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How to Improve Conversions by Localizing a Website

With the advent of social media platforms and accessible smartphone devices, the world has become smaller than ever before. This has lead websites and online services to the obvious necessity of localization. Translating an entire website into numerous languages, coupled with constant updates needed to make them relevant has led many companies to concern.

website localizing

According to data, 62% of companies deem localization too complex and too manual to be worth their while. However, not everyone who visits your site will necessarily speak your native language, let alone make a purchase or convert of their own volition. In that respect, localization can undoubtedly affect your website’s performance for the better. Let’s take a look at several noteworthy factors in regards to improvement of conversion rates through site localization.

Why Localization Matters

Greater SERP Presence

In terms of online visibility, SEO can make or break your website. Localization plays a big part in whether or not your site will show up in search engine queries across the globe. After all, people who don’t speak German won’t find German websites on the first pages of their search results. By introducing numerous languages to your site, you will ensure that your site shows up much more frequently whenever someone searches for a term present in your industry.

Access to a Global Audience

It goes without saying that localization opens a lot of potential for international expansion. Content in Spanish, Chinese or Greek will be attractive to people who speak those languages more than the traditional English offering. Meeting your future audience halfway through localization will raise your chances of converting them into followers, subscribers and customers.

Variety of Revenue Sources

Lastly, conversion is only one of the ways in which you will be able to monetize your site through localization. Potential business partners, investors and third parties will undoubtedly take notice of your localization efforts.

These stakeholders can be approached with projects and collaboration opportunities which can serve both parties equally. The more languages you have present on your site, the better your odds will become at growing and expanding your business.

1. Choose Crucial Languages

Once you settle on localizing your website in different languages, you should plan your next steps carefully. Make sure to choose the languages which are present in your industry without following global trends and expectations. For example, culinary blogs are attractive to worldwide audiences, but a site dedicated to Italian literature or Scandinavian folklore might not be.

It’s important to go into localization one step at a time without biting more than you can chew. In that regard, opt for language-by-language localization instead of pushing several languages at once. That way, you will gradually expand your site’s content and raise the SEO ranking organically. Don’t expect results to come overnight and give the localized content some time to breathe before it begins to attract new leads.


2. Language-Specific SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s worth noting that all of your languages should be optimized individually. It’s only logical that English keywords don’t hold much levity in Japanese or French translation of the same words. Platforms such as SEM Rush and Google Adwords are great tools in terms of keyword optimization and trend research. Use their databases to determine the best course of action for your content’s SEO localization.

Avoid DIY keyword optimization, especially without an in-house writer and translator onboard. Once each language is optimized in its respective way, your site will show up in local search pages across the world depending on the language in question. Failing to add this important ingredient to your localization process will make the entire translation effort in vain as a result.

3. Mind the Text Encoding

No matter the care and effort you put into your content’s localization, it will all be in vain if it doesn’t display properly. Depending on the CMS you use for your website, you should change the text encoding to reflect your recent localization efforts.

Alphabets in English, Greek and Chinese vary drastically, especially if you add even more languages such as Russian and its Cyrillic lettering. Unicode text encoding formats such as UTF should be enabled on your site as soon as the first additional language hits the live server. Don’t make the mistake of placing localized text on your language domains without the encoding it requires to show up at all.

4. Site-Wide Localization

Partial localization doesn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things. Audiences who visit your website from abroad will expect the same level of quality and curation as your native followers. This means that you should be prepared for site-wide optimization and ongoing localization of every new piece of content.

It’s often a good idea to consider outsourcing a part of your localization process to a third-party service since it will be difficult to maintain the pace internally. However, once you begin publishing content in different languages in parallel, your conversion rates will see a considerable rise as opposed to the previous, single-language content creation.

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistaking Translation for Localization

It’s important to distinguish translation from localization in terms of content optimization. Translation represents direct, technical translation of original content into another language.

Localization on the other hand takes cultural, social and lifestyle choices of the target audience into consideration. This is highly important in terms of boosting conversion rates since you don’t want to alienate someone based on accidental confusion.

Lack of Multimedia Localization

Every image, video or audio piece of content on your site should be localized as well. This is important for ecommerce sites and company fronts above all else. Blogs usually use images in terms of adding visual fidelity, while the former rely on images much more directly.

Any chart, infographic or demonstrative piece of content must be localized based on the previously chosen languages. That way, no visitor will be left out and be able to engage with your products and services fully like everyone else.

No Multilingual Customer Support

Localization also requires the presence of multilingual customer support to be present on your site. For example, a German customer might have a problem and your French support agent might not be able to help them due to obvious reasons.

If you don’t have the resources to hire in-house agents, chatbots offer a great alternative to the problem. While not as comprehensive as a real-world agent, chatbots can indeed help your localization by communicating on your behalf in dozens of languages.

An Ongoing Effort (Conclusion)

As mentioned previously, localization isn’t a “one-and-done” affair. You will constantly have to monitor your site’s performance for potential bottlenecks and needs for additional languages.

However, the role of localization in your conversion rates is obvious from the get-go, meaning that the time and resources invested in the process won’t be wasted. Approach localization with an open mind and you will be surprised with the amount of options it presents to your website in terms of growth and expansion opportunities.

About the Author

Elisa AbbottElisa Abbott is a freelancer whose passion lies in creative writing. She completed a degree in Computer Science and writes about ways to apply machine learning to deal with complex issues. Insights on education, helpful tools and valuable university experiences – she has got you covered;) When she’s not engaged in assessing translation services for PickWriters you’ll usually find her sipping cappuccino with a book.

KeywordHero: Saving you from the dreaded ‘not provided’ in Analytics

Organic keyword data, which was till now the essential around which SEO experts and digital agencies revolved, suddenly became “not provided” since 2011. Unless you were prepared to face the hardships, you had to wonder if there was an easier way out.

KeywordHero assures to clear up the ‘not provided’ information that you see in your Google Analytics for any website. So, does it work as promised?


Oh yes! According to countless users’ reviews and our own, it looks like there is finally something that can help with this predicament. One can use the KeywordHero to understand which keywords drive more conversion. It helps website owners understand what the people coming across their website are typing into search engines, and the tool’s findings can help in many ways to improve and build up the number of conversions.

Let’s check this tool out and see how much water it holds.

KeywordHero – Helping you get rid of ‘not provided’ information in Google Analytics

KeywordHero is the only tool so far that gets back your keyword data in your Google Analytics accounts. It uses machine learning systems along with nine different data sources to eliminate the unwelcome ‘not provided’ message from analytics data. After 2011 when Google Analytics’ keyword data removal affected pretty much everyone in business, most people tried to make do with keyword tools like KWFinder, LongTailPro, and Google Keyword Planner for the keyword search volume. But now with KeywordHero, there’s little need for any other tool for the purpose.

Take a look at some of KeywordHero’s impressive features:

  • For each word, KeywordHero gets you detailed analytics in which you will find keyword conversion comparison, bounce rate, the revenue potential of every keyword, and more.
  • The tool focuses on the general traffic that your website is receiving. It notes how the internet users are reacting to your marketing strategies.
  • In the tool’s interface, you will also find your website’s ranking as per Google SERPs. You will be able to understand what your best performing organic keywords are and what are not. You can use the information to fix the keywords that are not doing so great.
  • It saves all user queries in the Google Analytics account for future perusal.
  • KeywordHero is designed in such a way that it can group results according to the intent behind them.

How does this tool work?

Setting up KeywordHero is no hassle. It takes only 2 minutes of your time and the access you grant to it into your Google Search Console, and Google Analytics accounts. Once you’ve done that, you’re pretty much done.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to work with KeywordHero:

  1. Visit and click on “TRY HIM NOW.”
  2. You’ll immediately see an array of subscription options. This is just for your information at this point. Scroll down a little to see a “Sign in with Google” button.
  3. Use your Gmail ID to sign up since that would automatically connect to your Google Analytics account. The tool will request you to grant it some permissions. Allow it.
  4. Once done, you’ll reach your Dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see three different views of your Google Analytics data. Accounts, Properties & Apps, and Views. You can select the Google Analytics View that you want to analyze here and find the right keywords.
  5. First, select the GA Account on the left, then the Property in the middle, and lastly the View on the right. Until you click on each of the values under these columns, the “Next” button at the bottom won’t be enabled.
  6. Finally, from the drop-down at the bottom, pick a tracking mode: “No tracking” or “eCommerce Tracking” and click on “Next.”
  7. Next, select the Search Console account. Doing this creates a duplicate account of your Property. In this step, you will find yourself looking at membership plans. We advise you to go ahead with the free version before you spring for the membership.
  8. You will also find the option of a coupon code which you can use to get discounts.
  9. Finish off!

Keyword Hero

Under the campaign, you will find four options of All Campaigns, Paid Keywords, Organic Keywords, And Cost Analysis. You will be able to see the non-provided stats under the Organic Keywords tab.

Do note that you will have to wait for about 24 hours for Google Analytics to start getting your data. This duration is the maximum limit you’ll need to wait.


KeywordHero offers four plans:

  • Little Hero
  • Big hero
  • Giant Hero
  • Ultimate Hero

The “Little Hero” is free and is perfect for individual use. However, if you are an SEO marketer working alone, you will find “Big Hero” more suitable. The “Giant Hero” plan is great for small SEO agencies and companies while “Ultimate Hero” is for all those who do not want to limit themselves in finding the best organic keywords.

The Pros VS The Cons

Let’s start with the plus points:

  • KeywordHero gives you accurate keyword data that assists you in growing your SEO.
  • You get over three months of keyword data which you get to keep in Google Analytics for an indefinite time.
  • The tool not only helps you with the keyword data but also lets you figure out if your Long Tail keyword strategy is working out.
  • If you find any changes in your search engine ranking positions, the tool aids you in adjusting immediately.

Now with the downsides:

  • Doesn’t include any feature for “suggested keywords.” That would be an excellent addition
  • You won’t find any scheduled white label reporting in the tool as of now.
  • Another good to have feature would be the ability to track keyword performance against other platforms or websites.
  • Say goodbye to “(not provided)” traffic source in Google Analytics with @keyword_hero via @supermonitoring

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KeywordHero Verdict

KeywordHero is a great tool that delivers accurate organic keyword data and helps website owners understand the keywords their visitors are searching for. Despite lacking some features, it is well worth the money and we approve of it entirely. Paying $29 for this tool which is also a Google Analytics technology partner is something not to think twice about.

Find out your competitors’ SEO success strategy with SpyFu

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most powerful tools used by organizations to get ahead of their competitors today. Using SEO techniques and quality content that’s optimized for popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. organizations ensure they make their information reach their prospective customers on time and in the right way.

Consider a scenario where you’re in need of a new computer. In today’s world, whenever people need to buy something, they study about it on the Internet first. Thus ideally, you’d research about which PC or laptop model would fit the configuration you’re looking for, be from a reliable manufacturer, and still be within your budget. Whichever laptop model is shown on top in Google or Bing search results would have a better chance of getting bought. Agreed? Now if you’re a laptop / PC manufacturer looking to maximize sales, you’d want your product to feature on top in search results, right? In order to do that, you’ll need to know how to market yourself correctly. And one of the most effective ways to do that is to flood the Internet with search engine optimized content that promotes your products / services.


But what if you don’t know how to generate SEO content that’s better than what your competitors are using? How do you still get ahead?

It’s simple really. By finding out what techniques, keywords, and content your competitors are using to market themselves. And SpyFu lets you do just that!

SpyFu – expose your competitors’ search marketing secret formula

SpyFu literally lets you spy on your competitors; meaning you can find out what makes their online marketing successful. The tool lets you discover what keywords your competitors use, see websites that are spending money to get the right Adwords, and find the most profitable keywords that suit your business.

The principle SpyFu works on is straightforward; search for any domain (competitor domains / URL will do) and SpyFu lets you see every place the domain has shown up on Google, every keyword that domain has bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 10 years. Plus, the tool guides you connect with these domains and find traditional leads methods (social media, email, phone, and address) you can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, with SpyFu you can:

  • Drive clicks to your SEO or Adwords campaigns with their smart recommendations
  • Monitoring of your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Build partnerships or generate sales leads through reliable contact info
  • Discover the competitions most lucrative keywords that you’re missing
  • Save money by eliminating bad keywords you’re using but that aren’t any good
  • Leverage your competitors’ lessons from historic hits and misses (meaning learn from their mistakes)
  • Move keywords in the top 50 results onto the first page

SpyFu thus lets you improve your search engine ranks by tapping into your competitors’ keyword strategies. The tool makes understanding SEO as easy as PPC with branded reports.

SpyFu - screenshot 1

How it works

One of the best things about SpyFu is that you don’t need to sign up or share any of your information to start using it. Simply land on the tool’s homepage and search for the domain or URL of your competitor’s website. The results of the search will show you:

  • Domain Overview
    • Number of organic keywords
    • Estimated monthly SEO clicks and their value
    • Inbound clicks from Google: Organic VS Paid via a colorful pie-chart
    • Paid Search (Adwords) and related info
  • Top Competitors: Organic and Paid
  • Shared Keywords: Organic and Paid
  • Top Keywords: Organic and Paid
  • Some Adwords recommendations
  • Ranking History
  • Inbound Links

If you know SEO and recognize the various terms used in the field, you’d be good to proceed from here on. You’d have enough intel to lift up your online marketing a few notches. Moreover, the same page will show you a plethora of options to study about your competitors SEO strategies. You’ll get to see various graphs and colored depictations of information that you can use to tap on the areas you were earlier missing out on.

SpyFu - screenshot 2

So is the tool free?

Well yes and no.

If you’re satisfied with the information the free version of the tool (described above) shows you, you don’t need to pay anything. However, if you want access to premium features like unlimited search results, unlimited data exports, unlimited domain overviews, hundreds of sales leads & domain contacts, thousands of weekly tracked keyword rankings, API calls, custom branded reporting, and much more, you can sign up for one of the 3 paid plans they have. And along with these features, you get access to a lot more with a 30-day money back guarantee (if you aren’t pleased with it), no strings attached.

Is this real?

The good VS The bad

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

The pros are many. The con is only one – the terminology used in the tool can confuse any beginner.

But then, you’d actually be using it only if you know what you’re doing, right?

  • Peek at your competitors’ SEO strategy with @spyfu via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

The tool actually fares pretty well on our test parameters. It’s simple to use, is affordable, has no strings attached, and does what it claims. But then, like we always say, you’ll need to try it out to see how well it turns out for you. For now, thumbs up from our end.

All your business data on one dashboard: Fokus

Fokus has been shut down in 2018.

Life has become hectic and data has become priority for any one and every one, synchronized data and compiled data analysis has become the major focus of any organization. The constant addition of new and pertinent information coming online every second it is very easy to go into information overload. The true key is to be able to find the important knowledge, discover resources and sites both in the visible and invisible World Wide Web. What if a single analytical engineering tool could solve all that within a series of a few clicks? That would turn a week’s work into a few minutes of simple and easy browsing. A tool dedicated to the latest and most competent resources for data discovery and management available over the Internet. Isn’t that magical, yes it is data magic that you can experience at


What it is?

A site that helps you gather all the available data about you, your customers, your fans, voters or competitors by compiling information from your website social media, via internet monitoring, CRM application or any software or device which has an API and making it easily available at a single platform. Fokus efficiently monitors and can process data to simplify it if necessary and required by you.

Fokus is created with the ideology to find data, localize problems and generate solutions to give you full real time perspective and help you save time and money. The days of self-analysis and data measurement will surely be gone with the introduction of such sites as it’s highly equipped to analyze a problem, threats in the process and suggest you the required respective solution. It projects aims to develop and extend a range of demographics providing integrated data solutions analyzing all available data connections for the reuse and management of knowledge.

The system is so intrinsically developed that you don’t have to remind yourself to check or maintain the data flow, Fokus allows you to set alarm notifications and Fokus will update you accordingly. Fokus specializes in being with you like a heartbeat it will always know what is going on in your business, company, organization and inform you via notifications.


How it helps to build Image

The largest pool of information and publicity today is transferred and shared via social Medias. Fokus acts as an effective way to: marketing, PR, and Image building. Fokus can help you to detect and eliminate issues connected to hosting, blog or software, positioning, PR crises by constantly measuring and analyzing what your fans say about your organizations, what social media platforms they use to publish their reviews and how does online marketing really impact your sales.

Focus also provides you a facility to control the data flow of multiple social platforms and use the combined information to get the desired demographic required by you. For. E.g. If you need a compiled demographic of all the places you have visited for meetings, Fokus shall gather information from your Facebook posts, your Google maps your work calendar and gives you exactly what you need in text or a pictograph.

The Interface

This search engine will help you find images, connections, demographics, statistics, all data concerning your addressing subject or goal and more that is free to share or build upon within minimum efforts. You can easily set notifications and make a well-rounded search of particular attributes with a single click. The tool expresses in a form that is logically precise, humanly readable, and computationally tractable. With their direct mapping to language, conceptual graphs serve as an intermediate language for translating computer-oriented formalisms to and from natural languages. With their graphic representation, they serve as a readable, but formal design and specification language that can be presented in meetings and can be utilized for professional use benefitting a variety of projects for information retrieval, database design, expert systems, and natural language processing etc.

Fokus saves us time as users, enhances communication with fans and creates visually stunning reports in an instant. This feature allows you to have your hosting under full control – whenever your website goes down you receive an e-mail or a SMS notification. Allows you to follow your brand to every corner of the Internet. Discover what who, where, when and how writes about you, and optimize your business.

Based on the collected data Fokus prepares hints, that will help you easily improve your business. Just by a few clicks, you’ll create your own dashboard that will show the data that is most crucial for your business.



The site is of use to multiple professional careers and organizations. Useful in collaborating a lot of work from various clients in your agency. Its ability to create reports by synthesizing information from multiple sources. You just need to mention which channels you need to create such a report from and you will create it in an instant with an aesthetic touch.

Focus helps you to locate the right branding and web visibility for your clients. You can show them the right channels and media they should advertise in. With Fokus you can discover new websites and communities where your client and their brand should be.

Fokus is featured to easily analyze and show you the “bottlenecks” in your organizations process by analyzing every problem to its core details let it be the network connection of your server provider or simply the malfunctioning of your data system. It helps grow business in today’s world where time is money. Thanks to Fokus you will find out what to change and improve in order to earn more.

There are a million websites, landing pages, channels in social media. Fokus helps you organize it and according to personal or organizational use. Fokus will improve the process of managing multiple websites, landing pages, campaigns and collaboration with external agencies. For companies that want to have their own tool under their brand we recommend Fokus in the white label model.

  • For a better and well maintained SEO and data management direct your focus on @getfokuscomvia @supermonitoring

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Above all Fokus is extremely user friendly- you can freely change it, form it, and connect new mechanisms and services to it. We are able to connect and start analyzing any system, service or device that has an API.
For a better and well maintained data management system direct your focus on now!

SEOtryout – Helps you increase your pagerank

Have you checked the SEO of your site lately? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Now a days it is mandatory to check how good is the SEO of your site, there are various websites that can help you with that and one of them is SEOtryout. A site providing you a basic run of the SEO on the basis of the generic SEO terminology on a logarithmic scale of 0-10 or 0-100. There are many filters to the process and the major key players that need verification are SEO ranks for your website, number of pages indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo, number of external inbound links to your website, social media results (Facebook, Twitter), HTML and CSS code validation.


SEOtryout is an extremely simple yet effective website that allows all users to quickly and easily verify their online site with online verification tools. You simply have to enter your website and it generates a detailed report on your SEO factors. The site breaks down the basics and helps us to better understand SEO and also makes your website easy for you to understand in the terms of the search engines. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated; in many ways they still can’t see and understand a web page the same way a human does. helps you to figure out what each page is about, and how many factors are affecting its visibility online in turn contributing to define your page rank, site ranking and also your page landing.

Look and Feel of the Site

The site has a very basic visual quality ensemble in a single page ensuring easy user interface. There is a single bar for adding site URL which enables the report generation in a point blank new tab. The report is displayed in a combination of colorful symbols and speedometers with the use of basic social media logos for user convenience. The large and simple font makes it a good read. The Web design is such that it matches the purpose of the site, it’s a clean and unobtrusive website. Despite the enormous amount of information on the website their design looks very structured. Everything about this website looks appealing; the logo, the colors, and the way they present their content, the tabs that prove conformity with effective branching and distribution.


Social Media Validation

The best part about this website is that there is no registration required. It easily goes through the entire SEO involvement in your website starting from your HTML code your CSS and design elements, Meta tags your social media connections, how many times Facebook users clicked “like” on your URL, how many times this URL was shared on Facebook and how many tweets and retweets were made using this URL. It’s not done yet the site also gives you verified figures of internal, external links and back links involving your URL giving you an exact idea of traffic control on your website also making you aware of the bounce rate on your website.

Today, links are mainly achieved through developing original content that is in turn, shared across social media. Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases. For instance, a link that is tweeted many times as opposed to a link that was never tweeted, will have higher visibility in search engines since it is assumed it is better content because many have decided to share it with their social networks. Such sharing is analyzed by the site and a low number on the social media links may suggest less valuable content on the site.

Site Ranking

The most important part of the analysis is the Page ranking, moz ranking, sub domain ranking, they severely affect your site visibility and accessibility. For e.g. Google uses a multitude of factors to determine how to rank search engine results. Typically, these factors are either related to the content of a webpage itself (the text, its URL, the titles and headers, etc.) or measurements of the authenticity of the website itself (age of the domain name, number and quality of inbound links, etc.) jointly determining the page rank. According to Google: PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites and that’s how it is evaluated with the site.

Crawling and indexing are processes that can take some time and rely on many factors which in turn develops your site rank. In general, No Seo verification site can make predictions or guarantees about when or if you’re URLs will be crawled or indexed. This site can help you understand the current positioning of your site. Keep in mind that while the Sitemap file can help learn about your site, it does not guarantee indexing or increasing your site’s ranking.

  • Check your website for SEO rankings and construction errors with SEOtryout – via @supermonitoring

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Scope of Improvement

While the information provided by the site is highly valuable, at the same time the site falls short in providing the understanding, terminology or the derivation analysis of any numbers or figures provided by the site. It’s very evident that the major key players have been validated but since the site is SEO-TRY-OUT, there is no mention of content validation on the site which by the current Google updates is the main key to site ranking and crawling. Also the site gives a logarithmic status on 1-10 0r 1-100 while not defining the competition of the concerned URL. There is no compared status provided or suggestions and facts provided. When we talk about a site that can provide the SEO ranking for other sites this site in itself needs to work on creating more detail. But as long as a simple refined report is concerned the site is an excellent medium to find out your site’s SEO status.

Check your SEO status now and try it with SEOtryout!

The Best SEO Tool – Moz

Promoting your company through blogs, podcasts, video, newsletters, SEO, eBooks and Social Media is called Inbound Marketing. The ultimate purpose of inbound marketing is to bring customers closer to the brand. Inbound marketing earns a lot of attention from the customers and makes it easy for them to find your company. It helps you to get new customers through the interesting content you would post on your social media, blogs, newsletters or more.

Marketing Analytics is another concept that is very essential for your business or company. It comprises of all the technologies and process that would allow you to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns and initiatives.


Moz ( is one of the most popular companies offering Inbound Marketing and Marketing Analytics. This company is based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. and was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in the year 2004. Founded with the name SEOmoz and as a company that would deal with Search Engine Optimization in the year 2013 the company expanded its business to Analytics, Social Branding, and Link Building. It also acquired GetListed, A Portland based company that helps local businesses get good serach engine ranks. gives insights to social media, search engines and link building efforts. A premium Moz account would help you know the organic search engine rankings and take necessary steps to increase the same. These tools would help you know what changes you need to make on your website and content concentrating on the keywords, web page optimization and link building.

Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics is a marketing analytics software that gets all the inbound marketing data in one place with beautiful custom reports and insights that help you while researching the actions and changes you should take to improve the performance of your website or blog. It shows how your presence on social networks is impacting your Search engine rankings. It also shows you through what medium your content is being shared on the internet and what gets you more visits on your website. Competitive analysis with your competitors can be one of the key to your success at Moz as you know where the competitors are getting visitors from and you would know where you need to focus to outpace competitors.


Moz Local

This allows you to keep a check on how your business is listed on various search engines like google, Bing and other local serach engines. This helps you in improving your business listings and increase your business.


Followeronk gives you a deep insight into your twitter accounts and lets you know who follows you, gives their locations, their Tweet timings so that you know at what time you should tweet to attract more people to your content. Using Followeronk you can search new influencers in your niche and can compare you social insights to others so that you can take necessary actions to beat the competition in your business.

Open Site Explorer

This tool compares the backlinks on your website with your competitors for targeted and intelligent link building. It identifies popular pages, gets social activity data and analyzes the anchor texts. This tool is mainly used to research and perform link analysis.

MozBar and Mozcast

Mozbar is an SEO toolbar that you can use to view your link metrics, access all SEO tools that you like at a single place while browsing the internet. It also allows you to analyze a webpage and gives Search Engine Results Page for a certain query.
Mozcast on the other hand allows you to track changes and fluctuations in the google rankings on a daily basis.

Some Premium Tools

Apart from these basic free for a month tools there are certain tools which are available on Moz only to the Moz Pro subscribers.

Fresh Web Explorer

This tool is used to analyze the mention of your business and competitors on the web. It also finds out the latest trending content in your niche that is published on the internet. This uses Freshscape index that contains over RSS feeds and over URLs. Knowing who is talking what about your brand on the website helps a lot in getting customer and visitor feedback so that you can make changes accordingly.


Rank Trackers

This tool informs us about the web page rankings and also about the keyword rankings and stores them in a format that you can compare the previous and current rating easily.

On Page Grader

This gives you insights about keyword usage on your page and helps you to rank higher by optimizing your content accordingly for targeted search terms.

Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis

It is a tool that lets you know how difficult it would be if you want to increase your ranking based on certain specific keywords that may have been used on 10 competitors’ website.

Crawl Test

Crawl Tests unleash the crawler called RogerBot on any URL and it detects the HTTP status codes, Content type, Metadata and other issues which may interfere with how the serach engine bots crawl a website. The reports hence generated are sent to your registered email.

  • – the wonderful solution for inbound marketing and marketing analytics. @moz via @supermonitoring

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Whiteboard Fridays and Community

Whiteboard Fridays are the videos created by the Moz team in which they illustrate the SEO related concepts on whiteboards every Friday.
Moz Community includes Webinars, O&A sessions and Events which are organized by the Moz team to deal with issues that usually people face while performing SEO and optimize their websites.


The Moz Pro subscription costs around $99 per month and offers basic free tools and premium tools too. This package includes all the tools listed above. The website also offers a 30 day free trial which doesn’t includes the premium tools which were listed above. Moz Local is available in a different package which costs 49$ per year for a single location.

Now if you want to have wonderful conversion rates and rank higher on Google and other search engines, I would recommend you to try as it is one of the most awesome online tools which is priced appropriately and you would surely get the desired results within a small span of time.

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