9 Advertising Tools to Catapult Your Brand to Success

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Compelling advertisements is key for businesses to drive sales. But imagine building a strategy manually without automated tools, from content creation to market research and content management.

The entire process can be very complicated and time-consuming. Thankfully, the advent of technology has brought vast options for advertising tools to launch high-performing digital advertising.


We’ve curated a list of top advertising tools to help you drive higher impacts, from research tools to content creation and landing page builders. These tools can help you streamline progress and manage time more efficiently.

Keyword Research and Website Monitoring

Keyword research remains one of the most crucial steps before launching a campaign or advertisement. You can consider these two tools to help you choose the most potential keywords for your content.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a precious tool for conducting competitor and keyword research. One of the benefits of using this tool is to find PPC research that is highly competitive for your brand.

It’s an all-in-one tool worth investing in for businesses. You can mention tracking, find backlink opportunities, do website audits, and conduct content research.

Ahrefs database boasts over 400 billion indexed pages and over eight billion keywords. However, its pricing is relatively expensive, starting from $99.00 per month. Here are some key features you can get.


Key Features

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • SEO Management
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Web Traffic Reporting
  • Website Analytics
  • Alerts/Notifications

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another top-tier business tool, especially for medium-sized and large companies. This tool lets you accurately review competitors and dive into their ad data.

Similar to Ahrefs, SEMrush excels in generating potential long-tail keywords for your ad content. Moreover, its analytics and reporting features work beyond compiling data. It allows you to plot various metrics on any chart type.

In terms of pricing, SEMrush offers more expensive plans, starting at $129.95 monthly. If budget is none of your concern, this robust keyword research tool can be a valuable investment.


Key Features

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Advertising Management
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audit Management
  • Campaign Scheduling and Management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customizable Branding

3. Super Monitoring

As a brand, you need to monitor your website daily. In this case, Super Monitoring can be your go-to tool to track website speed and critical metrics. It’s a cloud-based web app and monitoring platform meticulously crafted for a diverse user base, including marketers and businesses.

Super Monitoring can send you timely notifications about malfunctions and check host service quality to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, it can detect certificate errors, providing a security layer for online ventures.

You can access detailed reports on website failures, gaining valuable insights into areas for improvement. With such comprehensive features, Super Monitoring is suitable for small enterprises to large corporates, with pricing starting at $5.99 monthly.

Super Monitoring

Key Features

  • Unavailability Detection
  • Performance Check
  • Content Verifying
  • Form Testing
  • Page Loading Time Measuring
  • Process testing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Daily Health Check
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Change detection
  • Immediate Alerts
  • History and Reports
  • Data for Analysis

Content Creation Tools

Using versatile creative tools is necessary to help you create compelling ad content. Among many, we narrowed it down to two recommendations below.

4. Canva

Creating eye-catching ads is a breeze with Canva, as it has a user-friendly editing tool. Its drag-and-drop interface makes image editing effortless, and the platform provides a range of ready-to-use templates, stock images, and fonts to enhance your content.

Whether you want to create simple ads or social media videos, its editing tools are at your disposal. However, if your focus is on more advanced video editing features, Canva may lack some essential features.

With a starting price of $12.99, Canva remains a popular choice, valued for its accessibility and creative capabilities in the competitive market of design tools. Here are some key features.


Key Features

  • Animation
  • Asset Library
  • Audio File Management
  • Brand Guidelines
  • CAD Tools
  • CMS Integration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Library
  • Content Management
  • Media Library
  • Social Media Templates
  • Image and Video Editing

5. Filmora

Advertising products are more effective using video content so you will need versatile video marketing tools like Filmora. Thanks to its vast editing features, it can help you create and disseminate white-labeled marketing videos with no trouble.

With its easy drag-and-drop interface, you can import, arrange, and edit multimedia elements to craft a captivating narrative. You can crop videos, adjust playback speed, add watermarks, and rotate images.

You can enhance content further by incorporating explainer videos, animated texts, stickers, filters, overlays, transitions, sound effects, and colorful borders. With $19.00 monthly, it also facilitates video export in multiple file formats.


Key Features

  • Media Library
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Multimedia Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Promotion
  • Text Editing
  • User Management
  • Video Editing
  • Video Management

Social Media Ads

As advertising has gone digital, your brand must leverage social media platforms. The following two tools can help you manage and analyze social media content based on accurate data.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the top-rated social media tools among digital marketers. This platform ensures you have everything you need in one powerful package. At the core, its four key components are Monitoring, Engagement, Measurement, and Growth.

You can effortlessly publish and schedule updates across your social channels with a single click. Monitor your brand’s presence and watch your competitors across social channels and the wider web.

Additionally, Sprout Social provides the tools for meaningful engagement by connecting you with highly targeted customers through its Discovery tools. Its robust analytics help you gain valuable insights and navigate social platforms more meaningfully.

Sprout Social

Key Features

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Brand Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Negative Feedback Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Social Advertising

7. VidIQ

VidIQ is a compact video marketing platform yet well-known as a robust player in the industry. Its essential features can help you create and optimize marketing campaigns, including managing advertisement content.

It has visual analytics to ensure your advertisement is compelling and highly performing. You can also track YouTube video performance effortlessly while gaining insights from the community and key metric reports.

Moreover, it offers a comprehensive solution for content creation, audience engagement, and performance tracking. The pricing is relatively affordable for enterprises of all sizes, starting at $7.50 monthly.


Key Features

  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Performance Metrics
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Visual Analytics

Landing Page Builders

You need a landing page to turn audiences into paying buyers when launching an online advertisement. Here are two options with various features to help you build a highly-performing landing page.

8. HubSpot Landing Page Builder

HubSpot provides various marketing and sales tools, including a landing page tool that helps you turn more visitors into customers. The starting plan includes email marketing, a simple CRM tool, analytics, and social media tracking.

While HubSpot offers many features, it might have a learning curve for beginners. But they provide many resources and quick customer service to help you get the hang of it. This makes HubSpot a fantastic option for businesses seeking a robust and comprehensive platform.

The basic plan costs $50 monthly and includes the landing page tool along with other valuable features. Check out more excellent features they have below:


Key Features

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Automated Publishing
  • CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Library
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Surveys

9. Unbounce

Unbounce is recognized as a preferred landing page platform among marketers for its user-friendly interface. Many agencies have lauded it for its seamless integration into their PPC toolkit, offering excellent value for money with a starting price of just $79 per month.

Speaking of its features, Unbounce has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and an extensive library of over 100 templates designed for various use cases. Its versatility extends to easy integration with popular email platforms like Mailchimp and AWeber, as well as analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Notably, it’s a budget-friendly option compared to other landing page builders. Unbounce becomes an attractive option for individual marketers who don’t require collaborative features while creating campaigns.


Key Features

  • Audience Targeting
  • CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customizable Branding
  • Form Builder
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Real-Time Editing
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • SEO Management

Need Help Creating Videos?

If you lack the capacity to create compelling videos, another option is to collaborate with video production companies such as Breadnbeyond and Explainerd. These studios specialize in crafting authentic animated videos for various purposes.

Utilizing professionals and advanced tools, they can effectively convey any message through dynamic animations. By partnering with them, you can obtain high-quality videos without the hassle of managing the production process.


As you navigate the digital market, using advanced tools is necessary to execute strategy and optimize your efforts accurately. The above tools are mostly paid but can be great investments as you can gain valuable insights from data and communities.

Ensure you conduct keyword research, use content creation tools, and leverage a comprehensive management platform to stay efficient with everything. Maintaining accuracy and efficiency is key to driving success for your business.

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