12 Tools to Provide a Killing Content for Your eCommerce Blog

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With so much competition in the world of e-commerce, managing to reach the level of exposure targeted and to maintain your site visitors engaged isn’t easy. You need to use effective strategies that allow you to boost the appeal of your platform, maintain rankings up and decrease bounce rates.

More online stores are including a blog section on their site, and this has become a smart move, bringing customer engagement and SEO-related benefits to the table. An updated and relevant blog section can make a difference between you and your competitors, and at the base of a successful e-commerce blog stands killing content.

ecommerce blog

Because regular posts are demanded here, you might stumble upon a few complications. To maintain content quality high, what you need to do is work with the right digital tools. You have available a great variety of tools, each with their own specific purpose.

What are the options to look into first?

Here are 12 tools that can help you maintain a steady and successful content creation process:

1. Hubspot’s blog topic generator

Blog Ideas Generator

In order to keep your posts fresh and interesting to our target audience, you’ll need to come up with great topic ideas, which isn’t always easy. Creating content-based on assumptions solely could affect your long-term marketing efforts and that’s why you should find some useful applications and tools that can help you discover promising ideas for your niche.

Hubspot has become a popular program for generating ideas quickly. It provides you with 5 trending topics from your industry, based on what your audience is reading at the moment. It’s easy to use and the results obtained can be useful to your content creation process.

2. BuzzSumo


Another topic analyzing tool marketers use for blog writing efficiency is BuzzSumo. This tool introduces you to the best topics from your specific industry in just a few simple steps. However, besides helping you with the topic generation, this program does so much more:

  • It identifies key sharers
  • Shows you how many times your posts have been shared online, and social engagement statistics
  • Displays backlinks
  • Helps you figure out top trending content at the moment

So, if you’re using BuzzSumo, you won’t only get the inspiration you need to write compelling posts but will also gain access to clear data that shows you how well your content is actually performing. You can then use those insights to decide what new angles to take with your e-commerce blog.

3. Alltop


Functioning as a news aggregator, Alltop simply gives you the chance to find out what’s happening online, what type of content is “buzzing” in your industry. The program covers a wide variety of domains, from science to fashion and religion. This gives you extra flexibility to foster efficient content creation approaches.

You can browse through the platform’s pages to get ideas or use the search bar for specific results. The list of ideas provided is usually sufficiently extensive for you to come across the content inspiration you need.


4. Divvy HQ

Content and workflow planning remain critical when you want to improve your blog section. Staying organized is the only way to keep your posts updated and new visitors coming to your e-commerce platform. DivvyHQ is a useful tool for the execution of initiatives. What it does is it combines collaboration and management features, allowing you and your team to work towards project completion in an effective manner. You can use the program to schedule project specifics and stay on track with content production guidelines.

5. Trello


Continuing on the same effective collaboration principle, you should also look into the Trello platform’s features. The marketing community has found this tool highly resourceful, and it has become a go-to option for content creation departments. Cards, sheets, and records are all available on the platform, making it easy for you to work closely with your team members for optimal results.

  • Schedule content writing deadlines
  • Plan ahead posting and social media sharing
  • Leave messages for team members

With a simple design, you can get the hang of it in no time, and speed up your processes.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Even if you might not have experience with digital marketing trends, you probably know a thing or two about the most important SEO principles. So, you already know that keyword research is critical for content creation success. Incorporating the right terms and phrases in your posts will allow you to increase your blog section’s visibility on search engines.

Google Keyword Planner is the most frequently used tool for keyword research practices. Just by typing your chosen term, you will get the variations with the highest search volumes. Google keyword planner provides you with reliable information, helping you find the keywords you need for proper content optimization and targeting.

7. Top Writers Review

Top Writers Review

To actually reach your site ranking goals, to keep readers engaged and your platform relevant in a competitive digital environment, you will not only need to produce great content but also add new posts regularly. Producing high volumes of high-quality content isn’t always a viable possibility for a small team, and that’s why you should use the right resources to your advantage.

Online writing services have come to the rescue to many e-commerce content marketers and they might be useful for you as well. Getting high-quality posts on compelling topics on time, without any effort from your part will help you stay on top off all other marketing responsibilities related to your platform. Top Writers Review shares useful insights on the top writing services available online at the moment. Find out which options are top-rated, and resort to the writing service that suits your requirements best.

8. Grammarly


A blog post full of grammar and spelling mistakes will prevent you from creating the positive image you desire to have in front of your readers. Writing errors will make your brand seem unprofessional, will determine readers to lose their interest and will affect your rankings altogether. Each one of your posts should be checked properly, and scanned for errors.

Grammarly is an appealing option here. It’s an automated proofreader, instantly finding and correcting up to 250 of grammatical mistakes. It allows you to boost readability and reassess word choice with its context-optimized vocabulary suggestions.

9. Hemingway App

Hemingway Editor

Make your writing clearer and bolder by assessing readability using Hemingway App. This too has a few great functions that can improve the quality of your writing:

  • Highlights common writing errors
  • Shows complex sentences
  • Highlights weakening phrases and unnecessary passive voice

It comes free of charge, and all you need to do is paste the text you’re working on into the platform and get instant improvement suggestions.

10. Canva


Regardless of what topic you are writing about, you should work with visuals as well, to increase the appeal of your posts. Blogs that include relevant photos are considered more readable by visitors, so this is something you should be using in your favor.
Use Canva to find the images you need for your articles. The tool will also introduce you to pre-built layouts and templates. A few features offered are:

  • Easy to drag and drop elements
  • Image preparation functions
  • A diverse portfolio of photos free of charge


11. Visual.ly

If you want to go one step further with visual content and create presentations, infographics, videos and other elements of this kind, Visual.ly offers you an affordable option. This tool is a popular option for brands to create high-quality visual content.

The engagement rates of your posts can easily be boosted if you know how to work with the right visuals, and Visual.ly simplifies things for you.

12. Buffer


Your posts are edited properly and already up on your blog, but are they actually being accessed? Distribute your posts across multiple publications and social networking channels to increase your number of readers. Buffer can help you do that. A digital tool that helps you schedule post-distribution online, and shows you valuable insights on the best times to publish content.

Streamline your content distribution processes with minimal effort by relying on Buffer’s useful functions in this department.

Whether you’ve created your site based on a hyperlocal business model – you can find out more about it on TechAriz, or it’s a regular e-commerce platform, there are some rules you should know about from the start. A blog section on your e-commerce platform can do wonders in terms of user engagement and SEO rankings, that is why you should focus on perfecting things here. Creating great content is, however, not always easy, but luckily you have available a wide variety of useful tools that can simplify your job. The options suggested above can support you on the matter and facilitate a successful approach to content creation. Generating the right blog topic, checking your articles for grammar and spelling mistakes, adding the right visuals – all of these things can be made easy if you use these digital resources to your advantage. Because content still remains king in the world of online marketing, you can’t afford to make mistakes, so adopt the right practices here.

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