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The goal of SE Ranking, an all-in-one SEO software package, is to assist companies and digital marketers in raising their search engine ranks, enhancing their online visibility, and monitoring the effectiveness of their websites. SE Ranking will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you’re a small company owner hoping to increase the online exposure of your website or a digital marketer seeking a thorough SEO tool.

SE ranking

Users may find areas for development and adjust their content by using the software’s thorough insights and data on their website’s search engine performance. With SE Ranking, customers may keep tabs on the tactics of their rivals, follow their backlinks, focus on certain keywords, and discover fresh growth prospects.

SE Ranking Key Features

It is a cloud-based system that provides several capabilities that are discussed below:

Keyword Research

Finding high-volume, low-competition traffic that you can target through sponsored search and content marketing requires thorough keyword research. You can investigate any keyword in more than 40 countries with the keyword research tool. The dashboard shows the following details for each keyword:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search volume trends on a basis of every 4 months (which cannot be adjusted)
  • Competition
  • Cost-per-click estimates
  • Related keywords
  • Performance for different countries and search engines

SE Ranking can help you locate keyword suggestions in two sections, under Keyword Research at the top and Keyword Suggestions under the More tab. If you want to filter or group the suggested keywords, you’ll need to use Keyword Suggestions.

The option to track both your backlink profile as well as that of competitors is provided by SE Ranking. The platform generally provides the essential features you want.

Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker tool from SE Ranking offers thorough backlink data for every website. This tool can also be used to determine which pages on the competitor’s websites are generating the most backlinks, which is a solid indication of the kind of material that will work best for your website. The Backlink Checker offers useful data once you enter a domain or URL, including domain and page trust, total backlinks, how many backlinks point to the homepage vs other pages, and many other things.

Backlink Monitoring

The Backlink Monitoring tool of SE Ranking is crucial for comprehending and enhancing your site’s backlink profile. It lets you submit a predetermined amount of hyperlinks, which it then keeps track of. In its dashboard, SE Ranking provides details about these hyperlinks.
You can see whether backlinks are live or inactive using SE Ranking. SE Ranking displays the backlinks that lead to a 404 error when there are broken links.

Keyword Rank Tracking

You can keep track of how well your website ranks for particular keywords by using keyword rank tracking. You can determine whether or not your SEO efforts are successful by monitoring your keyword rankings. SE Ranking starts tracking your keywords’ Google rankings as soon as you upload them. The SE Ranking report includes the following elements and data that are helpful:

  • The ability to immediately recheck keyword rankings and volume
  • Rank change over time for individual keywords
  • The ability to filter by device, SERP feature and tag
  • Ranking data for US and UK search engines

You can also track organic and paid keywords, and view them by list or by group.

SE Ranking - screenshot 1

Other features of SE Ranking

SE ranking goes further than this. It includes a ton of useful added features that will up your SEO game. Let’s look at them now.

  • SERP Checker
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Lead Generator
  • SE Ranking API
  • Page Changes Monitoring
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Backlink Gap Analyzer
  • Search Engine Autocomplete

Pricing Plan

SE Ranking offers 3 different plans that brings alot of features in it. These plans are:

Essential Plan

This plan starts at $39.20 per month, which includes 250 keywords, five websites, and 100,000-page audits per month.

Pro Plan

This plan starts at $89 per month, which includes 1,000 keywords, 15 websites, and 300,000-page audits per month.

Business Plan

This plan starts at $189 per month, which includes 4,000 keywords, unlimited websites, and 1 million page audits per month.
A longer-term necessitates bigger but fewer discounted payments. For instance, a yearly plan subscription gives you 20% savings and a free migration service.

Pros and Cons of SE Ranking

With upsides there always comes some downsides too. Let us have a look at some of SE Ranking pros and cons.


  • Provides detailed reports and analytics.
  • Offers white labeling and API access.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial for new users.
  • Comprehensive range of SEO features.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive design.
  • Integrates with a range of other tools and platforms.


  • Some features may require additional payment.
  • Lacks some advanced SEO features.
  • Limited keyword tracking for lower-tier plans.
  • Interface can be slow at times.
  • Some users may find the interface overwhelming.
  • Limited integrations with non-Google platforms.
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Taking into account all of the aforementioned details, anyone may become a fan of SE Ranking thanks to its accurate rank tracker and comprehensive analysis of keywords, backlinks, and competitors websites. Additionally, it is quite simple to use; even people who haven’t yet dabbled with SEO may do so without any difficulty.

SE Ranking is a thorough and user-friendly SEO tool that provides a variety of functions to aid companies in enhancing their search engine ranks and expanding their online presence.

SE Ranking is a fantastic option for small companies, digital marketers, and SEO specialists alike, with search engines and exposure everywhere thanks to its inexpensive price plans, thorough reports, and exceptional customer service. Before purchasing a premium subscription, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to try out the features.

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