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The idea of living out of a suitcase and working from coffee shops around the world is enticing. FOMO-inducing Instagram posts do not define what it means to be a digital nomad. This type of lifestyle provides the benefits of remote work and willingness to travel.

They are embracing it more than ever. Statista reported that there were 17.3 million digital nomads in the United States by mid-2023, which represents an increase of over 10 million from the previous year.

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But, as is everything good, even the digital nomad life has its negative sides. Working on the go involves a variety of tasks done simultaneously, effective communication, task and deadline management among others.

Your “office” can be organized wherever, with tools that support collaboration, productivity and safety. So, we have created a list of the best digital nomad tools that help to travel and work easily. Let us discuss them in detail.

How Should You Choose Digital Nomad Tools?

The digital nomad community worldwide has access to a number of remote work tools. Thus, choosing one suitable for your needs can be challenging. Make sure your preferred remote productivity management tools include these essential features before selecting them:

  • Compatibility across platforms. Since you will be on the move, you need a tool that works with all your devices, such as your laptop, tablet, and phone
  • An intuitive user interface. It should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make it easier for you and your team to use
  • A lightweight product. As you’re likely to be working with multiple apps, your device storage space shouldn’t be taken up by the tool. Nobody wants a sluggish, bloated computer.
  • Reliable. Bugs in software and slow loading times should be minimized in order to maximize productivity
  • Integrated systems. You should be able to connect the app to other productivity tools in your technology stack
  • A reliable customer service: If you often work outside normal office hours, you may need assistance in a timely manner

That seems like a lot to ask, doesn’t it? Do not worry! Here, we have compiled a list of the best tools for digital nomads that meet these criteria.

The 10 Best Digital Nomad Tools

Listed below are your 10 must-have tools that will enable remote workers to work effectively and stress-free:

1. ClickUp


Do you worry about the lack of alignment among your remote team members? ClickUp is an all-in-one work platform for digital nomads like you. The option of remote work provided by ClickUp enables a close cooperation with you and your team, no matter where each member is.

This tool can be used for defining goals that are shared amongst the group as well as monitoring specific tasks on a daily basis. Additionally, you will have the ability to follow progress on each goal in conjunction with collaboration even if you are not physically together.

2. SavvyCal


Some of the meetings can be done through emails. Some cannot. As for the latter, there is SavvyCal. It is a great scheduling application and eliminates the need to keep on talking to plan for virtual meetings.

SavvyCal will help digital nomads take back their time. However, you can make it easy for individuals to schedule meetings with you by configuring your free time slots in order of preference. Using your shared calendar, it is easy for them to see available time slots that are acceptable and arrange meetings in those time frames.

3. Slack


Slack is aimed at making your teams more collaborative, productive, organized, and meeting their deadlines timely by giving them workspaces. This software includes such features as online meetings, screen sharing, private chats, message sharing and file sharing.

It is possible to dedicate a channel to all projects, teams, and offices that you have and even include people in these channels so that they will not miss any information.

4. Evernote


Evernote is a popular application among many remote workers because of its easy to use task management system and the ability to take notes easily. You can keep your schedule in Evernote, your notes, to-do lists and so on.

It also has many other functions that are helpful, like document scanner, calendar and others. Furthermore, Evernote can work with other apps for example Gmail, Outlook and Google Drive.

Is it free? Indeed, there are several features in the free version. Besides, one can get a paid version with more storage capacity and the possibility to use it offline and sync on three or several devices.

5. ZillionDesigns Logo Maker


Digital nomads who are graphic designers are always looking for inspirations to create logo designs that are unique and attractive for their projects. With ZillionDesigns you can use the new AI logo maker tool to create such designs and use them as inspiration as well. Moreover, such a tool is also useful for designers who are too busy with mega projects to handle small tasks of simple logo designing. Users can also create letterhead, business cards, cover letter designs.

Is it free? Yes, all the tools of this section are freemiums. The tools are also handy for small startups that don’t have a large enough budget to hire a designer who can design a logo for their company.

6. Notion


In recent years, the Notion has gained popularity among digital nomads. This project management software can be used by any person or organization, starting from individuals working as freelancers to small companies. Notion is an app with a plethora of templates for making boards for your projects, maintaining a diary, tracking your timetable, or even for writing notes from your favorite book.

The personal use and small business needs are all catered for in the free version. Many templates can also be bought.

7. ContentStudio


Managing your social media channels has been simplified by ContentStudio. This comprehensive platform enables you to build, manage, and improve all your social media campaigns. All stakeholders through this feature are able to work concurrently in the application.

In terms of repeating scheduled content and previewing content on several social media platforms at once, ContentStudio performs very well compared to other social media tools.

8. Trello


Trello is a distributed team project management tool. Using this instrument, you can monitor all the tasks assigned to your team. It allows teams to create boards, lists, and cards to organize all of their work in one location.

This is an appealing type of cards and widely used, because they are user friendly. The only bottleneck in Trello is the time taken to manage tasks in complex projects.

9. Toshl


One of the other most challenging things about being a digital nomad is the unpredictable nature of the income. Since the rains do not fall on a single day, you have to prepare yourself. This is where Toshl comes in.

Toshl is an expense tracking application. The transactions that are under the control of the software are those that involve credit card, bank accounts, and cash withdrawals. With Toshl, you can see your cryptocurrency and investment balances. Toshl also provides easy access to major banks.

10. Wrike


Wrike allows the digital nomads to remain organized and concentrate on what they do best rather than reorganizing their systems all the time so as to concentrate. This is a project and collaboration management tool that has a dashboard that provides a graphical overview of all your projects.

The initial pane shows all the projects and teams you manage. The second panel allows for the creation and allocation of new tasks and the third allows for the management of the tasks that already exist.

The visibility into the work of remote teams is provided by a customizable workflow, GANTT chart, and timeline. Integrations allow importing tasks from other tools. Dashboards and reporting offer a summary of the project.


The digital nomad lifestyle comes with pros and cons. It is not an everyday thing that you will be sipping a pina colada from a beach as you invoice your clients. However, with the right tools to enable you work remotely, you can make it a reality.

We trust that these tools meet your requirements and offer precisely what you are seeking. One should have good access to the internet since these tools are used best while traveling. Bear that in mind.

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