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AskNicely Brings Together Customer Feedback for Company Growth

For any company, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Companies work hard to ensure that their services and products provide contentment to their clients. AskNicely was developed keeping this factor in mind. The online tool works with companies and their customers to help the former get direct feedback from the clients after an experience. AskNicely works on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework and if there are any issues it helps the companies to correct them on the spot. Talk about fast action!


Operating out of New Zealand, AskNicely is used by companies across the world to get first-hand knowledge about their client experience. This online tool collects customer feedback in many ways like email, web, SMS at any point of the customer’s use of the client service. This feedback, in turn, is very crucial for companies to better their services, retain existing customers and attract new ones. The feedback from AskNicely also helps to increase sales and thus, in turn, profits. More and more companies are now turning to AskNicely to get positive as well as constructive feedback.

AskNicely: Offers Constructive Feedback for Company Growth

The online tool, AskNicely, works to give live feedback to companies from customers using their services. The tool has many sections- live reports, real-time leaderboards, text analysis, automated feedback and one-click integration. There are many ways to use AskNicely. Companies can utilize the tool on a daily basis to get instant answers. Or they can work with AskNicely on special occasions and get first-hand knowledge of what their clients are thinking. Users can create their own wording, logos, domain names and languages on AskNicely. Logged in companies get to know their NPS on the basis of products, channel and segments. With the help of this data, they are able to take constructive action regarding their sales, services etc.

Some of the main features of AskNicely include:

  1. The tool offers one-touch surveys sent immediately to your email, website or app.
  2. Helps with complete follow-up based on the NPS score secured.
  3. AskNicely can send surveys for a wide range of brands across different languages.
  4. Users can directly respond to customer feedback by using the tool or through their own CRM or Help Desk.
  5. AskNicely helps clients know which social networking sites their customers frequent and also their likes/dislikes.
  6. With the help of this tool, companies can get live NPS results in the form of online dashboards, instant alerts and regular email reports.
  7. With AskNicely, companies also have the option of storing all their collected data for long periods of time.

Now that we have a good idea about all the main features of AskNicely, let us take a look at how the tool functions.

AskNicely screenshot

How It Works

  1. First, the user has to login into the online tool. The feedback process begins by sending an email with a specific question based on the NPS framework.
  2. Once the customers answer the question with a rating, they are then asked to comment on what they like the most about the company and if they have any issues. If there are any issues, then AskNicely gets feedback from the customers. This kind of interactive feedback taking process makes the entire exercise less boring and more interesting.
  3. Next, companies get a complete breakdown of all the customer responses, as in, how many people responded, from which part of the world they responded, among others.
  4. Then we come to the dashboard, which helps the user track the customer satisfaction over a period of time. A look at the different NPS scores over time will give a rough idea as to which areas of the business are doing well and which are underperforming.
  5. If the user is looking for something specific, then the online tool automatically allocates the customer feedback into the required themes. This helps in the company understanding the areas where it is lacking and what can be done to improve the situation, based on customer feedback.
  6. AskNicely also helps users analyze thousands of comments in seconds to pinpoint issues that need attention.
  7. Users can also create workflows to send responses based on predefined rules or trigger actions in their CRM tool.
  8. AskNicely integrates with other team tools in minutes so that your team can see the responses you receive and can drive motivation.


  1. Impressive Dashboards: The reporting part of the AskNicely software has impressed many users. The reporting aspect brings out many user-friendly dashboards.
  2. Easy to Set Up: The AskNicely online tool is not only very easy to use, but it is also easy to set up as well. It can be readily installed by non-technical people in very simple steps.
  3. Intercom integration: The new intercom integration of the AskNicely tool, which helps companies connect directly to clients through intercom has also been appreciated by users.

And now the Cons

  1. Limited Service: A big disadvantage of using the AskNicely tool is that it has limited functions and cannot be used for many purposes.
  2. Expensive Services: Another problem with the AskNicely tool is that its packages are expensive and do not always cover all services. Users feel that they are paying more and offered fewer services.
  3. Too Many Surveys: Customers can easily get fatigued by answering many surveys as NPS needs to be sent out many times to all businesses to see how they are functioning.
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While answering too many surveys may pose a problem to some, the overall verdict on AskNicely is positive as most companies welcome the chance to get direct customer feedback and make necessary changes going forward. All-in-all, this tool gets a thumbs-up from our end.

Present your ideas better, with Symu

When working in an organization, brainstorming and coming up with innovative ideas is considered quite a big deal. That’s how the wizards of technology develop cool stuff for users. But as a designer or developer, thinking of something great and explaining that idea to teammates are two different tasks. It is essential that the purpose you’re trying to achieve doesn’t get lost in describing the functionality to others. And that’s precisely why so often, practical examples, or more correctly, mockups are used to demonstrate ideas.

Interested yet? If you are, we’ve got a brilliant tool for you this time that will not only help you present your ideas in an awesome way, but will also act as an online collaboration and project monitoring tool where you can share your ideas with teammates through links, accept their feedback, and apply changes accordingly. Plus, you could do a lot more. Get ready to checkout Symu!

Symu – Present Practically & Professionally

Symu is an online tool that enables you to present your projects in a browser. Projects here mean website designing projects with actual working button clicks, links, animations and targets. The tool lets you prepare dynamic presentations for your websites with features such as fixed headers, clickable hotspots, etc. Moreover, you can create dedicated folders for each of your projects in the Symu portal where you can add teammates and give them permissions and accesses to upload work collectively. It even lets you upload video files and accept feedback on them as comments.

It lets you work through a 6 step process:

  • Upload your project (as an image file or a design file)
  • Create clickable mockups (buttons, links, targets)
  • Save the changes
  • Share the project with your team via email
  • Get feedback on the project in the form of comments (each comment is made into a task automatically so that it can be tracked easily)
  • Work on the feedback, share again

It’s as simple as that. Additionally, the tool also lets you manage your workflow by arranging your tasks in progress, ready for review, on hold, approved through a convenient drag-and-drop feature.

Enough with the talk, let’s get some hands-on experience.

Tool Usage

To get in the action, sign up for free with the “Sign up free” button on the homepage. The tool requests for your name and email address, or you can sign up with your Facebook or Google credentials. Thereafter, you’ll be asked to activate your account by confirming that you received an email from Symu.

When your account has been activated, you’ll be directed to your Symu dashboard. You’ll see the option to upload your project. You can upload files of JPG, PNG, or PSD formats. Once the picture has been uploaded, you can begin working with it. You’ll find a “More” option on the upper right corner of the uploaded picture. Click on it to see various options like Copy URL, Share Project, Assets, Versions, Duplicate, etc. By default the image you upload will be kept in the outer-most directory level, but you can move it to any folder that you create. Check the box on the upper left corner of the image and a file menu of sorts will appear on the top of the screen with the options to Share, set project Status, Move, Duplicate, or Delete.

To edit the image, hover over the image. A button that says “View Screen” will appear in the center of the image. Click on it to open your uploaded image in full screen mode with a ton of editing options in the left hand panel. The options include:

  • Versions: A look at all the different versions of the uploaded image
  • Comments: Options to allow comments on the image or not. To add comments on the image, click on it anywhere. That should open up a comment dialog.
  • Build mode: Click and drag over the image to select an area. As you release the mouse, a pop-up will open with options to set the destination that will open when you click on the image next. This functionality lets you set target on clicks (beneficial for button clicks).
  • Desktop mode: Option to view the image as it would appear on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Upload option
  • Settings: Image editing options
  • Share
  • Status: Option to put the image on hold, for review, mark as approved, archive

When you’re done with editing and wish to return to your dashboard, click on the Symu logo on the upper left corner of the screen. Another set of options you’ll find on your dashboard screen will be in the main menu on the top. Here you’ll find:

  • Projects
  • Workflow
  • Tasks
  • Activity
  • Shared
  • Teams

Pretty self-explanatory we guess!

Additional features include free templates, UI kits, etc. that you can access through the “Freebies” button on the upper right corner. To access many more of the awesome features of this tool, start your free trial and upgrade to one of the pricing plans later.

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Concluding Lines

Symu is quite a promising tool that budding designers should definitely try out. It is gradually capturing the interest of field enthusiasts and hopefully will soon rise as one of the dynamic presentation tools having the most potential.

Gain insight into your customer’s mind with Survicate

As an organization, what would you say is the most important step towards growth? The correct investment, the right workforce, market strategies? We believe the best way to get ahead is by knowing exactly what your customers want, when they want, and in what form they want. How would you know that, you think? Through a well constructed and well conducted survey, of course!


Online surveys have always been powerful tools for any business. They let organizations gain deep insight into the whims and fancies of their target consumer base. On the one hand they can help make a service better by collecting suggestions, on the other hand they can help find out the reason why a user doesn’t want to use the service anymore thereby bringing about improvements. So come to think of it, conducting a short helpful survey is all about benefits for the organization and for the customers. And Survicate is an online tool that helps you create concise and effective surveys that always hit the bull’s eye.

Survicate – The quickest way to collect customer feedback!

Survicate lets you gently survey your website visitors by conducting unobtrusive targeted surveys. It helps you to find out who your visitors are, what their needs are, and why they behave as they do. By making responding to surveys a matter of a tap or click, Survicate allows you to make surveys a natural part of your brand experience. With the help of this tool, you can safely get rid of guessing and base business decisions on actual customer responses.

Survicate enables you to create effective and attractive questionnaires that people actually don’t mind filling out. It allows you to send the survey / questionnaire links to customers via email, text, or social media. Through a unique Net Promoter Score (NPS) feature, in which users rate how likely they are to refer your product / service to others, this tool lets you analyze how your product / service ranks among your customer base. You can couple the results of the NPS exercise by following it up with questions to understand why users rate you the way they do. You can even analyze your NPS in real time to spot the most common problems your customers face, solve them and reduce churn.


Here are some of Survicate’s features that are worth looking into:

  • Lets you create surveys containing single questions with text answers or multiple choice questions
  • Lets you conduct surveys using Contact forms, Smiley face scales, and skip-logic
  • Lets you display custom ‘Thank-you’ messages at the end of surveys
  • Allows you to send survey invitations and target potential customers via Cookies
  • Allows you to chart changes in customer responses by referring to their past answers
  • Provides Reports and Analytics through CSV / XLS reports, Lead alerts, NPS analysis, etc
  • Enables you to customize surveys with color schemes, custom CSS, animations, delays and redirects
  • Offers robust security powered by daily backups, SSL certificate, and scalable infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with the most popular marketing applications without the need of special technical skills or 3rd party connectors

How can you use Survicate?

Visit the tool’s homepage and click on the button that says, “Sign Up Free”. A simple, no-credit card signing up later, you’ll come face to face with your tool dashboard. On the top right corner you’ll find an easy option to alter your account settings and view your current membership plan (and an option to upgrade if needed). On the top left corner you’ll find a drop-down listing the websites where you wish to post the surveys you create. You may add new domains by clicking on (+ Add new domain) from the drop-down.

To start creating your first survey, click on the large plus sign above the words “New Survey”. A pop-up dialog will appear with the following choices:

  • Create New
    • Targeted Website Survey
    • Feedback Widget
    • Questionnaire
    • In-message Survey
    • Email NPS Survey
  • Use surveys library


You could browse the surveys library to get an idea of how to create a good survey. The library has ample examples of Targeted Website Surveys, Full-page Questionnaires, and One-click Email Surveys / NPS to get you started.

If however, you choose to create a new survey, the options you will see next depends on which type of survey you want to create.

For Feedback Widget, you’ll directly see a pop-up asking you to fill up informational texts where required. After that you can select add-ons if any to include in your survey.

For the other types, you’ll be asked to enter a name for the survey and then proceed with adding type of questions, type of ‘Call to Action’, Design preferences if any, Appearance Settings, and finally, a button that activates the survey on your website.

The entire process is quite straightforward and easy to follow, really.

Pros VS Cons

It is after some time that we’ve come across a tool that has made it difficult to find cons with it. The pros are many, but the cons, well… not so much. Apart from a few more integrations we’d like to see supported by the too, there isn’t anything to complain about. Even the price is pocket-friendly.

  • Get ahead of competition by tapping on customer feedback with @Survicate via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

So do we have a winner? We think so! Survicate is a tool that can prove to be imperative to your business’s success. All you’ve got to do is know how to use it right. Create awesome surveys with it and keep monitoring the results for better chances of success.

Present your designs in style with

Are you a designer? Do you make or review hundreds of designs each month? Is sharing your designs with clients mostly an email only job requiring heavy attachments that sometimes fail to attach? Do you wish there was an easier way?

Okay enough with the barrage of questions! But on a serious note, if for you, the answer to the questions above is ‘Yes’, you’ll be delighted with what we have in store for you. A brilliant online tool that allows designers to upload their designs as presentations (we did mention the style bit right?), share them with clients (gone are the days of PDF or email sharing) and get immediate client feedback (cool like social networking!). Excited yet?


Prevue – Design styling for pros

Could the name be any more appropriate? Prevue allows your clients to ‘preview’ your designs as presentations and leave their suggestions and feedback at one easy-to-understand-and-use online platform. This makes the design phase of the Project Lifecycle easier and much more fun. This unique tool gives the whole usually lengthy task a new feel and style thus making work better.

Here’s what makes Prevue so irresistible:

  • Allows designers to upload their designs (as images) through simple drag-and-drop into their library from where they can view each image in full screen.
  • Allows creation of projects and client groups where all designs can be accumulated as work-in-progress thus making collaboration easier.
  • By way of adding comments to projects and images, clients can leave quick and direct feedback.
  • Stylized editing options like retina, auto-crop background, control positioning, color etc. enable you to make sure your designs catch the clients’ eyes at first glance.
  • Allows presenting designs from any browser, thus eliminating the need to install necessary software at client location.
  • Allows you to create branded designs by applying your agency logos on all your work.
  • Enables you to invite your team to the platform to manage feedback and images in your library or just see the work-in-progress in real time.


Here’s how to use Prevue

To start using Prevue, create an account. The sign-up is free and easy and can be done by clicking on any of the large convenient buttons on the home page. Just punch in your email address and a password and hit enter. You’ll be welcomed to the platform with a pleasant pop-up and a message reminding you to drag your Prevue profile link to your bookmarks. Neat!

A free account entitles you to upload up to 30 images to your profile. Drag-and-drop images from your computer to the middle of the screen to upload them. You can also click on a ‘cloud with an upward arrow’ sign or on the ‘+’ sign next to the word ‘Images’ to browse and upload images. There is, however, a catch here. You can upload images only less than 5MB in size. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned anywhere on the website, not even on the Help page. We had to learn this through trial-and-error.

Once an image is uploaded, it can be edited / replaced, renamed or deleted. These options can be accessed through a settings icon beneath each image. Click on it and choose what you wish to do with the image. If you choose to edit the image, you’re redirected to a page with these editing options for the image:

  • Distance from top (e.g, Top or 10px)
  • Horizontal position (left, center, right)
  • Background color (choose from a palette or let the tool auto-detect)
  • Background image (none, use an image, Smart Crop)
  • Enable Retina

Once you’ve done the desired changes, click on Save (you’ll see an option to select ‘view after saving’ on hovering on the Save button) or simply hit enter. Another loophole here was the absence of an Undo button if you would like to reverse a change. Of course, exiting without saving reverses all changes, a convenient Undo button would eliminate the need to go back and enter edit mode again.

In addition to the above mentioned options, you can also choose to Share the image (through a copy-able URL or through Tweet), Move it to a project, Rename it or Delete it. Moreover, forward and backward arrows toward the upper right side of the screen allow you to smoothly switch between images and open them in the editor directly.

On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll always see the options to go back to the Home screen, upload more images, add images to projects (option visible from within a project), create a client, and view your timeline. Each term is self-explanatory and the associated operation easy to understand. Additionally, once you’ve created a project and added images to it, you can choose to:

  • Manage Project
  • Edit Images
  • View Project Stats
  • View Feedback
  • View / Edit Project Settings

All-in-all, there’s a lot to play around with once you’re inside.


Pros VS Cons

Though they’re pretty evident by now, here are the plus points compared to the minus points at a glance:


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Improves collaboration
  • Easy feedback process
  • Allows presenting designs from within browser
  • Allows you to brand your work by applying logos
  • Sufficient project management options appropriate for a design sharing platform


  • Image up to 5MB can be uploaded, so not much of an advantage over the email/PDF attachment size limit
  • No indication of the maximum size of image that can be uploaded
  • No Undo button within the editing area
  • More editing options can be added
  • Present your designs to clients from within the browser with @prevueit via @supermonitoring

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To sum it up

Trust us. The simplicity, utility and affordability of the tool will blow you away, despite its minor drawbacks. Try it out for a free 14 days if you’re unsure. If you like it, shelling out $10 a month would be something you happily do for a tool that’s so cool!

Build better websites through remote user testing with UsabilityHub

Gone are the days when all that was needed to create an application was a little imagination, purpose and work. Today, the world has become more user-centric with more organizations and professionals realizing that if they want to build a successful business, they need to do it right; they need to keep user preferences in mind. It’s all about UX (user experience) these days. Be it a browser based app, a mobile app or a simple website for a product / service, extensive focus is laid on the intricacies of user expectations and perception. For any organization, hitting the bull’s eye means nailing customer satisfaction. That’s the reason organizations employ dedicated UX experts to create efficient and eye-catchy designs that stick in the customers’ minds.

But creating hard-hitting designs is just one aspect of the whole task. Once created and developed, such designs need to be evaluated for their effectiveness before getting them on the floor. And that is where design test suites find their place. In the spotlight today, a brilliant online suite of tests to assess designs – UsabilityHub.


UsabilityHub – Make confident design decisions

Designing is an area of product development that witnesses minor to major debates. Several viewpoints and suggestions come at loggerheads and finally one perfect (or seemingly so) design is finalized. But do teams and organizations ponder over the fact that the design that so appeals to them might not seem very interesting to a naïve user who doesn’t know so much about their product? To get over such and other complicated issues, test your designs with real data and simulated user responses to know how much water your designs hold. Enter UsabilityHub.

The UsablityHub suite of tests provides remote user testing for your websites or apps to help settle design debates with data. A variety of tricky yet simple experiments help you assess exactly what you want to know about your website’s impact on users. And the good part is, you can choose which users give you that feedback through a “recruit your own testers” link. The tests are in the form of surveys and differ with the kind of plan you subscribe for (free or pro). You can make a test for free and receive up to 20 responses from your own recruits with a free subscription. A Pro subscription entitles you to unlimited user responses.

UsabilityHub is a uniquely flexible tool that offers you the freedom to use it just the way you want to. You can receive responses from random or selected users that you pick by way of sharing the test links or you can order responses from UsabilityHub. “Ordering responses” means you pay a little to have UsabilityHub members (designers, UX experts, developers, students, marketers etc.) complete the tests. On average, you can expect to receive 50 responses within 20 – 30 hours.
There’s a lot more to this great suite of online tests so let’s take everything up one by one.


How it works

There are 5 types of tests that UsabilityHub offers:

  • 5 second test – This test helps measure the clarity of your design by asking people what they can recall after viewing the design for only 5 seconds. This test is most apt for evaluating home page designs, landing pages, logos, brochures and marketing material that needs to be visually appealing in order to make a great first impression.
    To make this test, click on the “Know More” button under the test description on the main page and then click on “Make a 5 second test” on the next page (before proceeding to make the test you can take a sample test and view sample reports). You’ll be asked to sign-up and then you can upload images and decide what questions you wish to put in the test.
  • Click Test – This test measures how effective your designs are at letting people accomplish an intended task. You only need a static image of your interface for this test so you can easily test websites, software interfaces, and mobile apps in addition to mockups and wireframes.
    To make this test click on “Know More” button under the test description on the main page and then you may choose to take a sample test and view sample reports or proceed to creating the test.
  • Question Test – This test allows you to get feedback from real people with incredibly straightforward design surveys. This test can be used on any type of design. Simply upload the image and enter the questions you’d like testers to answer about it.
    To make this test click on “Know More” button under the test description on the main page and then you may choose to take a sample test and view sample reports or proceed to creating the test.
  • Navflow Test – This test lets you see how effectively users navigate around your websites and applications. Navflow tests help you improve your conversion rates and are ideal for testing checkout and signup flows. It allows you to chain your designs by selecting which areas of each screen can be clicked to allow a person to progress to the next screen.
    To make this test click on “Know More” button under the test description on the main page and then you may choose to take a sample test and view sample reports or proceed to creating the test.
  • Preference Test – This test helps you to confidently choose between two design options by asking users which one they prefer. This test is great for choosing between variations of logos, color schemes, layouts, copy, icons and interfaces. Since real users have the final say, design debates are settled quickly.
    To make this test click on “Know More” button under the test description on the main page and then you may choose to take a sample test and view sample reports or proceed to creating the test.


Additional Features

UsabilityHub lets you decide who views your tests – for ordered responses, your tests are shown to the UsabilityHub community, for responses from recruited testers you can show the test to anyone by sharing the test link. Moreover, the tool allows you to earn credits (called karma points) by contributing to the community in the form of taking other people’s tests. Each test you complete earns you 1 point and these points can be used to order responses.
The Pro account comes with advanced features like Chaining tests together, post-test redirects, demographic surveying and targeting etc.

  • Settle design debates with data thanks to @usabilityhub via @supermonitoring

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Summing it up

All in all, UsabilityHub seems to be kind of a perfect tool that allows you just the kind of flexibility you want. Depending upon your need, you can choose to receive up to 20 responses with a free account, or more with a pro one. Also, it helps foster a more powerful message in the UX community – the user is the king!

Make Forms Fun with TypeForm

While working on the Internet every day, we come across many websites that require us to fill some forms. Be it to register for a website’s newsletters, to apply for a service, to give feedback for a product or simply to create an account, we often come face to face with online form filling. However, forms in their essence are not very interesting. Creating fields for a form or filling vertically stacked requirements for details are supremely boring tasks. Both the creators and the audience of an online form generally find dealing with forms quite mundane.

However, form filling cannot be skipped just because it is boring. Where it is needed, it is needed. So how does one ensure that people don’t fill forms just because they need to, but because they want to? Can a form be made such that people actually get attracted towards it? With TypeForm, yes it can!



“Forms Done Awesomely”, that’s the tagline of TypeForm and this unique and interesting online tool proves its tagline true. There’s so much packed inside it that you will not grow tired of experimenting with it. TypeForm claims to improve your form completion rate drastically by making the questions in the form appear like a conversation. It offers to transform the way your business collects data by matching the form to your unique style and charm. Plus, this tool makes sure your forms look as good on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a PC.

By creating forms with TypeForm, you can push your marketing in your forms. Make your business logo the background of the form, match the colors to your business’s colors and use the slang and lingo you use in your business proposals. In short, you can add as many aspects to your forms and make them as unique and as appealing as you want using this amazing tool. With TypeForm, prepare to make a great first impression!

Its Eye-Catchy!

When you open up the link for, you expect to find a regular website describing the tool and its capabilities. Instead, what you find completely blows you away. A background that’s brought to life with moving images (or more correctly, short videos) adorns the homepage and this is the most attractive feature of the website. It brings the creativity of HTML5 to a whole new level. The tagline of the website is displayed right in the center of the page and is very in-your-face! Once you calm yourself enough to proceed, you can scroll down to have a look at the complete homepage through an arrow displayed at the bottom center.

On the upper right corner of the page is an option to Log in to the website (for existing users). Alongside this option is a symbol depicting more options (three stacked horizontal lines). Clicking on it displays the usual list of options including Tour, Examples, Pricing etc. Cute little animated slippers adjacent to the “Join TypeForm” link at the bottom make for a delightful sight!

The creativity behind the TypeForm team in visible in their examples too. The example page is divided into sections based on type of forms. Each section has a short paragraph dedicated to it and of course, some example forms. Click on an example and you will be shown a beautiful interactive form that you can fill as a user. This will help you in getting many ideas as to how you want to design your form. You can also gather an impression as a user and understand your forms from their prospective, which will help in creating a better form.


How it Works

The homepage offers 3 main choices to users – Create a Form, View Examples or Log in. Since we’ve talked about Examples and Log in is obvious, lets jump straight to “Create a Form”.
To create a form you’ll have to Log in or register first! After logging in you’ll be taken to your Account panel where you can see an option to create a new TypeForm. This panel is where you’ll also see all the forms you’ve created when you log in later. Hover on “Create a new typeform” and you’ll see 2 choices – “Start from Scratch” and “Use a Template”. Choose the one you wish by clicking on it and the page lights will suddenly dim and you’ll be shown the pricing options and language selection. The Core plan is for free or you can buy the Pro plan for a nominal amount for cool features like Stripe integration, file upload, hidden fields etc. After you’ve done what’s needed, you’re all set!


What you see next will be your playground! Add-on options to the left and the form layout to the right. Simply drag and drop whatever you want to see in your form from the left to the right. Multiple options for every field you add provide you freedom for creativity like never before. You’ll want to do everything in every form!
From rating symbols to MCQs, from drop-downs to thank you screens, TypeForm has it all.

Pros vs. Cons

The good side is obvious here. Having better looking and feeling forms will help your business collect more data, from a larger audience, in lesser time. Be it as a feedback, poll or survey, you’ll derive more out of your online forms than before. It’s cost-effective too!

  • Create awesome online forms with @Typeform via @supermonitoring

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The very minor cons, or more correctly glitches were with some aspects of the website design. For instance, the random change of colors and background though very cool and animated, could prove a bit taxing on the eyes after a while. Also, getting your hang around the website and various aspects of the tool usage (which are many) could take a little time and effort.

Wrapping it up

All in all, if you’ve grown tired of creating the same old online forms and want to give them a fresh burst of energy at no or minimal cost, you should definitely try TypeForm. Want to make your forms and the related information gathering interested and eye-catching? is the tool for you. Go explore!

My Web Toolkit: Rand Fishkin

Last time we have interviewed the creator of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar. Today we present you a SEO Guru.

Rand Fishkin is best known for creating Moz (former SEO Moz) – a popular SEO platform offering inbound marketing software, tools and resources.
He also co-founded – the community for marketing professionals.

Rand is very popular because of his blogs, where he shares his great knowledge: the official Moz Blog and his personal Rand’s Blog.
I guess you might have heard of Whiteboard Friday – a series of short videos, full of valuable insight, made by Rand and his colleagues.

Rand lives and works in Seattle. Privately he travels a lot with his charming wife Geraldine, who describes their journeys on her blog.

Rand Fishkin

Twitter Google+ Facebook Linkedin Slideshare Foursquare

Rand’s Top Web Apps

Here are the top web apps Rand Fishkin uses and recommends:

  • gmail Gmail“for almost everything in my life, personal and professional”
  • 7Geese 7Geese“for intra-company OKRs, 1:1s, feedback, etc. at Moz”
  • Moz Fresh Web Explorer“for tracking mentions and links about myself, Moz, and projects I care about; it’s vastly superior to Google Alerts”
  • followerwonk Followerwonk“for Twitter analytics, connecting to new people, and improving my use of Twitter (which is my primary social network)”
  • googleanalytics Google Analytics“for web analytics”
  • surveymonkey SurveyMonkey“for designing surveys, collecting data, and aggregating feedback”
  • bitly Bitly“for tracking my social sharing”
  • wistia Wistia“for my Whiteboard Friday videos”
  • pocket Pocket“to collect articles I read later (usually on plane flights)”
  • .@randfish Top Web Apps: @Gmail, @7geese, FreshWebExplorer by @moz, @followerwonk, @GoogleAnalytics, @SurveyMonkey, @bitly, @wistia, @pocket

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Web Apps Rand is involved in

“All the Moz tools – yup! But none of the others.”

How does Rand find his apps?

“No specific blogs, but I do follow a number of folks on Twitter and Google+ who occasionally mention new tools/apps I try. For example, I found via Google+ and love it.”

That’s it.
Stay tuned for another “My Web Toolkit” interview!

Usersnap – A Platform for Bug-free Online Projects

Are you employed online? Do you have your business online? Is your computer your God father? If so then all your web projects need Usersnap. A visual bug tracker for all your web projects.
Most of us don’t know, don’t realize that there might be glitches in the regular online methods we use and the glitches are nothing but software bugs. Usersnap is an excellent solution for a problem like this.


How does it work? enables you to create bug reports and collect website feedback without complex feedback forms and endless emails. The Usersnap feedback widget adds in-page reporting to your web site and web project meaning you can co-relate the problems your users are facing and find the exact problem running through your page. The process not only gets simpler but gets smarter and efficient too. The only step you have to take is click on the button to send a bug report or give website feedback with an attached screenshot. No plugins required. It’s not only a generic approach to problem solving but it also allows you the functionality on every browser, even on mobile covering all interfaces.

The Usersnap dashboard is a unique feature that collects all bug reports and helps you to fix them faster whilst organizing your feedback & bug reports, easily. The dashboard has prominently three major features –The Viewer, Search and Team collaboration.

The Viewer

The viewer allows you to see the browser screenshot and every information you need to represent the issue: Meta Data, Comments, JS errors and more. You can access bug reports and browser screenshots with the Viewer with an exact visual glimpse of different issues and front-end bugs immediately. The Additional meta-information feature allows you to create website screenshots directly in your browser with the bug tracking and feedback widget. It also lets you assign bugs to your web developers in charge and discuss change requests in the Usersnap dashboard.

It is a wonder how a single feature in the dashboard provides you an easy-to-use toolkit for working on bug reports. With the zooming feature you can zoom in and out on every created browser screenshot. You can give feedback, or make a comment in whatever language you choose. The platform realizes that designers and developers or project managers are people with very different approaches; but still manages to put it all on one page. It also offers a great tool for customer support and helps you to understand your clients better creating clear communication.

No one can know your browser better, Viewer gets quicker access to the needed information to reproduce bugs faster while providing information about installed browser plugins and browser versions. It also helps you to view and solve browser-specific issues inside.


The Search

Search – as the name suggests – helps you find and track for a certain prioritized information on immediate basis. Search makes it all simple by exactly giving you the required information, screenshot or any bug report in an instant. You can look up by name, date or issue definitely upgrading your web experience.

The Usersnap Search is more than just searching. It literally gives your memory a break by offering you different options – such as Labels, Assignees and Reporters – in order to access the needed information faster. The Meta information or certain filters – can be easily accessed. It’s a productive feature as it can look up info with the user’s name or members name who have created or tested those files. Just type in the tester’s name or scroll down to “reporter” and you can select one of your bug reporters and see all the files in similar concern. You can also type full text versions for example just type “Chrome” in the search and all screens will appear. You can even add labels to your full text search (label: bug) which have been reported with Chrome and they will all magically appear. Making hours of work done in seconds.

Team work is the spirit of every task, working with a team gives you more options suggestions and faster solutions, considering the same Usersnap allows you to invite your team members and co-workers to start working together on issues and front-end bugs. You can also assign bugs to your web developers in charge and discuss change requests directly in the Usersnap dashboard.

With the bug tracking management tool provided by Usersnap you can manage your bug tracking team and work together on solving bugs. You can give feedback, create browser screenshots or make a comment in whatever language you choose. The Usersnap dashboard is available 24/7 and functionality works for every team member, in every location; even the Moon. It’s user-friendly and gives your website testing team all the quality assurance it needs.

Super power for Web developers

Usersnap has a beautiful beneficial edge for web developers. It allows them to get visual bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript error recording making their work extremely simple and reducing thousands of possible scenarios to one.


XMLHttpRequest logging comes with every report, allowing your development team to know what actually happens when a user clicks on a button and it doesn’t work. It’s like giving your developers direct access to the Matrix. The feature also records JavaScript errors as they happen, along with a host of other information needed for super-faster bug reproduction and debugging. It is great to provide data as to which file and on which line the problem is along with even more information.
It also helps in recording user actions to submit with the bug report. In some cases the local time of the user is incorrect, so it’s harmonized with server time as well.

Website Interface

The interface is well laid out, visually attractive and very user friendly. There are familiar tools like highlight, pen, note etc. to help you to express yourself & provide feedback. The speed and function are not affected by the websites loading time. You can choose your look and themes as per your corporate identity. Custom made forms for easy information exchange.

  • Never ask for a screenshot again. Get it from the visual bug tracker @usersnap via @supermonitoring

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Usersnap gives you 15 days free unlimited access, so you can take some time to find the best plan for you. There are three major plans starting at a minimum of $19, $49 and $99. The plans are focused on the no. of projects you are associated with for starters 1 Project with Dashboard and e-mail integration is available at $19 only. There are team and agency packages as well as per your use. Easy and affordable so start now.

Sticky notes, a pen, the pixel ruler will no longer be required as now everything is simple with Usersnap

Give Review, Get Review on

It can be difficult to get a review about website and apps for a budding web designer, bootstrapped companies or start-ups and paid reviews won’t appear affordable when you have a shoestring budget. But you shouldn’t drop the idea to have your website reviewed as it would always be helpful to get a review about your design as they always help you improve on your design.

Unfortunatelly, the application described here – Criticue – has been shut down and is no longer available. 🙁

criticue, launched in June 2013 and based in Poland is a platform for web designers, web administrators to exchange reviews and critiques about each other’s website. To get a review all you have to do is submit your website for a review and other people would tell you what they think about the website. The average review is short, crisp, exactly to the point and has 53 words.

Submitting Your Website for a Review

For submitting your website all you have to do is type the URL of the webpage you want the review for and click on Take Screenshot or Upload Screenshot on homepage. The website would take a screenshot of your website automatically and submit it for a feedback. Before you receive a review about your website you would have to write a review for another user’s website this forms the second step as you would be able to access your review only when you give others a review. It’s like helping others to help yourself. The reviews that you submit are moderated by the team to make sure that your review is spam free, focused and is sensible. After moderation you’ll receive the credit for your review and would be able to access the review for your own website. The Criticue team would take some minutes to review your feedback and you may have to wait for some time before you get the credits.


If you wish to get a feedback about a specific element on your website adding a personal message along with the screenshot. Adding a personal message would help the reviewers know that you want a feedback about a certain feature on your website. also provides the reviewers with a link to visit your website and experience it as any other regular visitor would .The reviewer is also allowed to rate your website on a scale of five.
Criticue also keeps a track of the time the reviewer spent on your website though it may not be that accurate but you can at least have an approximate value for the same. If you do not have time to visit other’s website and post a review to earn credits you can surely buy it too and you’ll have reviews pouring in within minutes.

Reviewing a Website

As you know that you’ll have to post a review to get your website reviewed and these reviews are moderated so that the person who’ll be receiving the review would get something out of it which means the review you post are supposed to be more than a sentence, should not contain foul words and should be easily understandable. There are many applications offering similar services but the way it is implemented on Criticue is unique and you would love the way you get your website reviewed on Criticue. They enforce the option of reviewing websites for others and this is what makes you have valuable comments about your design and you too would like to leave valuable comments for the other person to help him with the design. You can also post reviews about websites and help someone if you are bored or would like to have some time off your work.


Receiving a Review

When you receive a review for your website you’ll be allowed to rate the review you have just received. The site is based on peer reviews so you can never be sure of receiving a quality review as you cannot be sure that the other person has left you an honest and intelligent review. One should also be prepared to get a negative feedback while you post your website on Criticue. On the other hand there are some users on Criticue who would leave you a feedback that is not only limited to the design but also on the copy of your website, some wonderful ideas to implement and would let you know about some coding errors and typos too. There are people who would go beyond expectations to leave you an efficient review.
You can also respond to a review and get into conversation with the person who just sent you a review to clarify and follow up after a review, you can also see what the reputation of a reviewer is while the identity of the reviewer is kept anonymous and reviews confidential.


Plans and Pricing is free to use if you review websites for others and if you don’t have time to review websites to get reviews for your own website you can buy credits and that would cost 9$ for 5, 19$ for 15, 39$ for 30 reviews. They also run a referral program which enables you to earn credits by referring Criticue to people through your referral link.

The users at criticue come from different countries and backgrounds and everyone finds it helpful to get his or her website reviewed as it is an incredibly useful resource and it is almost invaluable to have a feedback about your website and design from others. With criticue you can keep on experimenting with new features and designs on your website and get first impressions from your peers at criticue as there is nothing as important as a first impression about a service. The reviews help you to get more perfect and clear to your customers. And you can have as many reviews about your websites as you want keep on making changes and submit your website for a review again and you would surely succeed one day as it is rightly said try, and try until you succeed.

  • The free critique community for startups and Web Designers – via @supermonitoring

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This website is the simplest and one of the most promising startups of the year 2013. I would love to use this service and hope you would too! Do let us know your views about Criticue in the comments too.

Qualaroo – smart behavior insight surveys

Customer development and customer management these days require a huge investment of hands on time by the founders in interviewing the market participants, but as an organization grows and expands one hardly gets enough time to get the details about the customer experience by the customers who may or may not buy your services. There is always a scope of improvement and for improving the services you offer on your website you need to understand the user behavior on your website.
When you are aware of the intentions of the user and issues which may keep the user away from taking a decision you seek for, you would make changes based on these details which will enhance your website, improve the site performance and increase your revenues.


Let us assume you had a shop in the real world and all or most of the customers  who visit your shop walk away after having  a look at the products without making a deal, now wouldn’t you ask them the reason and try to come up with an offer which would suit the customer. Qualaroo does the same thing now if you have an online shop you would obviously like to know why a user didn’t buy your product this is where Qualaroo steps in by asking certain set of relevant questions like Are these services too expensive? Or the products you stock are irrelevant or not according to the needs of the visitor.

Qualaroo helps you get deep inside the heads of the people who visit your website and know what these visitor think about your business and what barriers keep them away from converting. It helps you understand and improve user experience on your website and drive better results. Qualaroo offers services called Qualaroo Insights, Qualaroo Convert and Qualaroo for Mobile.

Qualaroo Insights

Easy to build and design micro surveys targeting your audience as they surf your website can be integrated using a single code which you need to install on your website. Qualaroo offers intelligent question branching so that you can nest up a new question based on a previous answer or answers. Qualaroo includes a library of questions which you can include in your surveys to ask the visitor making the survey more efficient and perfect. There may be a difference between what a user says and what he does on your website, thus Qualaroo can be effortlessly integrated with Google Analytics or KISSmetrics to offer a proper detail about a user experience like what a visitor did and why he did that. You can take more informed decisions and update your websites in accordance with the requirements of the visitor to ensure a decent conversion rate.


Qualaroo Convert

Qualaroo convert enables you to tap more sales by giving the right offer or content and it makes you aware of the unique needs of a user to achieve that. Redirecting users to a call to action screen which may offer discounted rates for services. You can deal with last minute objections of the users more efficiently using qualaroo with fewer efforts. It can be easily integrated with the live chat services. After asking a few questions you may lead your visitors to a live chat session where a representative can solve his or her queries. You can also ask a few questions and present the user with a offer which may lead to an increased conversion rate.

Qualaroo for Mobile

Qualaroo is the first survey service available for mobile users visiting your website. Qualaroo enables you to know the needs of the mobile users and offer your services accordingly.


Qualitative Analysis of your business

Instead of going for numerical analysis Qualaroo allows you to have qualitative analysis of your business for example, It may allow you to ask open end questions so that users may write whatever they feel about your services instead of asking them to rate your business on the scale of 5 or 10 and providing insights like 56% users like your services. By asking open ended questions Qualaroo would allow you to come up with more creative and innovative ideas to increase your business. Though this may take time but would surely help you a lot with Qualaroo performing most of the tasks you would just have to read feedbacks and respond in the right direction. Qualaroo allows you to collect the data and export them into an excel sheet to keep a record of the areas you need to work on. It also allows you to create pie charts on the data collected.

Points to keep in mind while creating surveys on Qualaroo:

  1. Feedback should be asked only once to the user and not as many times he would visit the website.
  2. Always check how the survey comes up on your website and place it according to the website design it shouldn’t appear out of the place.
  3. Always thank people who complete surveys on your website as they are giving you their valuable time to enhance your services.
  4. Being polite while you create and place your surveys would surely help you a lot and these surveys should appear as spams to the people who visit your website.
  5. Always schedule your surveys.
  6. Ask more open ended questions.
  7. You can or you must ask for email address to contact in case you would like to get in touch with the customer who visits your website.


  • Offers customizable surveys that is, you can create a survey on your own or use the survey questions recommended for the kind of website you own.
  • Comes with attractive themes and has a good visual appeal which would easily complement any website.
  • You can select who should see your survey like for returning visitors or people who visit for the first time.
  • Has wonderfully easy to handle dashboard with easy installation.
  • Works awesomely well with http as well as https pages which have secure SSL certificate.
  • Provides immediate feedback from users.
  • Offers better customization than other available options for similar tasks
  • No training required.
  • It is useful not only for ecommerce websites but also for blogs and forums as it would allow you to ask people what would they like you to write about.


  • Wont capture details when a user leaves in comparison to some other available options.
  • Expensive for small scale business.
  • It often seems to track impressions rather than tracking the unique visits.
  • Create smart micro surveys targeting your audience as they surf your website with @Qualaroo via @supermonitoring

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Qualaroo is an innovative tool to tap more deals from your own website than targeting some other website’s audience and gaining traffic from them. Installing a small code snippet would bring wonders to your website or blog and would efficiently increase your sales for sure.
I strongly recommend people to use Qualaroo themselves and do write us about your experiences. That’s all for now. Toodles!

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