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5 Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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email marketing tools

Email marketing is more than important today. So many tools for email marketing are available on the market; how will you choose the best one?

We give you full insight into the most powerful tools that bring some great innovations and allow you to have completely customer-oriented email marketing campaign. You have certainly heard about Mailchimp. You might use it as well. However, it may not be the best tool for your small business.

Here are the most effective alternatives to Mailchimp that give you more options and help you grow your business.


1. Omnisend

Omnisend represents all-in-one email and marketing tool for online sellers who want to create campaigns in minutes, engage with audience with some great solutions and create automation flows that target subscribers with ultimate segmentation.

Omnisend is the only tool on this list that actually offers very dynamic elements for keeping your customers engaged. From discount giftboxes and scratch cards in email messages, to Wheel of Fortune email capture, your customers will stay interested in what you have to offer.

With Omnisend, you can build sophisticated omnichannel marketing automation workflows that incorporate a variety of channels into the mix to create a unique omnichannel experience for each customer. Easy scaling means that Omnisend grows with your brand, enabling you to do more for your customers sooner.

Omnisend Pricing

This tool offers plans that are based on the amount of subscribers, including a free plan that allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month. You can get a Standard plan for only $16 per month and has add-on modules so you can build your own customized plan.


2. Drip

Drip puts the focus on effective workflows that allow simple automation of email campaigns. Clear channels of communication give you options to compose messages, headers, footers and other details for effective visual workflows.

Drip is made to provide best options for people who are just starting out with email automation and marketing. If you’re in a rapid development phase in your business, it might be better to choose a tool that scales better.

Drip Pricing

Plans within Drip are completely based on the number of subscribers. Up to 2500 subscribers are covered with the Basic plan at the price of $49. The Pro plan is perfect for 5000 subscribers and you can get it for $99.


3. SmartrMail

Simplicity is the main thing about SmartrMail. Automated email sequences and very simple email capture popups are perfect for creating you own segments dedicated to the specific audience. Segment your audience according to shopping behavior, profile data and special preferences.

SmartrMail has a very visual platform which makes it easier to understand for beginners. However, this tool lacks a lot of the more advanced features that other tools on this list have as a standard.

For those who need just basic email automation functionalities, SmartrMail might be a good choice.

SmartrMail Pricing

With this tool, you can use any plan for 15 days for free. After that initial period, you are able to get the Basic plan for $29 per month, or the Advanced plan for $99, or the Enterprise plan for $1999 per month. The options are numerous and they depend on your business size.


4. SendinBlue

As one of the better visual builders on this list, SendinBlue allows you to create automated email campaigns including SMS in the mix. This tool is great for those who need simplicity and don’t want fancier features.

Their email builder it a bit limited, however it’s one of the best email builders I’ve seen yet. Automated funnels are there to give you answers about user behavior every time you want to create automated campaigns.

SendinBlue Pricing

With SendinBlue, it is not all about subscribers. It is all about number of emails. You can have unlimited number of subscribers and you can still have a free plan. It is limited to 300 email per day. A more advanced Lite plan is available for $25 per month and you can send up to 40,000 emails. Other plans are tailored for a larger number of emails where daily limits are lifted.


5. Klaviyo

With more than effective features, Klaviyo is there to offer some great email automation possibilities. Users are able to create email capture popups, automated workflows and segmentation.

Klaviyo offers the whole package, much like Omnisend. However, the one thing that tends to make many small business owners turn away from Klaviyo is their pricing.

Klaviyo Pricing

As the most expensive tool on the list, Klaviyo is both good and bad.

You have to invest more money, but the options you get are quite effective. The free plan is made for 250 contacts and up to 500 emails per month. After that, the prices jump significantly. For 1001 subscribers, the price is $75 per month. If you have a larger list of subscribers, and another plan covers 2001 and more subscribers for $125/month.

Wrap up

When searching for a new email marketing tool, it’s important to do your research and test each tool that interests you. While all of these tools are great, they may not be great for your individual business. Depending on what you need, different tools will be better for you.

For example, Klaviyo and Omnisend are the most advanced and feature-rich tools on this list. Omnisend and SendinBlue have the most user-friendly interfaces. For price point, it depends on how many subscribers you have because some tools scale disproportionately with the amount of contacts you add.

You just need to look into them and choose what’s ultimately best for you. Hopefully, this article has proved as a great launching pad to get started.

About the Author

Whitney Blankenship

Whitney Blankenship is a Content Marketing Manager for Omnisend. When not writing awesome content, Whitney is reading up on the latest in digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media trends. Obsessed with pop culture, art, and metal. Powered by coffee. Fastest Googler in the West. Follow on Twitter.

Resultful web push notifications campaigns with PushPushGo

Marketing automation for most people probably regards e-mail marketing. But the newsletter is not the only way to use automatic actions for better timing and personalization. Among them, we can list web push notifications – messages that show up when an Internet user visits browser (not necessarily a particular page). Only one click leads a consumer to a subscription of web push notification, which can be extremely successful compared to other forms. On the market, you’ll find a wide range of tools, and in the following article, we’d like to present one of them – PushPushGo.


PushPushGo lets you send mass and target campaigns as well as create scenarios. Therefore you’ll get the holistic approach on web push notifications and be able to send any kind of campaign. Moreover, you can track and analyze user’s behaviors on your site, thanks to this platform. The details are crucial when it comes to online tools so more on that you can read below.

PushPushGo: offers every kind of web push notification you might need

Web push notifications, which you can create in an online tool PushPushGo, can be used in many ways for marketing purposes. For e-commerce, you can use it as a notification about special discounts or abandoned carts. Every company can see its potential when it comes to content distribution, as it’s an excellent alternative for e-mail marketing – let’s face it, people are already overwhelmed with tons of e-mails. Web push notifications can be your brand’s chance to get noticed by its audience. The most advantageous is that the system gathers data regarding website visitors for better targeting. Therefore, you can create campaigns with relevant content and send them to the right group of your customers.

Some of the main features of PushPushGo include:

  • Mass Web Push Campaigns
  • Interest-based Segmentation
  • Behavioral Data-based Segmentation
  • ABX Campaigns
  • Domain Notifications
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Export Subscribers
  • CSV Exports
  • Time Zones

PushPushGo screenshot

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and start a PushPushGo account.
  2. Paste script on your site (you’ll find the code and the instruction on the PushPushGo platform).
  3. Configure a sign-up form (choose creatives and an appealing text to attract your website’s visitors).
  4. Create an automation scenario based on your customer’s needs and behaviors.
  5. Build a subscriber database.
  6. Send mass or targeted campaigns (compose content and select images, plan campaign and choose your target audience).

Pros & Cons


  • intuitive creator with a preview of the notification and the option to send it to yourself,
  • easy installation on the website,
  • 6 layouts for sign-up form,
  • customer service at the highest level. Support 24h/7 and a dedicated account manager,
  • integrated with: MailChimp, GetResponse, Freshmail, Mailer Lite, Mad Mini, Splio,
  • the possibility of custom integration after contacting PushPushGo team,
  • GDPR ready.


  • only three languages versions: English, Spanish and Polish,
  • doesn’t have a mobile app, although there’s a responsive web design for mobile browsers,
  • PushPushGo doesn’t provide a plugin to Shopify (it’s integrated with Shoplo though).
  • Send mass and target push campaigns, create scenarios, track and analyze user behaviors with @PushPushGo via @supermonitoring

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PushPushGo provides few types of campaigns, so you can use one tool for all web push notifications you want to send. Moreover, it’s essential that it’s GDPR ready so no worries about protecting your customers’ data. You can try it for 14-days free. Manual email mining ends with this tool

One of the toughest tasks for an online marketer definitely has to be the activity of email mining and targeting a specific audience group for their campaigns. Apart from this, the last thing you would want to do is ensure that there are no invalid emails. This puts you in risk of account suspension in case of a high-bounce back rate.

If such things have been a pain so far, it is time for you to try out which is an email finder tool. Keep scrolling for an in-depth review of this tool and to check how helpful it can be. – Email mining made simpler, faster, and convenient

There are a number of tools available in the market which can do similar tasks but this one definitely stands out. One of the main reasons is its user-friendliness. Just go ahead and install the chrome extension and ta-da, you’re set to go. Take a look at the many excellent features that offers:

  • Use the domain search feature to find the email addresses which also provides you with the names and job positions. This feature allows you to target a specific audience.
  • Instantly verify whether the emails found are valid. This action will be a great help in increasing your delivery rate.
  • Use the email tracker functionality for Gmail to find out how your receivers react after they receive your email – How cool!
  • If you are into automation, you can create email drip campaigns with triggers, goals, and auto follow-up messages.
  • You can also use the tool’s technology checker function to find websites using a certain technology that you might be after. This is another hard-to-find feature which this tool provides for free.
  • Last but not the least; send emails with a click of a button to selected lists.

With a feature list as vast as that, has been helping millions of users manage their emails better and faster. screenshot 1

How to set up

It really is a two-minute process.

  1. Visit “” and click the “Available in Chrome Web Store” option which should redirect you to the chrome web store.
  2. Click on “Add Extension”
  3. Post installation, it would lead you to the signup page, where you can create your free account. They allow you to integrate with your Gmail ID.
  4. Once done, you are ready to go email hunting.

That was simple. How do I test the tool?

  1. You can search for emails on multiple platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  2. We chose Google for the purpose of this example.
  3. Just type a keyword in the Google search box for your audience. For example, “website designers”. Let the search results show up.
  4. Click on the “” icon located on the upper right side of your Chrome browser window.
  5. You will see a list of domains that are selected by default. You may ignore and uncheck the ones you are not interested in.
  6. Once you have chosen the domains, click on the “Get emails by domains” button.
  7. You can either go ahead by choosing prospects or by selecting a pre-defined number of email addresses. When you choose the email option, you can choose from “Generic”, “Personal”, and/or “All Other”.
  8. The search usually completes in a jiffy. It also shows you how many credits will be utilized in case you want to proceed with the export option. screenshot 2

Does this involve any cost?

Every search with this tool works based on the credits which are purchasable. There are multiple options for you to choose from. We suggest that you try out the trial version initially which gives you 100 credits per month. It is also known as the XS pack.

The plans range from S to XL, where you get between 1,000 and 50,000 credits per month respectively. Paying annually will also save you at least 10% depending on the plan you choose. It gets cooler when your purchase is rewarded with a cash back in terms of their own cryptocurrency called SNOV tokens. They also give 30% off when a plan is purchased through SNOV tokens.

Pros Vs. Cons

There are many advantages to this tool. The main one is the reaction time of the tool. It takes very less time to extract the information which could take hours if done manually.

Unfortunately, the unavailability of the CSV export in the XS plan is a major drawback. They are still working on the user experience and you might find it difficult to understand and use it until you get used to the tool.

  • Email mining made simpler, faster, and convenient with @snov_io via @supermonitoring

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Final Verdict

Snov really does stands out when compared with its competitors such as “Hunter” and “Find That Lead”, thanks to its pricing and easy setup features. is very affordable and if you decide to go with it, you would be joining hands with companies such as UBER, LEGO, SoundCloud, and UBISOFT who have placed trust in this tool. With many great reviews from the users, this tool is definitely worth a try!

Automated email follow-up with Woodpecker

Effective communication is one that’s promptly followed up. But what do you do if you’re travelling / having lunch / visiting the doctor / same such when you’re supposed to be replying to your client’s “urgent” email? Reply after a while, of course!

Sadly, that might not always work out for the best. Some conversations are just too important to be replied to at leisure. Like a job interview invite, for instance. Take a little time to reply and someone else might fill up the space; or a delayed email to your long-distance girlfriend might lead to a break up.

Okay that was a bit dramatic, but on a serious note, what do you do when you need to follow-up on an important email chain but you aren’t sure you’ll be able to get hold of a computer when you need to? The answer lies in automation.

Automate your email follow up, and while you’re at it, make it interesting. Meet – Woodpecker.

Woodpecker – cold emails and follow-ups sent from your inbox, automatically

Woodpecker is a one-of-a-kind online tool that lets you send out follow-up emails but at a frequency that makes the receiver believe you’re sending them yourself. You can set up how many emails you wish to send out and at what times so that it doesn’t look automated. What’s more, the tool intelligently detects replies to mail chains and stops further follow-ups accordingly. Replies from different addresses, forwards, and auto-responders are also detected.

Woodpecker is a boon for people who market or keep in touch with their client base through regular cold emails. You can contact an unlimited number of prospects with personalized cold emails daily to build solid revenues. Moreover, the tool shows you who opened one of your automated emails and when or clicked your link.

Talking about the tool from an organization’s point of view, if more than one person (or a team) is responsible for sending follow-ups, Woodpecker ensures the same people aren’t addressed twice. That way you don’t end up spamming your prospects and everyone stays happy.

Here are some other cool advantages the tool gives you:

  • Integration with a number of email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, or other IMAP based)
  • Support for exporting leads through Zoho, Zapier, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Enables easy customization of follow-up emails with multiple fields to make them sound as natural as possible
  • Allows you to import contacts form Zapier (using API) or from Excel files

How it Works

To let the guys at Woodpecker give you a nice demo, click on ‘Get a demo’ at the upper right corner of the homepage.

To try it out for yourself, sign up for a 14 day trial without providing any credit card information. Thereafter, you can choose to watch a sweet 3-minute tutorial-of-sorts to know your way around the tool’s interface. But even if you don’t watch it you’ll be able to figure the tool out. That’s because there isn’t much of a learning curve involved (plus point in our view).

Once you reach the tool’s dashboard, you’ll see a button on the right hand side that says “Add campaign”. That’s where you’ll need to click to start sending out your first emails using Woodpecker. Once you do, the tool will ask you to pick a campaign name, attach an email id (from which you wish to send the emails out), and fill-in email components (subject, content, etc.). On the right hand side, adjacent to the email content section you’ll see a number of custom fields that you can add to your follow-ups to give them a personal touch. These fields include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full name
  • Company
  • Email
  • URL
  • Additional snippets

The values for these fields will be mapped from your Contact address book that you import into Woodpecker. Or you can add prospects (Contacts, clients) individually through “Add Prospects” button on the lower right side of the screen.

Thereafter, set a delivery time to send out the emails and select any additional settings you want (like tracking email opens). Once all settings are in place, hit “Save as Draft” or “Save & Send” to proceed.

In the trial account you’ll be entitled to send out 150 emails and track how many of them were opened. You’ll need to upgrade your membership to access the tool’s full features.

We tried sending out 5 dummy emails using Woodpecker and the tool worked exactly as described. Our content was there, all first names mapped from the Contact excel sheet that we imported, and we didn’t need to carry out any monitoring. The tool reported which emails were opened and when. Neat and simple!

Pros VS Cons

Pros – the tool does what it says, smartly, hassle-freely, affordably.

Cons – at the end of the day, it is just a tool to automate email follow-up. Today most people have anti-spammers installed in their emails to directly send automated email follow-ups to the trash. Wait a minute! doesn’t Woodpecker detect automated responses too? What if your receiver uses it and it flags your automated follow-up?

Guess it comes down to the value the tool can bring to your organization. It could be great for start-up and small organizations but for huge corporations that have dedicated marketing and sales teams, not so much!

  • Never lose touch with a prospect, follow-up smartly with @woodpeckerapp via @supermonitoring

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If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to get in touch with a lot of prospective customers, Woodpecker could really help you out. That is keeping the risk of your emails going to the trash in mind. Try it to make an informed choice.

Automate your marketing with SalesManago

A key area of operation for any company is Marketing; so much so that in most organizations, you’ll find a dedicated department devoted to it. While it may seem to be just another operation that a company performs, it can be safely said that without effective marketing, a company can never think of progressing. And with the right kind of marketing, even the most impossible situations can be turned into a victory.

When it comes to a nicely planned and executed marketing strategy, a lot of platforms and campaigns are involved over and through which a company’s brand is sold to customers. Different techniques are implemented and a number of experts are consulted to make sure no stone is left unturned. Managing all personnel and processes involved can be challenging. But if you have the help of a little genie called SalesManago, you can ace the marketing game like a pro!

SalesManago – the best marketing solution for your company!

SalesManago is an online platform that combines the potential of a number of marketing tools into one application. Email marketing, Dynamic web content, Personalized web content, Social media marketing, Online advertising, Mobile marketing, you name it and they have an easy to implement, next generation solution for it that will help you achieve outstanding sales results. SalesManago offers a complete range of automated and personalized marketing products for Ecommerce, B2C and B2B companies of all sizes in a multichannel environment, with an aim to redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used.

All marketing tools implemented by SalesManago are powered by real-time flow of customer behavioral and transactional data so that users of the application can implement any kind of marketing process they desire. With over 6000 customers in 40 countries, SalesManago is one of the best and the most innovative marketing automation platforms across the globe.

Here are a few areas in which SalesManago can be of service:

  • Identification of website visitors, identification of hardware/software used to reach your website, Geolocation information, etc
  • Behavioral monitoring of identified website visitors
  • Automating simple actions such as alerts regarding prospect buyers’ activity sent directly to sales team
  • Ability to run fully automated, complex and advanced marketing campaigns with Workflows
  • Email marketing including an in-depth knowledge of what customers visiting your website are looking for
  • Mobile marketing automation by monitoring in-app behavior of particular users
  • Social media marketing including sourcing new contacts as well as tracking social events on your media pages
  • Customer Relationship Management and 360 degree customer view
  • Web Push notification solutions to reach maximum number of users

These features are merely the tip of the iceberg. SalesManago bundles many other extremely useful tools that can help you create a solid marketing strategy and emerge as a true winner.

How to use SalesManago

The best way to get a hands-on experience of the tool without paying anything or signing up for a trial is through its Demo. All you need to do is punch in some basic information and enter the demo. If you do not want to leave your real credentials here, type in dummy details and it will still work (could be counted as negative but if they had a check here it would take away the purpose of a demo).

Once you enter the demonstration, you’ll see a lot of information on the screen that is refreshed almost every second to show you the latest inputs. You’ll get to see the total number of contacts your website database has, how many of them are monitored, how many messages have been left in the past 30 days, how many contacts are active, a real-time analysis of the page views generated by clients, prospects and partners, and individual customer / company behavior profiles.

Additionally you’ll be offered a number of wizards and creators to perform various marketing related activities such as personalized banners, workflows, dynamic content tests, email creators, etc. Also a host of marketing tools will be listed in the left hand panel to let you take charge of your mobile marketing, social media marketing, Ad remarketing, campaigns, automation processes, and more. In order to understand how you can actually use the tool, the following basic steps will come handy:

  1. Add monitoring code to your website
  2. Import your email contacts
  3. Send email or newsletter to your database
  4. Set up an alert if a contact from your database visits your webpage
  5. Set up automatic contact’s segmentation based on what on your website interests them
  6. Set up scoring for your contacts and get alerts about the hottest leads
  7. Implement contact forms to automatically monitor each new contact from your database
  8. Expand your client communication with personalized content on your page
  9. Set up lead nurturing program to automatically educate new contacts in your database
  10. Set up automatic marketing process or marketing campaign

To comprehend each of these steps in detail, click on the Get Started button on the top right corner of the screen and access the video tutorial associated with each step. If you like what you see and what the tool does for you, logout and sign up for a 30-day trial, this time with your actual credentials.

  • Rule the marketing automation circle with @SALESmanago via @supermonitoring

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Evaluation and Final Verdict

SalesManago is an affordable and useful tool, but it is undergoing a lot of improvements. Moreover, some of its features might not work as smoothly as you expect them to. Also, you might have to pay a little extra to get your hands on features like dynamic emails. However, if you are a little patient and probably a tad forgiving, the tool can be customized to suit your needs perfectly. Plus, it has a lot of integrations.

Thus, final verdict, it’s worth at least a demo run.

Hubspot – the all in one inbound and social media marketing app

Hubspot is a company which develops and markets a software for inbound marketing. Founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the basic idea behind Hubspot was to implement inbound marketing instead of interruption marketing to gain customers. Inbound marketing is the method in which the customers come looking for you through social media, search engines and other resources. On the other hand interruption marketing is to advertise in Magazines, Radio, TV and through Billboards to gain customers.


User Interface

Hubspot has a very well planned and guided user interface which guides you through the whole process and helps you getting started. A summary of key metrics would come up which includes the leads, landing page activities and traffic. But to get started you’ll have to copy and paste the tracking code to your website. Hubspot in itself is a management system that will keep a track of the keywords, social media sharing and other impressions.

Call To Action Tool

Hubspot contains many tools for search engine optimization and one unique feature of this system is the call to action tool. This tool allows you to customize the graphic or menu prompts and you can change the design according to the reports generated by this tool and check on which buttons or links people click on.

Email Manager

A perfect, built in email manager which allows you to send emails to all the people on your list and you can even create segments among the list to send emails to.It allows you to manage subsciptions and also track unsubscriptions.You can also monitor the click through rates but google analytics is better on that part.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool allows you to research keywords based on your website and shows suggestions based on which you can spin your content. You also have an option for manually entering the keywords.The keyword results are much similar to what you’ll get using Google Keyword Tool. Choosing the right keywords for the content on your website can be of great importance and you can leave the generation and optimization of keywords on Hubspot.


Page Grading Tool

Based on the keywords on the page, visits to the page and inbound link leading to the page Hubspot’s page grading tool rates the pages on your website and gives you an idea about the best or the most valuable page while it also reflects the improvements you should make to the pages on your website to get more visitors.

Link Grading Tool

Link Grading tool grades the inbound links to your website . They use the page rank or Moz rank to grade the inbound link to your website.

Marketing Automation

Using Hubspot you can build an automated workflow from scratch and around the interests of your buyers and goals by defining your segments, setting goals, adding steps and actions, branching logic and measure the performance of your campaign.


Social Media Tools

Social media tools monitor the conversations taking place on the internet about your brand.You can also add social media follow buttons to lead people to your website to follow your brand on the social media websites.
Social media tools allow you to publish posts directly to social networking websites, reply to tweets and messages or comments on facebook through the hubspot interface itself. You can also schedule your messages and posts.

Link Building Using Hubspot

The ability of hubspot’s tools to identify a link opportunity is of utmost importance as it’ll increase the number of inbound links to your webpage and will also help in increasing the ranking of your web page on search engines.It is one of the best method to increase the awareness about your brand.


Hubspot focuses on people to generate analytics related to your website and is not just about pageviews. It gives you details in context with the contacts you have, individual profile and complete database reporting.It allows you to see all the channels of maketing and keep a check on their performances. It generates revenue reports related to the activities which lead to revenue for your company.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM allows you to sell without any complications and confusions by storing every detail about your contacts, deals and companies. It allows you to connect with your leads quite easily and quickly. Hubspot CRM works well with the Sidekick chrome extension. It allows you to connect with your contacts in many ways from a single backend. You can send tracked emails to your contacts and it notifies instantly when you click or open the mail.Place calls directly from your CRM and it records your calls and takes notes of your discussion automatically.


Appstore and Marketplace

Hubspot has an integrated app store where you can find apps to install on your Hubspot site. Though there are not many apps listed but you can get a list of providers who can help you with various features on Hubspot or inbound marketing.

Plans And Pricing

Hubspot is quite highly priced. They charge a minimum 200$ a month for 500 visitors and 100 contacts. This is the cost you’ll pay for your convenience as Hubspot merely is a platform which consists of various different services integrated into one single interface. One should try the demo first and decide if Hubspot would work for them. You can always use the 3-4 different applications you get for marketing if you wont like to spend that much money. You’ll have to work hard for getting the results through Hubspot as well. Hubspot has nothing exclusive to itself you’ll easily find these services available on other applications.

  • Try @Hubspot – Inbound marketing platform with multiple services offered via @supermonitoring

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Hubspot is one of the best tools available for inbound marketing if you have what it may take to give you the results, the skills, money and expertise. I would suggest if you have the budget you should go for it but if your budget is low you should look for other alternatives. Try using Hubspot and do let us know your experience in comments.

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