AskNicely Brings Together Customer Feedback for Company Growth

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For any company, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Companies work hard to ensure that their services and products provide contentment to their clients. AskNicely was developed keeping this factor in mind. The online tool works with companies and their customers to help the former get direct feedback from the clients after an experience. AskNicely works on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework and if there are any issues it helps the companies to correct them on the spot. Talk about fast action!


Operating out of New Zealand, AskNicely is used by companies across the world to get first-hand knowledge about their client experience. This online tool collects customer feedback in many ways like email, web, SMS at any point of the customer’s use of the client service. This feedback, in turn, is very crucial for companies to better their services, retain existing customers and attract new ones. The feedback from AskNicely also helps to increase sales and thus, in turn, profits. More and more companies are now turning to AskNicely to get positive as well as constructive feedback.

AskNicely: Offers Constructive Feedback for Company Growth

The online tool, AskNicely, works to give live feedback to companies from customers using their services. The tool has many sections- live reports, real-time leaderboards, text analysis, automated feedback and one-click integration. There are many ways to use AskNicely. Companies can utilize the tool on a daily basis to get instant answers. Or they can work with AskNicely on special occasions and get first-hand knowledge of what their clients are thinking. Users can create their own wording, logos, domain names and languages on AskNicely. Logged in companies get to know their NPS on the basis of products, channel and segments. With the help of this data, they are able to take constructive action regarding their sales, services etc.

Some of the main features of AskNicely include:

  1. The tool offers one-touch surveys sent immediately to your email, website or app.
  2. Helps with complete follow-up based on the NPS score secured.
  3. AskNicely can send surveys for a wide range of brands across different languages.
  4. Users can directly respond to customer feedback by using the tool or through their own CRM or Help Desk.
  5. AskNicely helps clients know which social networking sites their customers frequent and also their likes/dislikes.
  6. With the help of this tool, companies can get live NPS results in the form of online dashboards, instant alerts and regular email reports.
  7. With AskNicely, companies also have the option of storing all their collected data for long periods of time.

Now that we have a good idea about all the main features of AskNicely, let us take a look at how the tool functions.

AskNicely screenshot

How It Works

  1. First, the user has to login into the online tool. The feedback process begins by sending an email with a specific question based on the NPS framework.
  2. Once the customers answer the question with a rating, they are then asked to comment on what they like the most about the company and if they have any issues. If there are any issues, then AskNicely gets feedback from the customers. This kind of interactive feedback taking process makes the entire exercise less boring and more interesting.
  3. Next, companies get a complete breakdown of all the customer responses, as in, how many people responded, from which part of the world they responded, among others.
  4. Then we come to the dashboard, which helps the user track the customer satisfaction over a period of time. A look at the different NPS scores over time will give a rough idea as to which areas of the business are doing well and which are underperforming.
  5. If the user is looking for something specific, then the online tool automatically allocates the customer feedback into the required themes. This helps in the company understanding the areas where it is lacking and what can be done to improve the situation, based on customer feedback.
  6. AskNicely also helps users analyze thousands of comments in seconds to pinpoint issues that need attention.
  7. Users can also create workflows to send responses based on predefined rules or trigger actions in their CRM tool.
  8. AskNicely integrates with other team tools in minutes so that your team can see the responses you receive and can drive motivation.


  1. Impressive Dashboards: The reporting part of the AskNicely software has impressed many users. The reporting aspect brings out many user-friendly dashboards.
  2. Easy to Set Up: The AskNicely online tool is not only very easy to use, but it is also easy to set up as well. It can be readily installed by non-technical people in very simple steps.
  3. Intercom integration: The new intercom integration of the AskNicely tool, which helps companies connect directly to clients through intercom has also been appreciated by users.

And now the Cons

  1. Limited Service: A big disadvantage of using the AskNicely tool is that it has limited functions and cannot be used for many purposes.
  2. Expensive Services: Another problem with the AskNicely tool is that its packages are expensive and do not always cover all services. Users feel that they are paying more and offered fewer services.
  3. Too Many Surveys: Customers can easily get fatigued by answering many surveys as NPS needs to be sent out many times to all businesses to see how they are functioning.
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While answering too many surveys may pose a problem to some, the overall verdict on AskNicely is positive as most companies welcome the chance to get direct customer feedback and make necessary changes going forward. All-in-all, this tool gets a thumbs-up from our end.

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