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LinkedIn is a valuable resource for professional networking, but being seen among the millions of members is a struggle. Introduced to you is Expandi.io, a cutting-edge LinkedIn automation solution for agencies and sales teams. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Expandi simplifies outreach, allowing users to send up to 300 personalized connection requests weekly. Even without LinkedIn expertise, anyone can achieve remarkable results. Expandi.io revolutionizes LinkedIn outreach with its intelligent campaign builder, LinkedIn event features, and connection with Hyperise for personalized content. Begin your campaign in fifteen minutes, get results in twenty-four, and succeed in professional networking like never before.



Expandi.io offers a wide range of features to enhance your LinkedIn outreach efforts:

LinkedIn Outreach

Expandi.io offers a powerful LinkedIn outreach solution with specialized country-based IPs that ensures safe and relevant connections. The technology allows for precise lead targeting due to the advanced filtering and intelligent scrapings. Automation also includes cleaning up the names of leads and introducing a presentable, professional appearance. 11 LinkedIn outreach campaign types give access to users and assist in tailoring strategies effectively. Smart sequences and automatic warm-ups make account safety even better. The tool provides a secure campaign feature, automatic duplication checks and blacklist setting as well priority management. A universal smart inbox, advanced reporting and statistics provide comprehensive insights for perceptive campaign analysis.

Smart Campaigns

Expandi.io allows users to flawlessly combine LinkedIn messages, InMail and Emails thus enabling them to perform large-scale outreach strategies. It enables individual messaging through photos and GIFs without certain contacts. An effective campaign approach involves clear visualization of smart scenarios, centralized replies and the use of several conditions. Flexible time delays, individual tracking of step-by-step statistics and automatic prevention against sending the same message twice make campaign processes more efficient. The tool allows creating and forming smart follow-up scenarios.

Image and GIF Personalization

Users can access a variety of templates and stock images to be used for creative purposes. The platform facilitates A B testing for campaigns and provides smooth integration with LinkedIn as well as, sophisticated reporting functionality.

Email Outreach

Expandi.io capitalizes on synergy between LinkedIn and email with the feature of tripling open rates without using third party tools Users are able to construct and visualize smart follow-up patterns, which track each sent email without creating duplicates. Personalised email follow-ups at scale become easy and the tool facilitates integration with preferred e mail providers easily. Along with the warm-up actions and adjustable time 50 delays, effective LinkedIn answer management adds to an efficient email outreach.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Expandi.io specializes in LinkedIn lead generation; triple open rates are performed perfectly due to the smooth work of Linkedin and email synergy, Lead Generation Smart follow-up instances, avoidance of repetitive sending of emails also notifications via images and GIFs in personalized mails complete the picture. The platform manages LinkedIn replies efficiently, tracking every email sent and using warm-up actions as well as flexible time delays to ensure the best results of outreach.

Expandi - screenshot


Business Plan

Expandi.io has an affordable pricing plan for Business models, either monthly or yearly subscriptions are available. The yearly subscription gives a 20% discount and is beneficial to those who are going long-term. The Business plan costs $79 per month if billed annually or $99 monthly and includes 10 campaign types as well as up to seven advanced scraping approaches. The 7-day free trial allows users to explore the platform without risks.

The Business plan guarantees strong account safety thanks to cloud-based software, specific for the country IP address of dedicated LinkedIn profile auto warm-up smart algorithms that mimic limits ranges and human behavior. 3x higher conversions of outreach, unlimited numbers of campaigns with prioritization, and multichannel follow-up actions between engaging sequences builder. User experience is enhanced through image and GIF personalization, detailed step-by-step campaign statistics, as well as a centralized dashboard.

The platform further enhances the efficiency of outreach through flexible time-scheduling, campaign recovery postponement, dynamic placeholders substitute technologies، tags and notes for communication threads defining an unlimited number of hint templates.

Agency Plan

Other solutions with more features are provided for large teams or those interested in white-label by Expandi.io through their Agency plan, which is configurable. The Agency plan is scalable and offers custom price for more than 10 seats providing significant value when the number of accounts increases. This option can be explored by interested parties through communication with the sales team.

Flexible roles and permission management, centralized campaign management, transparent reports for clients’ Targeting easy template sharing with others within the same IP opening up profile features are aspects introduced by the Agency plan in addition to what is seen on Business. It also offers exported campaign data options as well as specialized customer support managed through a dedicated Customer Success Manager featured under this option of ItsLife! PromoPlanner The Agency plan also makes it possible for users to use Expandi.io under their brand which would add another level of personalization, in a truly customized manner.

Pros and Cons

Expandi.io excels with user-friendly automation, powerful LinkedIn outreach, and detailed analytics but faces interface adaptation and occasional technical issues. Some of the pros of Expandi.io are:


  • Connection and Messenger Campaigns with sequences
  • Integrations with other tools
  • User-friendly, intuitive, and helpful for automation
  • Great UI and knowledge base
  • Easy setup for both technical and non-technical users
  • Powerful features for automating LinkedIn outreach
  • Effective lead generation and conversion capabilities
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for tracking campaign performance
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Lack of manuals and descriptions for some functions and features
  • Design and interface on V.2 may require adaptation
  • Reported technical issues by some users
  • Limited free trial compared to some competitors
  • Some advanced features may require a higher-tier plan
  • Potential for misuse if not used ethically


Overall, Expandi.io is a complete LinkedIn automation tool with multiple features that can help you improve your outreach efforts on the platform. It enables you to send one-on-one cold campaigns, automate follow ups and monitor your campaign performance. Still, a number of users mentioned that there were no manuals and descriptions for the purposes of some functions and features.

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