Top 7 Content Marketing & PR Platforms for Website Owners

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81% of marketers say content is a core business strategy. Yet, if you ask them how their content marketing strategy is working out, you will hear varying answers. Hmm, why is that? Well, the approaches in content marketing change so quickly that it’s hard to choose a perfect tactic. Even so, content is the best tool to boost your conversions and reach sustainable business growth.


You may struggle to outrank the competitors in the market even though you are putting in their best efforts. But here’s the thing: the PR platforms or marketing tools you use can have just as much impact on your business results as anything else. So, which platform may become your magic wand, and what’s so special about it? Keep reading to find out.

What Features Do You Look For in a Content Marketing Platform?

Okay, what’s the first thing you’d like to see in a content marketing platform? That’s right – the sheer volume of options available out there, and each one should offer something cool. However, you can’t use all the features, so you have to set priorities. For example, you will definitely want a platform for drafting or editing content and a CRM for seamless collaboration with your team, especially if you are working remotely.

Another thing to look out for is the option that allows easy workflow tracking. Also, consider if you’ll be able to scale the platform to allow for more complex planning as your website grows. For example, you need to build backlinks to boost traffic in a foreign country. Will you be able to oversee the whole process? You could use a platform like Adsy to get Indian or any other local backlink service. Then, you want to keep tabs on how well your content is performing and even get analytics for adjusting your strategy.

Whatever platform you choose, you must have an opportunity to integrate it with any analytic tool and CRM software. Some helpful templates and the ability to automate repetitive tasks won’t hurt, too. At the end of the day, your choice can have a substantial impact on your business growth.

7 Top Digital PR Tools and Content Marketing Software

There are at least a dozen digital PR tools and even more content marketing software that you can employ. But here are our top 7 picks:

1. BuzzSumo – Outreach


BuzzSumo is the Robin to your Batman when it comes to research. It offers you access to the data you need to position your brand for achieving market domination. From audience segmentation to trend tracking, this tool has it all. You can use it to find what people are searching for or discover which topics or content are doing well. Thus, you’ll know exactly what you need to outrank your competitors. But that’s not all the pros.

Are you working on expanding your audience reach through collaborations? BuzzSumo can take the guesswork out of your search for the right influencers or journalists. It gives you measurable metrics to make the right decisions for your brand. The media database allows you to reach more than 7,000 media outlets and hundreds of thousands of verified journalists.

2. Semrush – Research to Creation


Semrush is one of the best digital PR tools and content marketing software that money can buy. Even the free version is packed with powerful features that make your work so much easier. You can use the tool for your keyword research to discover what your target audience is searching for online. By uncovering trending keywords, topics, and questions, you can create the perfect content that aligns with your audience’s needs at the moment.

The handy SEO writing assistant gives you writing tips so you can drive more organic traffic to your web pages. SEMRush is also quite helpful for finding link-building opportunities and doing competitor analyses. Use it for your on-page SEO audits and identify how to improve your website performance and search rankings.


3. Moz – Analytics

A big part of your work as a marketer is acquiring reliable data for making sound decisions. Besides, you must see how well your efforts are paying off and what approaches no longer work. Tools like Moz are designed to make analytics as easy as possible. You can use it for any task, from domain rating and link prospecting to full site audit. If you don’t want spammy backlinks, this tool is a must-have, as you can run a complete check on any inbound links and fish out the harmful ones.


Ahrefs is one of those popular tools for SEO the fame of which is well deserved. It is hard to think of any aspect of your PR campaign or content planning that will not benefit from adding Ahrefs to your arsenal. You can use the tool to conduct keyword research, verify domain authority, analyze potential backlinks prospects, and even find unlinked mentions. And everything it does, it does well.

It also allows you to check your Core Web Vitals to ensure that web visitors get the best possible experience each time.

5. Hemingway Editor – Concise Writing

Hemingway Editor

What’s a word editor doing on this list? Well, content marketing requires you to communicate your message as concisely as possible. That’s why so many SEO content analysis tools promise to create content that consistently ranks high. If your blog post is riddled with grammatical errors, it won’t inspire much confidence in your audience, and that’s not counting the effect on your reputation.

So, you should use Hemingway Editor to comb through your articles to ensure the readability score is good enough and your sentences are concise or straight to the point. When your posts are easy to understand, people are more likely to engage with them. For even better results, you should pair the tool up with Grammarly and watch as your writing style improves. Still, be careful not to accept every suggestion blindly. Stay unique!

6. Hubspot – A Powerful CRM System


Hubspot is one of those web content marketing software you need to supercharge every aspect of your strategy. And it’s not for big businesses only. The ability to track leads and outreach, sync your contacts in one place, and communicate with everyone easily simplifies your workflow and makes your job less tedious.

You can automate your campaigns, get crucial SEO tips to improve your site, and segment your content based on the target audience. The option to create a buyer persona enables you to customize your message to suit your audience better. Like all good tools, it also provides deep web performance analytics to figure out what you need to change. Depending on the size of your website, you can run all your digital PR strategies from this platform.

7. SparkToro – Analytics


Every marketer wants to understand the customers’ needs, and this is where SparkToro is the best helper. Leverage this tool to know your customers’ preferences, the hashtags they will likely interact with, their location, etc. With SparkToro, you can create a targeted content or PR campaign to drive the desired result.

Still, even all that work can be very little help if your site loads slowly or has other technical issues. SEO and successful content marketing are more than just content production. Sometimes, it could involve something as simple as fixing your JavaScript code to improve your search rankings. That is why Our Code World recommends regular testing and auditing of your site, the tasks that are made much easier with this platform.

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