LinkedIn – Facts and Figures (infographic)

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8000 pixel long infographic with tons of interesting numbers on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn has 187 Million members from 200 countries and territories and more than 1 Million groups. #infographic tweet this

LinkedIn members are on track to make 5.3 Billion searches on the platform in 2012. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

LinkedIn counts executives from ALL 2012 Fortune 500 companies as members. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

LinkedIn corporate talent solutions are used by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 2.6 Million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 1.3 Million unique publishers are using the LinkedIn Share Button on their sites. #infographic tweet this

LinkedIn has over 3 Thousand full-time employees located around the world. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

More than 75,000 developers are using LinkedIn APIs. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

42% of LinkedIn users update their profile information regularly. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

61% of LinkedIn users don’t pay for a premium LinkedIn account. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

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