Solution for PB.PL (case study)

20 services for a business portal


PB.PL is one of the largest business portals in Poland, visited by more than 900,000 users a month. It publishes news, articles, quotes, video materials and a lot of other content for managers and company owners.

The content published in the portal is prepared by numerous editors but part of it comes from external providers.

This multitude of content types and sources and the frequency with which the content is published make it difficult to control its quality.


Within three months, we designed, built and launched a dedicated solution, which is based on more than 20 mechanisms that monitor the following features of PB.PL:

  • dates and times of when a selected content type is published,
  • access to appropriate content for different types of users,
  • the adding of comments,
  • newsletter subscription and the sending of it,
  • page loading time,
  • data availability for the mobile application,
  • ecommerce process.

For each website there are defined individual URL addresses, access data, testing frequency and reporting criteria.


Thanks to our advanced monitoring service the client:

  • immediately learns about any malfunctioning on the website,
  • controls the quality of the content in the whole portal,
  • tests the effectiveness of human and technological resources,
  • verifies the level of services by external content providers,
  • observes how the content quality develops in the middle and long term,
  • relies on independent data from outside its organization and network.