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More than 25,430,000 articles in 284 languages, edited more than 1,541,390,000 times since 2001. Read more astonishing facts and numbers.

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There are more than 25 Million articles with over 2 Million images on Wikipedia. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

It’s estimated that Wikipedia receives more than 10 Billion global pageviews every month. #infographic tweet this

On average, the main page of the English Wikipedia alone receives approx. 8 Million global pageviews per day. tweet this

It’s estimated that Wikipedia attracts over 80 Million unique monthly visitors from the U.S. alone. #infographic tweet this

Wikipedia is the world’s 6th most popular website according to Alexa. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

Wikipedia pages have been edited more than 1.5 Billion times since Wikipedia has been founded. #infographic tweet this

Top 3 subjects on Wikipedia are Culture and Arts (30%), Biographies and Persons (15%), Geography and Places (14%). tweet this

Top 5 languages on Wikipedia are English (4M articles), German (1.5M), French (1.3M), Dutch (1.1M) and Italian (1M). tweet this

87% of Wikipedia contributors are men. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

It would take 16 years and 9 months to read entire English Wikipedia. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

You can create a book containing Wikipedia articles of your choice and export a printed copy. #infographic tweet this

Wikipedia has a list of films that most frequently use the word “F*ck”. #infographic by @monitoringblog tweet this

By 2015 Wikipedia plans to increase the number of articles to 50 Million and its global reach to 1 Billion people. tweet this

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