Super Monitoring API

Super Monitoring API

Super Monitoring API allows retrieving historical monitoring data from

Super Monitoring API 1.1 Documentation


Super Monitoring API uses API Key to allow access to the API.
API Key is issued only for a specific IP address, that requests are going to come from.
Please contact Super Monitoring Support to obtain your API Key.

HTTP Request


Query Parameters

apikeyyes-The API Key.

Example: "4grf647e4tyrfg43663f"
urlyes-Encoded URL of the check, without "http://" or "https://".

Example: ""
fromyes-Starting date of the time range, using the time zone of the account.

Example: "2016-01-01-00-00"
toyes-Ending date of the time range, using the time zone of the account.

The time range is limited to maximum 1 year.

Example: "2016-01-26-23-59"
typenosIf set to "s" (or omitted) the result will include only a summary.
If set to "d" the result will include a summary plus a detailed list of outages.

Example: "s"

Example Queries

Example 1

Example 2

Response Format

Super Monitoring API responses come back as JSON.

Property NameDescription
ResponseCodeResponse status code - see below.
ResponseTextResponse status description - see below.
HostIP address the query was sent from (for reference).
OutagesTotal number of outages in the specified time range.
DowntimeTotal downtime (in minutes) in the specified time range.
EventsDetailed list of outages from the specified time range.
  eventIDOutage unique ID.
  eventStartOutage detection date & time, using the time zone of the account. Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
  eventDurationOutage duration (in minutes).
  eventErrorFailure type.
Possible failure types:
- http error codes, for example "HTTP 503"
- "NOPHRASE" (content & form monitoring error).

Response Codes & Texts

Super Monitoring API returns status codes together with short captions.

01OKAuthentication successful.
10AUTH FAILEDAuthentication failed. Provided apikey was invalid or the request came from a different IP address that the apikey had been generated for.
11URL NOT FOUNDNo check for given URL has been found on user account.

Hint: Make sure the URL is encoded and doesn't include "http://" or "https://".
12INCORRECT DATE RANGEDate & time in the "from" parameter is not earlier than the one in the "to" parameter - or one of the dates & time is not formatted properly.
13SERVICE BLOCKEDThe check or the account is inactive.
14RANGE LIMIT EXCEEDEDThe given time range is larger than 1 year.

Example Responses

Example 1: Authorization unsuccessful.
  "ResponseText":"AUTH FAILED",

Example 2: Summary.

Example 3: Summary + Detailed List.
        "eventStart":"2016-01-04 10:54:47",
        "eventError":"HTTP 503"
        "eventStart":"2016-01-04 14:18:48",
        "eventError":"CONNECTION TIMEOUT"
        "eventStart":"2016-01-09 08:26:47",
        "eventError":"HTTP 503"
        "eventStart":"2016-01-22 12:00:48",
        "eventError":"HTTP 500"
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