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Effective social media management with Kontentino

Creating, planning and promoting content via social networks are not as easy as they seem, especially if you manage a few profiles and have to do everything by yourself. This is when social media marketers often start depending on external tools. Although there are many solutions to choose from, the majority has pretty much the same features. When searching for the right tool for your needs, it’s worth to select the one that stands out and offers something more. Just like Kontentino does.


The more content you create, the more difficult it gets to have it all organized – especially on various profiles. Kontentino aims to change that, making social media management easier. Thanks to an intuitive calendar, you can keep all important details, posts and inspirations in one place. You can also use this tool to send posts for approval to your clients, and once you get their feedback – set up a schedule, or even boost them in advance. These are not the only features, though.

Kontentino – effective social media management, even with multiple profiles

Kontentino was initially created as an internal tool in an advertising agency, just to serve marketers better. It has been growing ever since, simplifying social media management for many other companies around the world. It’s not just a simple calendar to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Kontentino lets you manage your content, as well as your tasks.

Some of the main features of Kontentino are:

  • Managing content across all social media platforms in one place,
  • Keeping an eye on task progression and information flow among team members,
  • Exporting posts directly to Facebook (which allows you to set boosting for all your scheduled post in advance),
  • Additional calendar for inspirations and ideas, which can be shared with your team,
  • Client-friendly approvals without the need to log in,
  • A handy checklist with all guidelines and rules you set in your content strategy – available once you start creating a new post,
  • Simple photo enhancements, such as adding logo, special elements or branded frames,
  • A drag’n’drop feature to reschedule or duplicate posts,
  • Useful insights and reporting to let you check how well your content is performing.

Kontentino - screenshot

How it works

  1. Once you set up an account and log in, you can see a dashboard with three different columns: ongoing projects, posts scheduled for the specific day, and tasks assigned to all team members.
  2. In the “Calendar” section you can create and edit posts, send them for approval to your clients, schedule them whenever you want to, and have an overview of all your planned content for a given social media channel.
  3. “Inspirations” allows you to store post ideas in one place, so that your team can easily get inspired and share their thoughts within the calendar.
  4. “Albums” is where you keep all visuals to use them later in your posts.
  5. 5. The last section, “Insights & Reporting”, is full of important indicators of how well your posts are performing.

Kontentino – Pros & Cons


  • Effective social media management across different platforms – all in one place,
  • Including your clients in the whole process – they can comment or approve posts in Kontentino’s calendar with just one click,
  • The ability to set boosting for all scheduled post in advance.


  • Exporting content to Facebook is extremely useful when planning paid campaigns, but once your posts are scheduled – you can’t make any changes in the tool, as they won’t apply (you have to go directly to your social media account),
  • It’s not always intuitive – but is still improving.
  • An intuitive calendar, you can keep your all social media posts, inspirations and importand details in one place: @kontentino via @supermonitoring

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Kontentino is a convenient social media management tool, which any marketer can take advantage of. Although it has a few flaws, it offers many useful features that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s definitely worth turning a blind eye to some shortcomings, as long as you want to increase your efficiency when managing multiple social media profiles.

Hrefshare – Get Your Tweet Shared!

Social media marketing refers to the process of increasing the website traffic through social media websites. Social media marketing involves creation of content that would attract attention from people and encourages them to share this content among the people in their social networks. The electronic word of mouth is the statement one customer would share on the web about an event, product or company. The message would spread from one to the other user and this message keeps on resonating on the internet as this information is coming from a trustworthy source. Social media marketing today is very influential and can make or break the ice for your sales, conversions and ultimately your business. Getting positive reviews would lead to a better and effective market for a product while on the other hand getting negative reviews would not let you have enough sales and you may ultimately land yourself drowned in losses which may be difficult to recover.


Hrefshare – a new tool in the online social media market is all pepped up to blow your mind off when it comes to sharing a tweet, updating your Facebook with links to your blog or website, and also post the links to your LinkedIn network or Google plus circles.

Basically, What Hrefshare does is that it allows you to create tweets and posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and then it generates  link which can be used by people to tweet your message out to their friends and family on the social media network. This is a free tool you were ever dreaming for if you are a blogger, a social media analyst or an internet marketing expert as it has brought all the social media giants under one roof just to increase the number of hits you get through the social media.

Taking an example of a situation in which you want your visitors and audience to help in spreading your message across the web. Many of us do ask the audience to retweet or share specific content from your company account which may appear quite shameful at the first place and you would like them to share your content only if they like and they should do this themselves just not for the sake of your request! However making it easier for them to retweet or share your content is not a crime at all and Hrefshare does the same.

How would it be if you can get people tweet and share exactly what you want them to share about you. All you need to do is to browse to and generate a link which can be shared on the social media website.


Getting your content shared on different social media websites involves three basic steps

  1. Select your social media network from the four options Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ where you would like to share your content on.
  2. Enter your content, this includes four fields Your URL, Your custom title, Your Summary and Your Custom Image.
  3. After you fill up all the fields specified above all you need to do is hit the generate link button and get a link to share on your blog in order to get your content shared by your audience or visitors.

For developing a link to share on a blog Hrefshare would like you to provide your URL which would lead to your blog or some post, The custom title is the title of the post or the content you would like to share on the social media website and Summary is what appears below the custom title on the social media website and provides a precise information about your content. Hrefshare allows you to add custom image to the content you want Hrefshare to generate.

Hrefshare is a website that would be helpful for bloggers who lack at the technical experience but always want to stay ahead in the competition with other bloggers and websites, get more traffic or increase the sales on a website.  Adding a tweet this button to your blog had never been this easy.

If you want to add a link which lands up on Twitter with a tweet to be posted about you brand, all you would do is open and add your text. You’ll get a URL and this URL would appear like Now this URL can be used on your blog and when someone would click on this link he would see a Twitter form with your text already contained within it.

There are many tools available on the internet which allow your visitor to share your content on many other social media websites. All the website which I came across had the ability to generate links for specific websites such as only for twitter or only for Facebook. Thus, Hrefshare stands out in the crowd of such applications by including major social media websites under a single roof.

  • Make your users share your content the way you want them to with via @supermonitoring

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Social Media Marketing can prove to be the most effective and inexpensive marketing tool that would help your business grow exponentially and to achieve this growth you would need a proper plan about what tools to use, what and when these steps should be taken. Hrefshare is one free tool that is almost equivalent to a premium tool with such features. Hrefshare is a perfect tool not only for individuals but also for large business groups.

The Hrefshare user interface is simple and very user friendly with three columns each for the three steps specified earlier in this post. The Hrefshare website is very slick and responsive and allows users to generate links in a hassle free and easy manner.

Hrefshare is one of the most wanted and liked application among the social media marketing apps. I would recommend you to use the application and get your content shared easily and exactly what you would like people to share about your brand among their peers in their network.


LinkedIn – Facts and Figures (infographic)

8000 pixel long infographic with tons of interesting numbers on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn has 187 Million members from 200 countries and territories and more than 1 Million groups. #infographic tweet this

LinkedIn members are on track to make 5.3 Billion searches on the platform in 2012. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

LinkedIn counts executives from ALL 2012 Fortune 500 companies as members. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

LinkedIn corporate talent solutions are used by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 2.6 Million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 1.3 Million unique publishers are using the LinkedIn Share Button on their sites. #infographic tweet this

LinkedIn has over 3 Thousand full-time employees located around the world. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 75,000 developers are using LinkedIn APIs. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

42% of LinkedIn users update their profile information regularly. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

61% of LinkedIn users don’t pay for a premium LinkedIn account. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

Data sources:,,,,,, Wikipedia

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