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RelayThat: The perfect tool for superior web graphics

Very often people working on the Internet, whatever profession they may be in, struggle with website/graphic designs. A bad design can negatively impact any company/brand and this is where online tool “RelayThat” has an important role to play. The tool works with your brand to find the best design suited for any occasion.


By using the RelayThat tool, non-designers who find design concepts difficult to handle, are able to come up with unique and one-of-a-kind designs. The tool has also proven to be helpful for professional designers to finish up common tasks. In both cases, RelayThat is known to save a lot of time. RelayThat works in a simple manner. All the client needs to do is upload their logo, necessary text, brand colors and some images. After the input is given, RelayThat will show you a million options to choose from.

RelayThat: Creating amazing graphics just for you

The RelayThat tool works as a design explorer giving brands many options to choose from. It helps companies come up with designs they would not have even thought of, and that too without spending much time and effort.

Founded by designer Craig Carpenter, RelayThat was born out of the need to overcome the boring job of building and formatting images for different social media channels and blogs. The tool works well with all industries like health & fitness, small and medium businesses, events, retails and franchises.

Some of the main features of RelayThat include:

  • It edits and works on many images in very little time.
  • It offers clients a default project and a sample project as examples.
  • All the images used in RelayThat are 100% copyright free so brands do not have to worry about spending more on a design.
  • The client will first need to set up their colors, fonts and logos. Then the photo collection will be uploaded and the tool will do the rest of the work.
  • You can create all types of images and fonts with the RelayThat tool.
  • The tool is available in three packages: 1) Personal at $ 25 per month, Pro at $45 per month and Business at $97 per month.

To know more about RelayThat features, please visit this link:

How It Works

RelayThat is designed in such a manner that even the most technologically challenged person can use it to create numerous designs. In just minutes, the tool will offer you a variety of images to choose from. To know more about the working of the tool scroll down:

  1. When you open the tool, you come to the home page. There you will have to create a project. Click on the New Project option and give it a name.
  2. On the right-hand side, you have options for entering the Title name, Subtitle name and Website.
  3. You can also enter the brand logo on the design.
  4. Before selecting any graphic, you need to select the size of the graphic like square post, blog post, Facebook cover etc.
  5. It will show different designs and formats for your graphics.
  6. You can edit the images to your liking by clicking on the icon “Images”.
  7. Then one moves to the Style section, where you have different options like “infographics”, “This or That”, “Quote Marks” to style up your graphics.
  8. There also numerous images and fonts one can choose from.
  9. After the final graphic is selected, click on the button “Download and Save” to save the image in JPG or PNG format.

Depending on which package you choose, there are many benefits for each one. They may vary from package to package.

RelayThat screenshot


  1. Anyone Can Use It: The biggest advantage of RelayThat tool is that anyone can use it. You need not be a technical person to operate the tool. This works well for non-technical users.
  2. Easy to Use: RelayThat tool can make professional branded images for blogs, brands and other social media platforms in a very easy and uncomplicated manner.
  3. User Friendly: The tool is very user friendly, as in, all the instructions on how to use it are very simple and straightforward for a person to understand.


  1. Not Flexible: The biggest disadvantage of the RelayThat tool is that it is rigid and not that flexible to outside options. Users will have to make do with the given templates and cannot use their own inputs.
  2. Cannot Make Many changes: Another negative of this tool is that one cannot make many changes to the graphics selected. The flexibility factor is limited.
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What really works in favor of RelayThat tool is that it can be used by all. Technical or non-technical, it doesn’t matter. It turns into a designer for you and gives you a million options to choose from, thus saving a lot of time and money. With just a few clicks, you can create as many branded graphics as you want.

Create super-shareable images with Pablo

“As an avid blogger, my mind often throws situations at me that I try to put into words and share with the world. But I’m not great at taking or collecting photos. Thus, often, my personal blog posts don’t feature an image. And I’m well aware that reading a blog post without an appropriate picture takes away half the fun from it. So I usually rely on the Internet for copyright free images. However, recently, I’ve been having a little trouble finding the perfect photos for my blog. Can anyone suggest any good tools or websites where I can find great pictures of random shots? I don’t mind buying them at a nominal price too.”


Sorry, if that went on for a little too much! But what we wanted to share was a problem quite a few bloggers and social media marketers come across. A picture adds weight to any post, thought or expression. You can’t express as much with words as you can with photos. Thus, people are always monitoring different photo-sharing websites in search of the perfect shots to adorn their blogs or social media pages. If you like sharing beautiful shots on your social media timelines or blog posts, Pablo is one tool you should definitely check out.

Pablo – Create the perfect social-media sharable images!

Pablo is an online tool that lets you upload photos or search photos from a huge library and add quotations, statistics or logos to make them sharable on social media and blogs for personal or professional purposes. The makers of the tool quite aptly recognize the fact that a blog post or a Facebook / Twitter share with a picture is read and further shared a lot more than one without a picture. Similarly, consider the case of a lengthy blog post. If it’s just an array of paragraphs with continuous text or statistics, no matter how interested you are in the subject matter, as a reader, you will get bored at one point. But if that same post contains 2 – 3 photos with appropriate quotations, percentage figures etc. the post engagement would be much more.

This is where Pablo steps in. This unique tool lets you transform beautifully captured random shots into pieces of art or information by adding custom text or quotations to it and then share them on popular social networking websites. You may also choose to download the photos to your computer and use them on your personal blogs or professional articles. Neat!

Here’s how you can use Pablo

To start using Pablo, you can click on the big blue button that says “Try Pablo it’s free!” on the homepage or click on the “Menu” button on the upper right corner of the screen and select the option to Try Pablo. If you’re expecting to find a sign-up page, here’s another good news – it’s not required. Could it be any simpler?

As soon as you click on the ‘Try’ button, you’re redirected to the image editor page. Before you start using the tool, in order to help you out with the nitty-gritties, a quick tour of the app is displayed in quite an interactive manner. Once you’re through, you can start playing around.

Towards the upper left side of the tool’s screen, you’ll find a “Search” box. Enter a keyword for the kind of picture you wish to search. For example, type ‘Pasta’ and hit enter. All images of pasta that exist in Pablo’s database will be listed vertically. Select any of the images by clicking on it and it will be enlarged in the space adjacent to the list. Now comes the interesting part – the edits.


You can:

  • Alter the size of the image as per the social media platform or technique through which you wish to share the image: Pinterest, Email, Facebook / Twitter
  • If you’ve uploaded a photo that doesn’t make a good background, you can apply effects (Contrast, Blur, Black-and-White) to it to fix it
  • Insert Text on the image. The text can be something you type (custom) or a random quote from Pablo’s database. You can also alter the font size, type, alignment, and color of the text.
  • You may share the image to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Buffer directly from Pablo or Download it to your computer.

Additional Features

In addition to the above mentioned way to use it, you may also choose to join the Pablo community in order to receive articles about how to create engaging social images and other interesting things (this is where you need to sign up).

Moreover, you may also install the browser extension for Pablo to make using it easier.

Pros VS Cons

There are several plus points to the tool:

  • A photo library with more than 50K beautiful photos
  • No sign-up required, no hidden costs involved
  • Option to upload self-taken photos and share with the world
  • Facility to apply edits on pictures
  • Facility to share or download pictures without any strict license requirements

As far as the negative are concerned, there was only a single noticeable one:

  • There should be more advanced edits available
  • Prepare perfect images for social media with @pablobybuffer via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

Pablo is one tool that won’t disappoint you. So the next time you wish to grab your 10 seconds of fame by sharing something awesome with the world, create the perfect image with this simple, yet brilliant tool.

Use Buzzsumo to be the Master of Online Content

Got a blog or website but often struggle to create the perfect content that achieves its intended purpose? Tried without success to grasp the basics of SEO and other techniques needed to make your online content stand among if not apart from the top contenders of the trade? Well, you’ve managed to reach the correct article. In here we’re solving one of the biggest mysteries of online content writing – creating SEO friendly, key content that performs best for any topic and if you’re lucky, to know what content performs best for your competitors.


Let’s start with the first step – knowing the tool that can actually help; introducing Buzzsumo!

Buzzsumo – Helps find key influencers that promote content

Content is what first attracts a customer to an organization. Today, most people rely on feedback and reviews for products and services on online forums before finalizing their transactions. After studying that aspect they move on to an organization’s webpage to dive deeper. While getting good testimonials and reviews is not that tough a task, especially for those who don’t mind getting a little unethical, building an impressive, hard-hitting website is not a piece of cake. More than the layout, color schemes and graphics, website content is what decides whether a casual visitor will turn into a prospective customer or not.

When the content is so important, do you make sure you spend the amount of time and resources you should on it? If you have doubts or would like to improve, trust Buzzsumo to help you out. is an online analyzer that lets you know what content works best for an industry and who the major influencers are. It assists you in identifying the topics related to your business that get the most attention. The tool is easy to use and most users claim it gives them immediate value by enabling search for terms/phrases that quickly identify content that’s performing well in a niche or with an audience. In a nutshell, Buzzsumo makes sure you publish exactly what your intended audience wants to see on your website. End result – more business!

Key benefits of the tool

There’s actually a whole lot of cool stuff packed within the tool, so much so that dedicating a section to it would be justified. Here are the 4 key ways in which you can use Buzzsumo:

Content Discovery

Buzzsumo filters out the content most-accessed by people (trending) and the one that’s about to trend across all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Moreover, it lets you customize the filtering based on criteria such as Time Period, Social Network, Content Type, Author, Domain and more.



The tools enables you to set alerts for trending content, keywords, authors, domains and competitor sites. You can even create a personalized dashboard to monitor all alerts you’ve set. Plus, you can choose to have alerts delivered to your mailbox or setup an RSS feed.

Influencers & Outreach

Influencers are people who already have an audience that follows them. Discovering and understanding their methodology can give crucial insights as to how to capture people’s interest and also drive some of their traffic to your website. Buzzsumo lets you find, analyze and follow influencers, see what content they share, export all findings to a trackable format (like CSV/Excel) and maintain outreach lists.

Competitive Intelligence

For promoting yourself better, you need to know your competitors well. Buzzsumo enables you to find out your competitors’ most shared content, amplifiers who share your competitors’ content, set alerts every time your competitor publishes content, create competitor content performance reports and more.

Tool Usage

Diving straight in is really simple. Just click on the “Try Buzzsumo for Free Now” button on the main page to be redirected to the search screen. In the search box, type a topic, keyword or domain to search and hit Enter. You can start looking at results immediately – what all related to the keyword you typed has been published, where and how much buzz has it created on social networks. You can play around for 5 keywords after which you’ll be asked to sign-up for free for a 14-day trial on the Pro plan.


Thereafter you’ll be led through a quick startup tour that you can skip if desired to end up on the search page again with some results related to the information you entered during setup. Now here’s where you can start to play. Filter search results by:

  • Date (24 hours, past week, past month, past 6 months, past year, specific date range)
  • Language
  • Country
  • Domains (inclusive or exclusive)
  • Content Type (Article, Infographics, Guest Posts, Giveaways, Interviews, Videos)

Alter what you want and start exploring. Every result that turns up can be analyzed to find out what kind of stuff readers want and how enthusiastically they share or link to it. If the numbers don’t match up to your expectations, you’ll know where to improve instantly. You can choose to view your content sharers, export result data to CSV/Excel, set alerts and lots more.

Pros VS Cons

The pros of the tool can be deduced from the features section. Highlights include:

  • Uniquely simple to use and understand
  • Achieves its purpose 100%
  • Helps publishers serve better content and get more attention
  • Helps track where the maximum traffic is coming from
  • Offers monitoring capabilities
  • Affordable

As far as cons are concerned, they’re truly aren’t many except where the tool forgets to mention that you won’t find the results much helpful if you’re a newbie at publishing and have only a few social network followers. You need to have at least 20 followers on Twitter to be able to view who is sharing your content too. So don’t bother if you’re yet to get there. For large players though, the tool is a win-win.

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Final Words

Great tool with an awesome purpose; every organization looking to expand its online reach should try Buzzsumo out! – the feature-rich link shortener is the most simplest and sleek designed link shortening service available on the Internet. Available in 14 different languages this is probably the first link squeezing service available in multiple languages. It offers various options to personalize the short link that you may generate using


Why should you use

There are many reasons for using to shorten your URLs. The long links might appear too unpleasing, difficult to remember and pass-on as a web developer may add different attributes to the link which may be descriptive and may represent various command structures, data hierarchies and session information. As a result, a URL may appear to be a collection of complex patterns which makes it difficult for us to distribute them, thus the most reliable way to pass on a long link is to copy and paste. This is where comes in, It’ll help you shorten the URL to make it easy to distribute and publish on a website or in print.

Though we all know the most popular reason to use this website would be to share the links or URLs on Twitter or various messaging services which have a limit on the word count, sharing a usual long link on these services may result in a violation of this constraint. Also, provides various other services like analytics, link personalization, adding social media bars, and comment frames.

301 Redirect

There are two kinds of redirect available: 301 redirect and 302 redirect. It is the first deciding factor why a person looking for a perfect SEO optimization would use this service. 301 redirect is for a “Permanently Moved Page” and search engines would credit the short link to the long link to which they redirect. On the other hand a 302 redirect is temporary and the search engines won’t credit the visit to the original long link. And also you should be aware that even though a service is using a 301 redirect today it may switch to 302 redirect any time.

Tracking and Analytics offers analytics and tracking service using which you can track how many times the link has been visited. It allows you to add your own third party tracking code and get the analytics done for your short link. You have the option of adding the code in the page header or in the page body. This helps you know if people are actually clicking on the links you tweet. Tracking and analytics is one of the most important features any URL shortening service can have as you can analyze the traffic you get and personalize or customize your links according to the reports generated.



The providers assure that they offer free short URLs which may never expire. But you’ve no guarantee, what if the providers cease to exist. Stability is one of the important factors as no one would like tweet backs from people about the no longer availability of your link as the URL shortening service you used is no longer available.

Link Customization or Personalization offers a customization of the short URL that you can add specific words which you would like to have in your short link. It may automatically come up with some random names that may look like jumbled alphabets but together for example and these may appear difficult to remember every time you need to write it down. Adding your own word would override the link which is randomly generated and makes your URL easy to remember, type or write for example or This may also help you popularize your brand name and you’ll share short links which contains name of your brand.

Adding Social Media Bars allows you to add social media bars to your links for various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, StumbleUpon. These social media bars make it easy for you to share the links on social media websites. You can easily retweet, rate and share to networks using this social media bar.


Display Frame with Your Comment allows you to add frame to your link with your comment which can be used to describe about the website or content to which the short link may redirect to. This frame can be very helpful for those who would like to visit your website as it may help them get an idea what the website or link is about. Many people won’t just open the link randomly. This can be your chance to impress them with your comment and attract them to your website increasing the number of hits you get.

Prepare a Perfect Link to Post on Facebook

This is the newest feature added to this website. It helps you prepare a perfect link for you to share on facebook which not only would attract new visitors to your website but also would comply with the facebook spam policy. As facebook sometimes won’t accept or has blocked short links from many other URL shortening services.


The URL shortening services are often used by spammers and due to this many services end up getting terminated by the web hosts or are taken off from the online registries. And due to this most of the websites are serious about keeping domains spam free. has strict rules regarding spamming, It says that if they receive a complaint that you’ve been using the service to create spam advertisements they’ll delete all your redirects permanently and your IP address would be banned from using their website. So just be careful that you don’t spam.

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Lastly, I would is a decent link shortening service which has many popular features which may help you a lot in having a better page rank and also in increasing the number of visits you get to your website daily.

Hubspot – the all in one inbound and social media marketing app

Hubspot is a company which develops and markets a software for inbound marketing. Founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the basic idea behind Hubspot was to implement inbound marketing instead of interruption marketing to gain customers. Inbound marketing is the method in which the customers come looking for you through social media, search engines and other resources. On the other hand interruption marketing is to advertise in Magazines, Radio, TV and through Billboards to gain customers.


User Interface

Hubspot has a very well planned and guided user interface which guides you through the whole process and helps you getting started. A summary of key metrics would come up which includes the leads, landing page activities and traffic. But to get started you’ll have to copy and paste the tracking code to your website. Hubspot in itself is a management system that will keep a track of the keywords, social media sharing and other impressions.

Call To Action Tool

Hubspot contains many tools for search engine optimization and one unique feature of this system is the call to action tool. This tool allows you to customize the graphic or menu prompts and you can change the design according to the reports generated by this tool and check on which buttons or links people click on.

Email Manager

A perfect, built in email manager which allows you to send emails to all the people on your list and you can even create segments among the list to send emails to.It allows you to manage subsciptions and also track unsubscriptions.You can also monitor the click through rates but google analytics is better on that part.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool allows you to research keywords based on your website and shows suggestions based on which you can spin your content. You also have an option for manually entering the keywords.The keyword results are much similar to what you’ll get using Google Keyword Tool. Choosing the right keywords for the content on your website can be of great importance and you can leave the generation and optimization of keywords on Hubspot.


Page Grading Tool

Based on the keywords on the page, visits to the page and inbound link leading to the page Hubspot’s page grading tool rates the pages on your website and gives you an idea about the best or the most valuable page while it also reflects the improvements you should make to the pages on your website to get more visitors.

Link Grading Tool

Link Grading tool grades the inbound links to your website . They use the page rank or Moz rank to grade the inbound link to your website.

Marketing Automation

Using Hubspot you can build an automated workflow from scratch and around the interests of your buyers and goals by defining your segments, setting goals, adding steps and actions, branching logic and measure the performance of your campaign.


Social Media Tools

Social media tools monitor the conversations taking place on the internet about your brand.You can also add social media follow buttons to lead people to your website to follow your brand on the social media websites.
Social media tools allow you to publish posts directly to social networking websites, reply to tweets and messages or comments on facebook through the hubspot interface itself. You can also schedule your messages and posts.

Link Building Using Hubspot

The ability of hubspot’s tools to identify a link opportunity is of utmost importance as it’ll increase the number of inbound links to your webpage and will also help in increasing the ranking of your web page on search engines.It is one of the best method to increase the awareness about your brand.


Hubspot focuses on people to generate analytics related to your website and is not just about pageviews. It gives you details in context with the contacts you have, individual profile and complete database reporting.It allows you to see all the channels of maketing and keep a check on their performances. It generates revenue reports related to the activities which lead to revenue for your company.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM allows you to sell without any complications and confusions by storing every detail about your contacts, deals and companies. It allows you to connect with your leads quite easily and quickly. Hubspot CRM works well with the Sidekick chrome extension. It allows you to connect with your contacts in many ways from a single backend. You can send tracked emails to your contacts and it notifies instantly when you click or open the mail.Place calls directly from your CRM and it records your calls and takes notes of your discussion automatically.


Appstore and Marketplace

Hubspot has an integrated app store where you can find apps to install on your Hubspot site. Though there are not many apps listed but you can get a list of providers who can help you with various features on Hubspot or inbound marketing.

Plans And Pricing

Hubspot is quite highly priced. They charge a minimum 200$ a month for 500 visitors and 100 contacts. This is the cost you’ll pay for your convenience as Hubspot merely is a platform which consists of various different services integrated into one single interface. One should try the demo first and decide if Hubspot would work for them. You can always use the 3-4 different applications you get for marketing if you wont like to spend that much money. You’ll have to work hard for getting the results through Hubspot as well. Hubspot has nothing exclusive to itself you’ll easily find these services available on other applications.

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Hubspot is one of the best tools available for inbound marketing if you have what it may take to give you the results, the skills, money and expertise. I would suggest if you have the budget you should go for it but if your budget is low you should look for other alternatives. Try using Hubspot and do let us know your experience in comments.

Blow off Web Analytics with KISSmetrics

The collection, analysis and measurement of the web data to understand and optimize the web usage utilizing the reports hence generated. Web Analytics is a multipurpose tool which can be used for measuring the web traffic, perform market research, to enhance the impact a website has on the visitors and also to measure the impact an advertising campaign has. Web Analytics helps you keep a watch on the traffic on your website and also reveals the popular trends useful for market research.

It provides the number of visits and page views a website has. Web analytics can be divided into two categories, namely on-site and off-site web analytics. Off-site analytics includes visibility of the website, comments about the website and potential audience of a website while on-site web analytics deals with the measurements about a visitor’s behavior on your website. This includes the force driving the traffic and conversions. Many tools are used these days for performing on-site analytics while Google Analytics is the most popularly used application in this domain, but there are much more advanced tools available these days which give you many additional information such as heat maps.


KISSmetrics is one such analytics tool which helps you in identifying and understanding the traffic and improve the same by enabling you to take an informed decision about marketing and quality of your product. KISSmetrics tells you about what steps a person or future customer who visits you your website takes after landing on your website and before buying your product. Using KISSmetrics you can easily track what a customer does on your website till end until you get paid. KISSmetrics can also be used to track sign up procedures and you it keeps you informed about successful sign ups and what time the person took in signing up for your website so that you can make changes in the future and have a more hassle free signup process. It can track till where the customer completed the signup and where he left so that you know what is keeping you away from increasing your sales. The number of times people log into your website via Facebook or Twitter is also recorded by the KISSmetrics.


KISSmetrics and Your Website

Just getting signups from the people visiting your website is not enough for increasing your sales. You should look for ways to ease up the process after sign up. People should easily be able to find what they are looking for. If you are selling a service or software there should be options to upgrade and details about service configuration. You need to make sure that the core features of your website are being utilized well and people are able to complete this core process which is the essence of your business.


One should be able to locate the products, search for the desired product, view individual product details and your product should be easily downloadable or added to the cart and the complete purchase procedure should be hassle free and completed within a time limit. KISSmetrics would help you fix all these issues and help you keep your customers happy and yourself wealthy.

Unsubscribes and Refunds

KISSmetrics also helps you track the events which lead to cancelling of orders, generating refunds, and unsubscribing the newsletter services. It allows you to ensure that these events do not occur again and you are able to increase your sales next time a customer visits your website.

Events & Data

The Data you get from KISSmetrics gives you the full details about your user for example who he is, where he is from and what he does. Using KISSmetrics you can also form a group of users having similar characteristics. Multiple identities of the same person are merged automatically.
All events involving subscription, signup, sales, downloads and even browsing the homepage and landing page are recorded. The details such as where the user is from , his or her age, if he was a returning visitor and many other such properties about the user are included in the report generated by KISSmetrics.

Unlike Google Analytics KISSmetrics does not include Time on Site, Time on Page, Exits, Bounce Rates and Bounces. You’ll have to perform an analysis of the funnel report generated on KISSmetrics to get these quantities.


KISSmetrics and Social Media

KISSmetrics can be used to track social media for Return on Investment (ROI). This would help you analyze which social media platform gives you the maximum traffic on your website and thus whenever a person who comes to your website through social media is tracked for the source and the particular social media website is credited with the same . Using KISSmetrics you can track the whole life cycle of a customer.

Paid Advertising and KISSmetrics

You can also track your return on investment for online advertising channels . These channels include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Reddit Ads, Yahoo! Bing Network, Twitter Promoted Tweet and more. This allows you to track the best traffic source for you and which advertising source brings you the best return on investment. KISSmetrics tracks people at any point of time and originating from a paid search or a Pay Per Click advertisement a month back.You can find out who converts from a paid advertising service on a day to day basis.

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Plans and Pricing

Offers 14 day unlimited trial without any obligation and credit card. You have an option to choose from monthly or yearly billing. And you are charged 150$ per month for the starter pack while 250$ per month for the basic pack and $500 for professional pack. You’ll be able to track about 500,000 events per month subscribing for starter plan while if you subscribe for basic you can track up to 1 million events and 1+ million events for a professional plan.

KISSmetrics is one of the most popular and trustworthy web analytics website. It is very result oriented and you can see the changes within a short span of time. They say Google Analytics only tells you what’s happening while KISSmetrics tell you who. I found this web application very powerful and worth giving a competition to Google’s Analytics Service. Try out KISSmetrics and let us know your views too.

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