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Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has successfully established itself as the world’s largest professional media marketing network. It is also one of the best resources for B2B lead generation in a better, cost-effective, and faster approach.

With nearly 20 million companies listed, this media marketing network is also a hotspot for almost 87% of recruiters, who are regular users of the platform.

Because LinkedIn draws the vast attention of recruiters, business professionals, and prospects under different businesses, automation over mundane aspects of LinkedIn activity has become a major demand.


Thanks to the presence of certain LinkedIn Chrome extensions, accelerating the rate of lead generation and remote management is now easier than ever! And who better to help you nail the game than a LinkedIn lead generation expert.

Today, we look at 7 of the popular LinkedIn Chrome extensions to make the most out of the platform when it comes to a seamless marketing experience.

1. Discoverly


Yes, LinkedIn might be the world’s leading professional website. However, knowing your prospects and approaching as an acquaintance (than a mere stranger) sounds so much better!

If you are one of those marketers who want to understand your prospects personally and up-front, Discoverly might be the tool for you.

Discoverly allows its users to gather information about their prospects, especially on different social media platforms. This tool abrades the internet to look out for the leads’ Facebook and Twitter data, all while you are viewing their LinkedIn profile.

Knowing your customer/prospect outside of the professional world adds to the reliability of your connection.

Moreover, aren’t sales all about connecting with qualified prospects?

2. Lempod


Generating the right type of engagement over your LinkedIn posts can be a daunting task. It is a well-established fact that users over the platform can be ignorant about liking posts; therefore, having many views on your post with minimal interaction is a common scene.

So, if you have just gotten on LinkedIn and have a hard time finding the desired engagement, Lempod could come to your rescue.

This tool provides you with the biggest marketplace of LinkedIn Engagement Pods, allowing the social media managers the desired engagement by automatically supporting creators through specific tools and features.

On average, Lempod helps your LinkedIn posts receive 10X post views, exposing your content to a much bigger audience.

With increased likes and comments over your posts, getting improved conversions and better connection is just a matter of time.

3. LeadLeaper


Getting the emails of prospects over LinkedIn is not easy. Thanks to the platform’s security, users now have the provision of hiding their emails from anonymous viewers.

However, what if we told you that getting your potential prospect’s email can be a matter of search?

No, we aren’t even joking! LeadLeaper makes it possible.

LeadLeaper helps you access your potential client’s email address by simply searching them over LinkedIn search.

Interestingly, this Chrome extension even keeps a note of your previously captured leads, saving you the trouble of adding repeated contacts to your mailing list.

But hang on, before you add this extension to your email marketing software, it’s essential to check if you will be getting the most out of this pair. Setting up email campaigns over leading tools such as MailChimp can be costly, especially when you are new or have limited leads.

Thanks to the presence of cheaper and effective alternatives such as Convertkit and Mailerlite, setting up email campaigns has never been this easy and cost-effective. And hiring an experienced email marketing assistant can simply be a cherry on top.

4. Saleshub


Coming across new leads and copying them over to your excel sheet sounds boring, right? Thanks to the likes of Saleshub, you can finally bid good-bye to the copy-paste trend.

This software tool takes you to the next level of LinkedIn marketing with a unique approach as it allows users to convert their lead list to Excel.

Besides providing users with the ability to download the lead list to Excel, you can quickly move forward to the next step in your email marketing funnel with Saleshub.

The sequences feature in this extension allows you to efficiently personalize your outreach messages and track your activities over the same.

5. Guru


Whether you are an individual, affiliate marketer, or in charge of a large team of marketers, trying your hands at getting more and more relevant leads is the only aim that matters.

Besides getting an increased number of leads, won’t it be better if you had an extension that reduces your workload and helps you work smart?

Guru is all the answer to your question listed above.

It is a great tool to help you boost sales by doing something as simple as viewing company pages and profiles. This fantastic extension helps you extract a variety of data from each prospect that you have recently visited and provides you with:

  • Competitors of the suggested Prospect.
  • Customers from the same industry.
  • Guidance over sales for the prospect’s industry.

Isn’t it like automating your entire lead hunting process?

With Guru, users are provided with essential briefings over your prospects in a short period.

6. Shield Analytics


What good is all your content on LinkedIn if you don’t have a way to track its reach and engagement? If you wish to make your posts or write-ups consumable, you need constant feedback on which of them worked and the ones that didn’t.

This is where Shield Analytics comes into play! This LinkedIn marketing tool helps you gather all relevant statistics from your profile and presents them to you through a unified dashboard.

Shield Analytics is a nuanced way to figure out whether or not your content efforts are successful. And, you can gain access to all premium features of this extension for just under US$ 10 a month.

7. Linked Helper

Linked Helper

Sending messages to every connection in your LinkedIn profile can indeed be daunting and tiring.

However, what if we told you that there is a tool that could help you reach thousands of your LinkedIn followers and connections with a single click?

Yes, you can certainly invite all your fellow connections to like your new company page without having to send individual messages.

Linked Helper is an automation application that helps you simplify your bulk messaging.

Interestingly, Linked Helper also allows you to send bulk invitations to your 1st connections.

Final Note

Facebook and Twitter might be the leading social media platforms; however, things are different around LinkedIn. It offers a certain B2B networking opportunity level, making it the desired tool for 92% of B2B marketers, providing them a reliable avenue for businesses.

With the suggested LinkedIn Chrome extension tools, you can level up your scalability over the platform. From relevant connections to managing sales funnel, these tools allow you to utilize everything that LinkedIn has to offer.

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