Powerful, yet easy-to-use website monitoring

What We Do for You

Check if your site is available and working correctly – around the clock.

Notify you via email or text message in the event of a malfunction.

Make you aware of the issue and able to react before your users notice anything.

Minimize your losses during an advertising campaign or launch.

Only report issues confirmed from multiple locations – no false alarms.

Verify the quality of your hosting service.

Let you create subaccounts for your employees and subcontractors.

Let you view your malfunction history in Excel, top CMSes or your own app.

Let you give your users a customized public status page.

What is Super Monitoring?

Website monitoring

We check website availability and make sure its features are running properly. We also measure the server’s response time, verify the pages’ content, and check forms’ results.

Application monitoring

We test the functioning of entire processes—e.g. making a purchase in an online store. By going through a sequence of steps in accordance with a predefined scenario, we are able to compare the effects with the expected ones.

Website speed monitoring

We measure the load time of your website with all the elements embedded in it and check whether it does not exceed the limit you defined.
We also track Core Web Vitals and compare them with Google's recommended values.

Server monitoring

We also investigate the availability of non-website hosting servers: files (FTP), databases (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL), e-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) and others (e.g. Telnet, SSH, DNS, Connect, SIP, ping).

Domain and SSL certificate monitoring

We’ll remind you if your domain or SSL certificate is about to expire. We also detect and report certificate errors.

Our Customers

Hewlett Packard
Kaspersky Lab
Santander Consumer Bank