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MixMax – Powerful automation and analytics for outbound emails

One of the most critical aspects of email marketing is the want for the expected customer response. Companies typically dedicate a lot of their time and resources into creating the perfect marketing emails. But if such emails don’t interest the target audience, it’s all a waste. So how do they get to know if their emails worked? They track them.

Email tracking tools have become the new “in-thing” for outbound communications. Not just companies, individual professionals and freelancers too are investing in them to know if and when the email proposals for business opportunities they’re sending across are being viewed by the recipients. And thanks to such tools, they also get to know if their emails are sent to trash without even being opened. And that information can be crucial in pinpointing exactly what it is about their outgoing emails that needs to be improved.

Needless to say, a tool which can offer that kind of insight into emailing can prove to be a valuable asset to any business. MixMax does exactly this and much more. In addition to real-time email tracking, the tool offers users the chance to schedule their emails, create them with a few clicks using prebuilt templates, analyze the response through analytics, and much more. Read all there is to know about MixMax in this post.

MixMax – Next Generation Email Tracking

Mixmax is the next generation of email tracking that improves your team’s communication for unparalleled results. The all-in one platform gives users real-time email tracking, one-click scheduling, templates, sequences (mail merge), Salesforce integration, team sharing, accurate reporting and much more. Some of the most notable features of the tool include:

  • Email Management features like email monitoring, queue manager, routing, shared inboxes, etc.
  • One-click templates to create the perfect emails
  • Single click scheduling for meetings
  • Email scheduling so your email are sent to recipients on the exact time you know they will read it
  • Visual previews of links from Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, and other social platforms
  • Email recalling support so that you can refine your message and then hit resend
  • Capability to write perfect, readable code snippets in Gmail with formatting and syntax highlight
  • Option to add surveys and polls inside messages
  • Integration with Giphy so you can insert animated gifs into your messages
  • Support for attaching files and documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box

In addition to the above features, MixMax lets you personalize your emails with unique signatures for all of your email addresses. Moreover, you can look more professional with your company logo and name on all embedded content including polls, surveys, web previews, and invitations. All-in-all, if used the right way, MixMax is a great sales and marketing tool.

How it works

First things first, there are more than one ways to use MixMax; in fact, you can use it as differently as each of its features. The best way to learn how to use each feature is to visit the tool’s website and hover on the “Product Tour” link in the main menu. Here you’ll see a list of all features of the tool and on clicking each one, you’ll be taken to a blog post explaining that feature and how it works.

You could also signup for the free trial to experience some hands-on action, of course!

  1. Visit and click on “Install for free”
  2. Sign in with your Google credentials and allow the application to access required information
  3. You’ll be shown a list of all the free features you’re entitle to with the 14 day trial (and it will be a long list)
  4. Click on “Get Started” to proceed
  5. Quite interestingly, the tool will try to lure you with a “Free Upgrade” offer promising free Unlimited Tracking. To get the offer all you’ll need to do is invite 7 or more of your friends to try MixMax (neat!). We skipped this one for the moment
  6. Next you’ll land at your dashboard with a floating top bar indicating the steps you should follow to use the tool (pretty handy). You can follow the indicated steps or click on the “Minimize” button on the top right corner of the screen to hide the top bar
  7. By default, you’ll be viewing the Live Feed of your emailing activity, but for first time users, this screen will be empty. So click on the “Outbox” option from the left side panel of the screen to start ‘Composing’ the first email you wish to track using MixMax
  8. Since you’d have signed in with your Gmail credentials, your contacts will be imported into MixMax and won’t give you any trouble picking the recipients for your emails. After you’re done with the usual subject-line and content, take a look at the bottom of the compose window to find the following options given by MixMax:
    1. Enhance: Options to add Surveys, Media, Link Previews to the email you’re sending and the choice if you want something cool to happen with your email like self-destruct
    2. Formatting
    3. Attachment: Option to attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or your Computer
    4. Calendar
    5. Poll
    6. Image
    7. Link
    8. Emoticon
  9. Once through, select if you wish to send the email immediately or after some time (schedule). You can automate when to send the email and if it is to be sent repeatedly
  10. Select what all you wish to track for the email – opens, clicks, downloads

We followed these steps and sent a test email to an email id. Then we went back to the Live Feed section of MixMax to see real-time updates. Side by side, we opened up the email which was the recipient in another browser and read it. Sure enough, within a few seconds our Live Feed reported that the recipient had opened our email along with other helpful statistics as to whether the email was replied, clicked, downloaded, RSVP’d, bounced, etc.

So yes, MixMax really works!

Pros & Cons

Thousands of users who have worked with MixMax vouch for the following plus points of the tool:

  • Huge number of add-ons available to any standard mail, right from tracking to lists, email invites to link creation, file download to detailed analysis of email
  • UI is smooth, understandable and easy to use
  • Reports are great, email tracking is simple, template and sequence performance is great
  • Works with Inbox by Gmail
  • Zero friction to get up and running
  • Excellent snoozes and gentle reminders

While most users claim there isn’t really any downside to MixMax, the following improvements are still desirable:

  • It sometimes messes with the general email functionality of POP mail accounts like Gmail
  • Group scheduling can be improved a bit
  • The customer service for the tool leaves something to be desired
  • It is a tool for those who can afford it (meaning it isn’t very pocket friendly)
  • Track Outbound Emails, Schedule Meetings, Customize Email Marketing – try @mixmax today! via @supermonitoring

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For organizations and individuals who can afford MixMax, the tool’s full version doesn’t leave any stone unturned to help boost your sales and customer engagement. While that is true, the tool’s free version is good too for basic things like tracking customer response to your emails, analyzing who clicked the links within them, etc. So we give MixMax a thumbs up!

Conquer Social Media with NapoleonCat

Every individual and organization today uses social media to stay updated about the latest trends, and to announce their doings (put simply) to the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and the like have surpassed the stage of being mere platforms where people share their thoughts. They’ve become endless canvasses that can be used to express, debate, support, retaliate, advertize, campaign, and do much more. The power of social media is growing each second, and to truly become successful, one must learn the skill of using social media to his advantage.

And NapoleonCat lets you do not just that, but also master the skill of perfect social media marketing through a few clicks.


NapoleonCat – The best marketing partner you can get

NapoleonCat is a web portal that lets you publish, monitor, as well as analyze your social media marketing across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The tool allows you to manage your entire online marketing program on all major social platforms from a single interface. Additionally, it includes a bunch of customization options that let you master the art of using social media as per your convenience.

There would hardly be a business / professional today who aren’t marketing themselves / himself online. But most of the lot stick to the traditional approach – have a website, a blog, a profile on various social media platforms, a tool to analyze the traffic your posts attract, a tool to engage in interaction with clients or readers, and maybe a tool to monitor competitor moves. Having to keep track of so many different tools can be rather inconvenient and hectic. Instead, why not switch to one application that combines the capabilities of all such tools and also offers much more? That’s what NapoleonCat achieves.

Here are some of its salient features:

  • Allows you to publish content on multiple profiles & different platforms at once
  • Lets you plan your publish schedule through drafts and calendars
  • Customized post flows enable you to include your clients and co-workers in content design and decision making
  • ‘Social Inbox’ facilitates responding to messages, questions, or comments on various platforms from a single interface
  • Allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through in-depth analytics
  • Provides comparative analytics with competitors and industry standards
  • Enables you to send customized reports to clients or superiors via email
  • Facilitates receiving email and SMS alerts for any social notifications
  • Lets you invite your team to collaborate with content management and also lets you set access permissions for each member

With a feature set as powerful as this one, NapoleonCat is one tool probably every business should have by their side.


 This is how it rolls

To start experiencing the magic of NapoleonCat, click on the ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button on the homepage. A quick sign-up later you’ll be prompted to start setting up your first project. Key in the details as required and proceed.

Once you land up on your Dashboard you’ll see a lot of options. In the leftmost panel:

  • Publish – post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You’ll also see a calendar here through which you can schedule your posts
  • Analytics – compare how competitors and industry leaders perform across different social media
  • Tasks – a list of your tasks (due and completed)
  • Inbox – your ‘Social Inbox’ [see tool features above for description]
  • Reports – you can create, schedule and archive reports here
  • Project Settings
  • Engage – a track of how many people liked, commented, or followed your Instagram posts (you’ll need to add an Instagram profile for this)

You can also view social page / profile statistics for any person, brand, etc by clicking on the ‘Stats’ button from the Main menu. It opens up a drop-down that shows the names of popular social platforms. Select the one you prefer and you’ll be redirected to a page with a large search box and a table of the top 100 profile names, the number of their followers, and percentage follower change. Ignore the table for now and type in the name of the page or profile you wish to see the stats for. For example, type ‘Barack Obama’ in the search box and click on Search. The official ‘Barack Obama’ page for the platform you selected will be listed as the search result with all the related information. To view detailed information about the page, click on the ‘more >’ button on the right hand side.


If you cannot see the page or profile you’re looking for, NapoleonCat provides you the option to add it to their database. Just click on the long green button that says ‘… Add to our database.’ You should see a pop-up prompting you to enter the URL of the page or profile you wish to add to NapoleonCat. Provide the full URL (including http://) and click on ‘Search’. Once you spot the one you’re looking for in the results, punch in the country, type, and category of the page / profile and click on ‘Add’. That should do it.

There is a small menu at the top right corner of the screen that includes the options to view your Team details, your Account settings, and Logout. Yes, that’s a menu; we were confused at first too.

Pros VS Cons

The pros of the tool are quite obvious. Need we say any more?

As far as the cons are concerned, $67 per month for 1 user, $127 per month for team of 3 members, and $259 per month for 10 members, sounds a little too pricey.

But then, it’s a matter of convenience and time-saving versus money.

Isn’t it always!

  • Be the master of social media marketing with @NapoleonCatCom via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

Quite a useful online tool, but suited for organizations, not individuals. Highly recommeded.

My Web Toolkit: Rand Fishkin

Last time we have interviewed the creator of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar. Today we present you a SEO Guru.

Rand Fishkin is best known for creating Moz (former SEO Moz) – a popular SEO platform offering inbound marketing software, tools and resources.
He also co-founded – the community for marketing professionals.

Rand is very popular because of his blogs, where he shares his great knowledge: the official Moz Blog and his personal Rand’s Blog.
I guess you might have heard of Whiteboard Friday – a series of short videos, full of valuable insight, made by Rand and his colleagues.

Rand lives and works in Seattle. Privately he travels a lot with his charming wife Geraldine, who describes their journeys on her blog.

Rand Fishkin

Twitter Google+ Facebook Linkedin Slideshare Foursquare

Rand’s Top Web Apps

Here are the top web apps Rand Fishkin uses and recommends:

  • gmail Gmail“for almost everything in my life, personal and professional”
  • 7Geese 7Geese“for intra-company OKRs, 1:1s, feedback, etc. at Moz”
  • Moz Fresh Web Explorer“for tracking mentions and links about myself, Moz, and projects I care about; it’s vastly superior to Google Alerts”
  • followerwonk Followerwonk“for Twitter analytics, connecting to new people, and improving my use of Twitter (which is my primary social network)”
  • googleanalytics Google Analytics“for web analytics”
  • surveymonkey SurveyMonkey“for designing surveys, collecting data, and aggregating feedback”
  • bitly Bitly“for tracking my social sharing”
  • wistia Wistia“for my Whiteboard Friday videos”
  • pocket Pocket“to collect articles I read later (usually on plane flights)”
  • .@randfish Top Web Apps: @Gmail, @7geese, FreshWebExplorer by @moz, @followerwonk, @GoogleAnalytics, @SurveyMonkey, @bitly, @wistia, @pocket

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Web Apps Rand is involved in

“All the Moz tools – yup! But none of the others.”

How does Rand find his apps?

“No specific blogs, but I do follow a number of folks on Twitter and Google+ who occasionally mention new tools/apps I try. For example, I found via Google+ and love it.”

That’s it.
Stay tuned for another “My Web Toolkit” interview!

My Web Toolkit: Neil Patel

We started this series interviewing a successful Developer, now it’s time for one of the top 10 online marketers and his toolbox.

Neil Patel is Wall Street Journal’s top influencer on the web, also praised by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, United Nations and President Obama himself.

Neil consults the largest enterprises, including Amazon, eBay, GM, HP, Microsoft and NBC, helping them maximize their revenue. But he’s best known from creating the three brands you surely heard of: Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar.

Neil blogs at Quicksprout and speaks at 25 conferences a year. He lives in Seattle.


Facebook Google+ Linkedin Twitter

Neil’s Top Web Apps

Neil Patel uses and recommends the following web tools:

  • googleanalytics Google Analytics“I use this tool to analyze how my websites are doing. It gives me a rough overview if there is growth.”
  • kissmetrics KISSmetrics“This tool helps me track my life time value and if things are getting better or worse.”
  • rescuetime RescueTime“I optimize my productivity through this free tool. It tells me how to save time.”
  • yesware Yesware“This free service tells me if people are opening up my emails. This is useful for sales.”
  • hellobar Hello Bar“It’s a great free tool to help you convert more visitors into customers.”
  • gmail Gmail“My inbox controls me. I run everything through it and Gmail is what I use.”
  • wordpress WordPress“I love blogging and WordPress by far is my favorite platform. Blogging is also how we generate most of our traffic.”
  • googlecalendar Google Calendar“My life is hectic and this app lets me easily organize my day.”
  • unrollme Unroll.Me“This is a great app that lets me remove junk from my inbox.”
  • .@neilpatel Top Web Apps: @GoogleAnalytics, @KISSmetrics, @RescueTime, @Yesware, @theHelloBar, @Gmail, @WordPress, @GoogleCalendar

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Web Apps Neil is involved in

“KISSmetrics and Hellobar. I am the co-founder of both of them.”

How does Neil find his apps?

“Word of mouth. When friends tell me about a app that’s great, I usually try them out.”

That’s all, but another “My Web Toolkit” interview is coming soon! – the feature-rich link shortener is the most simplest and sleek designed link shortening service available on the Internet. Available in 14 different languages this is probably the first link squeezing service available in multiple languages. It offers various options to personalize the short link that you may generate using


Why should you use

There are many reasons for using to shorten your URLs. The long links might appear too unpleasing, difficult to remember and pass-on as a web developer may add different attributes to the link which may be descriptive and may represent various command structures, data hierarchies and session information. As a result, a URL may appear to be a collection of complex patterns which makes it difficult for us to distribute them, thus the most reliable way to pass on a long link is to copy and paste. This is where comes in, It’ll help you shorten the URL to make it easy to distribute and publish on a website or in print.

Though we all know the most popular reason to use this website would be to share the links or URLs on Twitter or various messaging services which have a limit on the word count, sharing a usual long link on these services may result in a violation of this constraint. Also, provides various other services like analytics, link personalization, adding social media bars, and comment frames.

301 Redirect

There are two kinds of redirect available: 301 redirect and 302 redirect. It is the first deciding factor why a person looking for a perfect SEO optimization would use this service. 301 redirect is for a “Permanently Moved Page” and search engines would credit the short link to the long link to which they redirect. On the other hand a 302 redirect is temporary and the search engines won’t credit the visit to the original long link. And also you should be aware that even though a service is using a 301 redirect today it may switch to 302 redirect any time.

Tracking and Analytics offers analytics and tracking service using which you can track how many times the link has been visited. It allows you to add your own third party tracking code and get the analytics done for your short link. You have the option of adding the code in the page header or in the page body. This helps you know if people are actually clicking on the links you tweet. Tracking and analytics is one of the most important features any URL shortening service can have as you can analyze the traffic you get and personalize or customize your links according to the reports generated.



The providers assure that they offer free short URLs which may never expire. But you’ve no guarantee, what if the providers cease to exist. Stability is one of the important factors as no one would like tweet backs from people about the no longer availability of your link as the URL shortening service you used is no longer available.

Link Customization or Personalization offers a customization of the short URL that you can add specific words which you would like to have in your short link. It may automatically come up with some random names that may look like jumbled alphabets but together for example and these may appear difficult to remember every time you need to write it down. Adding your own word would override the link which is randomly generated and makes your URL easy to remember, type or write for example or This may also help you popularize your brand name and you’ll share short links which contains name of your brand.

Adding Social Media Bars allows you to add social media bars to your links for various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, StumbleUpon. These social media bars make it easy for you to share the links on social media websites. You can easily retweet, rate and share to networks using this social media bar.


Display Frame with Your Comment allows you to add frame to your link with your comment which can be used to describe about the website or content to which the short link may redirect to. This frame can be very helpful for those who would like to visit your website as it may help them get an idea what the website or link is about. Many people won’t just open the link randomly. This can be your chance to impress them with your comment and attract them to your website increasing the number of hits you get.

Prepare a Perfect Link to Post on Facebook

This is the newest feature added to this website. It helps you prepare a perfect link for you to share on facebook which not only would attract new visitors to your website but also would comply with the facebook spam policy. As facebook sometimes won’t accept or has blocked short links from many other URL shortening services.


The URL shortening services are often used by spammers and due to this many services end up getting terminated by the web hosts or are taken off from the online registries. And due to this most of the websites are serious about keeping domains spam free. has strict rules regarding spamming, It says that if they receive a complaint that you’ve been using the service to create spam advertisements they’ll delete all your redirects permanently and your IP address would be banned from using their website. So just be careful that you don’t spam.

  • The only link shortening service you’ll ever need (feature-rich and multilingual): via @supermonitoring

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Lastly, I would is a decent link shortening service which has many popular features which may help you a lot in having a better page rank and also in increasing the number of visits you get to your website daily.

Hubspot – the all in one inbound and social media marketing app

Hubspot is a company which develops and markets a software for inbound marketing. Founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the basic idea behind Hubspot was to implement inbound marketing instead of interruption marketing to gain customers. Inbound marketing is the method in which the customers come looking for you through social media, search engines and other resources. On the other hand interruption marketing is to advertise in Magazines, Radio, TV and through Billboards to gain customers.


User Interface

Hubspot has a very well planned and guided user interface which guides you through the whole process and helps you getting started. A summary of key metrics would come up which includes the leads, landing page activities and traffic. But to get started you’ll have to copy and paste the tracking code to your website. Hubspot in itself is a management system that will keep a track of the keywords, social media sharing and other impressions.

Call To Action Tool

Hubspot contains many tools for search engine optimization and one unique feature of this system is the call to action tool. This tool allows you to customize the graphic or menu prompts and you can change the design according to the reports generated by this tool and check on which buttons or links people click on.

Email Manager

A perfect, built in email manager which allows you to send emails to all the people on your list and you can even create segments among the list to send emails to.It allows you to manage subsciptions and also track unsubscriptions.You can also monitor the click through rates but google analytics is better on that part.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool allows you to research keywords based on your website and shows suggestions based on which you can spin your content. You also have an option for manually entering the keywords.The keyword results are much similar to what you’ll get using Google Keyword Tool. Choosing the right keywords for the content on your website can be of great importance and you can leave the generation and optimization of keywords on Hubspot.


Page Grading Tool

Based on the keywords on the page, visits to the page and inbound link leading to the page Hubspot’s page grading tool rates the pages on your website and gives you an idea about the best or the most valuable page while it also reflects the improvements you should make to the pages on your website to get more visitors.

Link Grading Tool

Link Grading tool grades the inbound links to your website . They use the page rank or Moz rank to grade the inbound link to your website.

Marketing Automation

Using Hubspot you can build an automated workflow from scratch and around the interests of your buyers and goals by defining your segments, setting goals, adding steps and actions, branching logic and measure the performance of your campaign.


Social Media Tools

Social media tools monitor the conversations taking place on the internet about your brand.You can also add social media follow buttons to lead people to your website to follow your brand on the social media websites.
Social media tools allow you to publish posts directly to social networking websites, reply to tweets and messages or comments on facebook through the hubspot interface itself. You can also schedule your messages and posts.

Link Building Using Hubspot

The ability of hubspot’s tools to identify a link opportunity is of utmost importance as it’ll increase the number of inbound links to your webpage and will also help in increasing the ranking of your web page on search engines.It is one of the best method to increase the awareness about your brand.


Hubspot focuses on people to generate analytics related to your website and is not just about pageviews. It gives you details in context with the contacts you have, individual profile and complete database reporting.It allows you to see all the channels of maketing and keep a check on their performances. It generates revenue reports related to the activities which lead to revenue for your company.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM allows you to sell without any complications and confusions by storing every detail about your contacts, deals and companies. It allows you to connect with your leads quite easily and quickly. Hubspot CRM works well with the Sidekick chrome extension. It allows you to connect with your contacts in many ways from a single backend. You can send tracked emails to your contacts and it notifies instantly when you click or open the mail.Place calls directly from your CRM and it records your calls and takes notes of your discussion automatically.


Appstore and Marketplace

Hubspot has an integrated app store where you can find apps to install on your Hubspot site. Though there are not many apps listed but you can get a list of providers who can help you with various features on Hubspot or inbound marketing.

Plans And Pricing

Hubspot is quite highly priced. They charge a minimum 200$ a month for 500 visitors and 100 contacts. This is the cost you’ll pay for your convenience as Hubspot merely is a platform which consists of various different services integrated into one single interface. One should try the demo first and decide if Hubspot would work for them. You can always use the 3-4 different applications you get for marketing if you wont like to spend that much money. You’ll have to work hard for getting the results through Hubspot as well. Hubspot has nothing exclusive to itself you’ll easily find these services available on other applications.

  • Try @Hubspot – Inbound marketing platform with multiple services offered via @supermonitoring

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Hubspot is one of the best tools available for inbound marketing if you have what it may take to give you the results, the skills, money and expertise. I would suggest if you have the budget you should go for it but if your budget is low you should look for other alternatives. Try using Hubspot and do let us know your experience in comments.

Brand24 – The Perfect Social Media Informant

Monitoring social media websites such as blogs, news, wikis and micro blogging websites such as Twitter and social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Video and Image sharing websites such a YouTube and Instagram and many other forums and message boards to keep a check on the sentiments of your customers as well as the volume of online conversation about your product is called social media measurement or social media monitoring.

To determine the insights of a brand’s visibility on the social media, knowing the impact a social media campaign has, and identifying future opportunities for engagement, keep a watch on competitor’s activities. Social media monitoring is very helpful in providing details about the emerging trends and what people think about a particular product or topic or brand.

Technology Utilized in Social Media Monitoring

There are many social media monitoring platforms available and they utilize a variety of technologies to generate the insights about a product, topic or brand. Usually they connect to the API provided by the social media platforms, these API’s are created for the developers to develop their own applications and services that access the data on their platform. Other methods include using crawlers to find keyword references, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis. The basic idea is to collect the data from social media websites and utilizing this information to generate important analytics, graphs and insights regarding your product.

brand24 is a similar social media monitoring tool available for us to know who is talking about our product or company over the internet within minutes the post about your brand is published. Thus allowing you to react to the views you get, this allows you to build up a relationship with the users who just had a conversation about your company on the internet. This would make you identify the exact users, and what they prefer on the social media.

Image Crisis

Social Media Monitoring is a powerful tool which will help you to avoid image crisis to your brand which may occur on the social media. Brand24 would identify the negative comments made by people on the internet and allows you to interact with the people who participated in that discussion directly. This may help you solve a problem directly and prevent getting more negative comments from people regarding a similar issue. And Brand24 ensures that you get to know about these comments within minutes so that you can respond to them quickly, and more professionally so that you get some more fan following and potential customers.

Internet Monitoring

Constantly monitoring internet, Brand24 displays the results as soon as they appear so that you can take a direct action about your internet campaigns, especially to protect the good name of your brand and product. It takes a couple of minutes to register and know what people are saying about your brand. Brand24 would not charge you for each of the keyword you’ll want it to monitor. For a certain monthly fee you can monitor quite variety of subjects. Brand24 is easy to use and they also have e-consultant who are ready to help you if you get stuck while using the service. You can also download and analyze the results from the past and you are not just limited to current results.


Protecting Brand Reputation

For PR specialists these days the most challenging task is to protect the brand’s reputation and the good name. In the era of social media revolution your brand can be easily targeted and discredited with negative and unjust comments from not just your users but also from competitors. Brand24 allows you to easily track the person, brand or company who just left a comment about your product and you are the first to know what people are saying about your brand. Getting negative comments can discourage people from using your services leading to lower sales and losses on your plate while your competitor’s may have a royal meal with all the increased sales and profits. Thus monitoring your brand is a must.

Sentimental Analysis

Utilizes automatic sentimental analysis algorithm which checks each result found by brand24. Each result is compared with a syntax and emotionally charged words are detected by this algorithm. These syntax rules determine if the words are positive or negative and the magnitude of the emotional statement or comment made. This helps you determine good as well as the bad publicity on internet as soon as the comment gets published.

Personal Monitoring and Client Service

Brand24 can be used to monitor a particular person on the web. Setting up their name as a keyword would help you get all the information about that person.

Brand24 can also be used by businesses which may see social media as a platform to engage and communicate with its customers. Using Brand24 the business can find who posted about them and can interact with him/her. But this can only be done if the company or business wishes to as nothing can be better than internet for customer to voice their experience and opinions regarding a product or a service and the same is in the case of a business who would like to resolve the customer issues with ease generating a quick and professional response.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a strategy which involves sharing of information by internet users regarding a brand, service or product. Social media is the best platform for viral marketing due to the ease with which anyone can put their message on the internet. Brand24 can be used as a tool that would help you run and measure the performance and impact of such campaigns and strategies.



Just being featured on a search engine is not enough. Your presence should be well planned and strategized and one should monitor how others see your brand on these search engines. Merging search engine optimizations and public relations on the internet. It makes it important to use popular keywords and phrases for your product and brand, so that people can easily find information about your product or business.

Monitoring Competition on web

Brand24 helps you monitor your competition constantly and react to their efforts on the internet. Also, monitoring the competition can help one know the reaction of a targeted group to a marketing campaign.

  • The Perfect Informant you need to monitor the social media about your business: @brand24app via @supermonitoring

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Brand24 is one of the easiest, economical and intuitive way of monitoring social media and getting insights for the same. We would love to know about your experience on Brand24 in the comments.

The Best SEO Tool – Moz

Promoting your company through blogs, podcasts, video, newsletters, SEO, eBooks and Social Media is called Inbound Marketing. The ultimate purpose of inbound marketing is to bring customers closer to the brand. Inbound marketing earns a lot of attention from the customers and makes it easy for them to find your company. It helps you to get new customers through the interesting content you would post on your social media, blogs, newsletters or more.

Marketing Analytics is another concept that is very essential for your business or company. It comprises of all the technologies and process that would allow you to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns and initiatives.


Moz ( is one of the most popular companies offering Inbound Marketing and Marketing Analytics. This company is based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. and was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in the year 2004. Founded with the name SEOmoz and as a company that would deal with Search Engine Optimization in the year 2013 the company expanded its business to Analytics, Social Branding, and Link Building. It also acquired GetListed, A Portland based company that helps local businesses get good serach engine ranks. gives insights to social media, search engines and link building efforts. A premium Moz account would help you know the organic search engine rankings and take necessary steps to increase the same. These tools would help you know what changes you need to make on your website and content concentrating on the keywords, web page optimization and link building.

Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics is a marketing analytics software that gets all the inbound marketing data in one place with beautiful custom reports and insights that help you while researching the actions and changes you should take to improve the performance of your website or blog. It shows how your presence on social networks is impacting your Search engine rankings. It also shows you through what medium your content is being shared on the internet and what gets you more visits on your website. Competitive analysis with your competitors can be one of the key to your success at Moz as you know where the competitors are getting visitors from and you would know where you need to focus to outpace competitors.


Moz Local

This allows you to keep a check on how your business is listed on various search engines like google, Bing and other local serach engines. This helps you in improving your business listings and increase your business.


Followeronk gives you a deep insight into your twitter accounts and lets you know who follows you, gives their locations, their Tweet timings so that you know at what time you should tweet to attract more people to your content. Using Followeronk you can search new influencers in your niche and can compare you social insights to others so that you can take necessary actions to beat the competition in your business.

Open Site Explorer

This tool compares the backlinks on your website with your competitors for targeted and intelligent link building. It identifies popular pages, gets social activity data and analyzes the anchor texts. This tool is mainly used to research and perform link analysis.

MozBar and Mozcast

Mozbar is an SEO toolbar that you can use to view your link metrics, access all SEO tools that you like at a single place while browsing the internet. It also allows you to analyze a webpage and gives Search Engine Results Page for a certain query.
Mozcast on the other hand allows you to track changes and fluctuations in the google rankings on a daily basis.

Some Premium Tools

Apart from these basic free for a month tools there are certain tools which are available on Moz only to the Moz Pro subscribers.

Fresh Web Explorer

This tool is used to analyze the mention of your business and competitors on the web. It also finds out the latest trending content in your niche that is published on the internet. This uses Freshscape index that contains over RSS feeds and over URLs. Knowing who is talking what about your brand on the website helps a lot in getting customer and visitor feedback so that you can make changes accordingly.


Rank Trackers

This tool informs us about the web page rankings and also about the keyword rankings and stores them in a format that you can compare the previous and current rating easily.

On Page Grader

This gives you insights about keyword usage on your page and helps you to rank higher by optimizing your content accordingly for targeted search terms.

Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis

It is a tool that lets you know how difficult it would be if you want to increase your ranking based on certain specific keywords that may have been used on 10 competitors’ website.

Crawl Test

Crawl Tests unleash the crawler called RogerBot on any URL and it detects the HTTP status codes, Content type, Metadata and other issues which may interfere with how the serach engine bots crawl a website. The reports hence generated are sent to your registered email.

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Whiteboard Fridays and Community

Whiteboard Fridays are the videos created by the Moz team in which they illustrate the SEO related concepts on whiteboards every Friday.
Moz Community includes Webinars, O&A sessions and Events which are organized by the Moz team to deal with issues that usually people face while performing SEO and optimize their websites.


The Moz Pro subscription costs around $99 per month and offers basic free tools and premium tools too. This package includes all the tools listed above. The website also offers a 30 day free trial which doesn’t includes the premium tools which were listed above. Moz Local is available in a different package which costs 49$ per year for a single location.

Now if you want to have wonderful conversion rates and rank higher on Google and other search engines, I would recommend you to try as it is one of the most awesome online tools which is priced appropriately and you would surely get the desired results within a small span of time.

Qualaroo – smart behavior insight surveys

Customer development and customer management these days require a huge investment of hands on time by the founders in interviewing the market participants, but as an organization grows and expands one hardly gets enough time to get the details about the customer experience by the customers who may or may not buy your services. There is always a scope of improvement and for improving the services you offer on your website you need to understand the user behavior on your website.
When you are aware of the intentions of the user and issues which may keep the user away from taking a decision you seek for, you would make changes based on these details which will enhance your website, improve the site performance and increase your revenues.


Let us assume you had a shop in the real world and all or most of the customers  who visit your shop walk away after having  a look at the products without making a deal, now wouldn’t you ask them the reason and try to come up with an offer which would suit the customer. Qualaroo does the same thing now if you have an online shop you would obviously like to know why a user didn’t buy your product this is where Qualaroo steps in by asking certain set of relevant questions like Are these services too expensive? Or the products you stock are irrelevant or not according to the needs of the visitor.

Qualaroo helps you get deep inside the heads of the people who visit your website and know what these visitor think about your business and what barriers keep them away from converting. It helps you understand and improve user experience on your website and drive better results. Qualaroo offers services called Qualaroo Insights, Qualaroo Convert and Qualaroo for Mobile.

Qualaroo Insights

Easy to build and design micro surveys targeting your audience as they surf your website can be integrated using a single code which you need to install on your website. Qualaroo offers intelligent question branching so that you can nest up a new question based on a previous answer or answers. Qualaroo includes a library of questions which you can include in your surveys to ask the visitor making the survey more efficient and perfect. There may be a difference between what a user says and what he does on your website, thus Qualaroo can be effortlessly integrated with Google Analytics or KISSmetrics to offer a proper detail about a user experience like what a visitor did and why he did that. You can take more informed decisions and update your websites in accordance with the requirements of the visitor to ensure a decent conversion rate.


Qualaroo Convert

Qualaroo convert enables you to tap more sales by giving the right offer or content and it makes you aware of the unique needs of a user to achieve that. Redirecting users to a call to action screen which may offer discounted rates for services. You can deal with last minute objections of the users more efficiently using qualaroo with fewer efforts. It can be easily integrated with the live chat services. After asking a few questions you may lead your visitors to a live chat session where a representative can solve his or her queries. You can also ask a few questions and present the user with a offer which may lead to an increased conversion rate.

Qualaroo for Mobile

Qualaroo is the first survey service available for mobile users visiting your website. Qualaroo enables you to know the needs of the mobile users and offer your services accordingly.


Qualitative Analysis of your business

Instead of going for numerical analysis Qualaroo allows you to have qualitative analysis of your business for example, It may allow you to ask open end questions so that users may write whatever they feel about your services instead of asking them to rate your business on the scale of 5 or 10 and providing insights like 56% users like your services. By asking open ended questions Qualaroo would allow you to come up with more creative and innovative ideas to increase your business. Though this may take time but would surely help you a lot with Qualaroo performing most of the tasks you would just have to read feedbacks and respond in the right direction. Qualaroo allows you to collect the data and export them into an excel sheet to keep a record of the areas you need to work on. It also allows you to create pie charts on the data collected.

Points to keep in mind while creating surveys on Qualaroo:

  1. Feedback should be asked only once to the user and not as many times he would visit the website.
  2. Always check how the survey comes up on your website and place it according to the website design it shouldn’t appear out of the place.
  3. Always thank people who complete surveys on your website as they are giving you their valuable time to enhance your services.
  4. Being polite while you create and place your surveys would surely help you a lot and these surveys should appear as spams to the people who visit your website.
  5. Always schedule your surveys.
  6. Ask more open ended questions.
  7. You can or you must ask for email address to contact in case you would like to get in touch with the customer who visits your website.


  • Offers customizable surveys that is, you can create a survey on your own or use the survey questions recommended for the kind of website you own.
  • Comes with attractive themes and has a good visual appeal which would easily complement any website.
  • You can select who should see your survey like for returning visitors or people who visit for the first time.
  • Has wonderfully easy to handle dashboard with easy installation.
  • Works awesomely well with http as well as https pages which have secure SSL certificate.
  • Provides immediate feedback from users.
  • Offers better customization than other available options for similar tasks
  • No training required.
  • It is useful not only for ecommerce websites but also for blogs and forums as it would allow you to ask people what would they like you to write about.


  • Wont capture details when a user leaves in comparison to some other available options.
  • Expensive for small scale business.
  • It often seems to track impressions rather than tracking the unique visits.
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Qualaroo is an innovative tool to tap more deals from your own website than targeting some other website’s audience and gaining traffic from them. Installing a small code snippet would bring wonders to your website or blog and would efficiently increase your sales for sure.
I strongly recommend people to use Qualaroo themselves and do write us about your experiences. That’s all for now. Toodles!

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