring will be stopped.
To do this, on the list of checks ("Checks") select all checks to which the break should apply and then select "Add maintenance window" from the drop-down list below and click "OK". In the next step, define the date and time of the start and end of the break.
You can also define a periodic maintenance window - that will repeat in a daily, weekly or monthly cycle.

How to generate a summary report for multiple checks?

In the list of checks ("Checks"), select all checks that you want to include in the report and then select the option "Summary report" from the drop-down list below the list of checks. After clicking "OK" you will see aggregate statistics and you will be able to specify the time range and generate a document with the report using the "" icon.