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Convert Website Visits into Inbound Sales Calls with CallPage

One of the most critical departments for any organization is sales and marketing, and the job of marketing managers and sales personnel is vital to a company’s success. Without qualified and competent sales and marketing teams, even the biggest names in business cannot succeed. Organizations typically spend thousands of dollars on hiring the right people for the job who can bring the right customers to the table in the expected numbers.

But that’s not where the story ends. Roping in new customers is a very challenging task and often, the best of sales tactics fail to work their charm. Advertising campaigns, online marketing, banner marketing, etc., do leave an impression on the potential buyer’s mind, but they seldom guarantee that a prospect will actually make an inquiry.

What if there was some way to ensure that a customer who is visiting your company website will actually call you up and place an inquiry? What if somehow, you could make sure one or more of your sales reps are connected to a probable buyer every time he visits your website? With CallPage, there is!

CallPage – Directly connect with potential customers within seconds

It won’t be wrong to say that CallPage is a sales tool. It is in fact a mechanism for organizations to engage their website visitors by providing immediate responses from sales representatives. When a potential customer visits a company’s website, he sees an interactive website button and pop-up widget that provide a free phone connection to one of the sales reps of the company. All the customer has to do is enter the phone number on which he’d like to be contacted and hit the button that says “Yes, call me right now!” Once a visitor sends in a request, CallPage comes into action and automatically connects them with an available rep from the company within 28 seconds.

CallPage helps commercial sites convert page views into inbound sales calls. It engages website visitors and helps to provide immediate responses through callbacks on real phone numbers. Organizations using this neat tool have claimed to experience up to 75% more calls, conversion, leads and deals.

One of the key ways in which CallPage engages potential customers is that since the connection is made within a short time-span of 28 seconds, before a user can decide to switch his browser page to another website, he receives a call from the sales rep of the website he is currently visiting. This keeps him glued to the page he is currently at. Even if he is inclined to leave, the sales rep can convince him to stay and browse more features and hopefully, make a sale.

Some of the key features of the tool include:

  • Offers you to pick any catchy call-to-action button from a gallery of ready-made graphics or upload a custom graphic to help visitors spot the website’s chat window
  • Automatically connects a potential customer with an available rep in 28 seconds
  • Includes mobile and desktop support
  • Enable you to customize the call-to-action widget with photos, colors, and backgrounds
  • Includes feature to notify your potential customer if you’re out of office and offer him a free callback when you’re available
  • Embedded with inbuilt analytics capabilities which allow you to see call history, your customers’ phone numbers, and other information
  • You can even listen to call recordings and analyze your managers’ KPI and analyze the performance of each traffic source
  • Easy integration with tons of popular tools like Slack, Shopify, PipeDrive, Salesforce, etc
  • Includes support for computing how likely is a potential customer to buy something the next time he visits your website
  • Capability to call customers dispersed across all major countries in the world

There are more features to this awesome tool. If you’d like to know about them please visit the tool’s homepage.

How it works

To start exploring CallPage, visit the tool’s homepage and click on the red button says “Start Free Trial”. This will lead you to a signup section where after filling in appropriate details, you’ll get directed to the dashboard. The fun begins here.

  • The dashboard is divided into 2 main sections – a sidebar containing user options (calls, widgets, my team, billing, settings) and a main panel where your sales statistics resulting from CallPage will be displayed.
  • The statistics typically include an overview of the number of visitors to your website, the number of calls that were requested, average call duration, and successful call rate.
  • To install CallPage widget on your website, click on the ‘Widgets’ tab from the sidebar and click on the “Install Widget” button.
  • This will direct you to the HTML code which you need to place on your website and appropriate instructions to do it.
  • Once the widget is live on your website, you can customize it through convenient options. The customization screen can be opened by clicking on the edit button next to the panel dedicated to that particular widget.
    • Click on SMS settings to customize your messaging settings.
    • Click on Call settings to customize call settings.
    • While making customizations remember not to meddle with any application code for CallPage. This can lead to your widget not working.

Using the tool is actually not very difficult. There are plenty of customization options and everything is appropriately explained. You can also visit the tool’s resources to learn more and of course, there is a quick video to give you a tour to the tool too.

Pros VS Cons

Needless to say, CallPage has a lot of positive sides to it. It is easy to work with, easy to install on any website, customizable, and it actually works. Plus, the customer support is awesome.

But there are a few, albeit negligible drawbacks to it too. Though it is largely user friendly, users trying their hand at it for the first time can get a bit confused regarding the options and settings. Plus, the tool is actually quite steeply priced.

  • Convert every page visit into a potential sale with a customized and catchy call-to-action widget – Try @callpage_io via @supermonitoring

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CallPage is a good sales boosting tool, but it is for the big players. At the price at which it comes, small players won’t be able to extract as many benefits as they will incur expenses. However if you’re up for it, after a little initial struggle with its panel, you’ll get the hang of it. And once you do, the tool can really help turn your sales figures around.

Add your own CTA to every link you share with

Since the advent of social media, everybody has been in the race for monitoring and sharing engaging content. From free downloads to reward programs, every action has been focused on the sole idea of sharing content. Where some companies allow healthy sharing of links and encourage link building, one company playing this game the dangerous way is is a marketing tool that helps you drive conversions through every link you share on social media. Whenever you come across something worth sharing on the Internet, attach a custom call-to-action to your share link and convert what could be a simple share to something that drives conversion for you. Let us show you how.

Start snipping with allows using relevant content on the internet to be used to generate traffic to your website, thereby allowing for conversion. The underlying concept of is to attach a call-to-action message to every link that you share on social media. While this borders on legal as well as ethical infringements, refuses to claim to have overcome any legal hurdles in trying to make content sharing quick and easy. Here are some of the features of this much talked-about application:

  • The tool is available as web application as well as a widget.
  • It allows you to attach an eye-catching button, custom banner image, hyperlinked text, or email capture form to the post you share. Users can click the button to visit your webpage directly or in the case of email capture, sign up for your mailing list.
  • The tool gives you access to a wide range of themes, custom colors, positioning, custom domain, short-links, and more.
  • Using you can track and analyze your clicks and conversions through snips.
  • It allows you to track actions taken on your website through conversion pixels
  • integrates with a ton of apps, extensions, and APIs.
  • With the tool, you can also include custom code for tracking, CSS, scripting, and even retargeting pixels to your snips.

Tool working

  1. Find content on the internet that is relevant to your business.
    Ensure that you select content that already has a lot of footfall and is directly connected to your domain.
  2. Go to the web app at
  3. After you sign up, click Create My First Snip on the left panel.
  4. Generate your brand profile and click Continue.
  5. On the Setup your CTA pane, type your call to action message in the Message field.
  6. In the Button Text field, type the text you want to display on your call to action button.
  7. In the Button URL field, type the URL of the website you want the reader to be directed.
  8. On the Choose a page to snip panel, type the URL of the content you identified in Step 1. will generate a compressed URL for you to share.
  9. Copy the compressed URL and start sharing. You can share this URL on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, whichever social media site you may wish to share it to.

Pros and Cons

The positives include:

  • It is, as of today, the easiest way to share content.
  • It is simple to use and it comes with a free version.
  • It gives you a better chance to obtain new traffic to your website and also convert it.
  • The Analytics page gives you a detailed report on your snips, including the total number of clicks and conversions.

The negatives include:

  • The use of is somewhat considered controversial.
  • Unless you give credit to the original content creator, using content freely for your own gains can be frowned upon.
  • Readers are usually not very happy to see ads on their favorite sites. You might tick off quite a few of these people.
  • While there are no legal issues surrounding the subject, ethical infringement can be a matter of concern for some of us.


The basic account registered with is free and allows users to create one user profile with the ability to share unlimited number of links, and extract up to 100 conversions a month.

The tool also offers different paid packages with different range of benefits. They typically come at a price of $16 to $85 a month, ranging from 500 to 5000 conversions along with the ability to view your analytics. The paid versions allow a lot of customization in the form of themes, colors, positioning, and so on. They also come with data gathering tools such as analytics and conversion pixel.

  • Drive conversion through every link you share on social media, with @sniply via @supermonitoring

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While it is easy to use and everything, one thing that bothered us while using it was the matter of ethics. However, this can be overcome if you decide to mention the credit to the original content creator. might have been acquitted of all legal infringements, but it is still high in controversy. If you feel comfortable with that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start snipping and attracting traffic.

Evaluate your website’s reach through UsabilityTools

Imagine you’re a web developer or website owner. From your point of view, what would be the key things towards building a successful website? Unique content, search engine optimization algorithms, attractive web design and such. After putting all of this in place and satisfying yourself of every little detail, you’d probably go ahead and launch your website. Now what would be the next step? Evaluating the impact! That’s where the truth will lie. That’s what will tell you how fruitful all the hours that went into building that website proved to be. But how would you know about the impact?

While some web development tools like WordPress offer plugins to monitor site statistics that specify the number of visitors and visits per day, even such plugins have limits. They don’t include everything. They don’t highlight which areas on your website are gaining maximum attention and which minimum. Plus, everyone doesn’t use WordPress. So then how would you evaluate user impact and gain insights to your website’s reach to its target audience? Through unique and brilliant online utilities like UsabilityTools!


UsabilityTools – See your website as a user would!

UsabilityTools is a web portal that brings together some of the most amazing features that can help website owners capture visual conversion insights and analyze them to increase conversions on actionable user insights. By capturing user gestures like mouse hovers and clicks on specific buttons, text or other areas on your website, this portal helps you know exactly “what” on your website is attracting the most users and “how” you can improve the areas that aren’t as appealing.

Here’s a brief glance over this tool’s features:

  • By enabling you to capture mouse movement, UsabilityTools helps you discover the difference between the most and the least converting user behaviors.
  • Unique engagement metrics feature helps you find out which users make the most clicks during their visits thus spotting conversion barriers and usability issues.
  • Supports smooth playback of user recordings of any resolutions on mobile devices, tablets as well as desktops.
  • It works just as well with static and dynamic websites. Even if your website has carousel forms and drop-downs, that’s not a problem.


There are 3 basic utilities or more correctly, tools offered by UsabilityTools, viz. UX Suite, Conversion Suite and Voice of Customer.

UX Suite is an online suite of small testing utilities to evaluate the User Experience through your website. It includes Click Testing (to validate design concepts), Web Testing (to optimize usability remotely), Survey (where you can ask users questions and get answers) and Card Sorting (to organize your website such that it makes sense to your audience). Since everything is online, it enables an extremely efficient way of remote testing that’s 100% browser based without the need for any plugins or special hardware.

Conversion Suite is where the real power of UsabilityTools lies. Here you can actually translate user-browsing patterns into actionable insights. By tracking how your users are viewing your website, where they are leaving the pages where they are paying attention etc., you can eliminate confusion causing fields and make your forms and other content more suitable to user preferences thereby increasing your site traffic.

Voice of Customer is where you get to directly interact with your customers. Ask them questions and get real-time feedback with no technicalities. Here you can customize feedback forms so as to establish better relationships with your users.


How it rolls

To try out the conversion suite you’ll have to sign-up for a free 14 day trial. Signing up is smooth and free. Once you do, you are allowed to create a new project. Give it a unique name and go ahead to adding scripts to your website by copying them from UsabilityTools. Or if you find yourself confused you can send an email message to the team to seek their help. A convenient tutorial is provided to help you out along the way. It contains screenshots etc to give an idea of how things should look once rolling.

To try out the UX Suite hit the “Try as a participant” button on the UX Suite page and you’ll be redirected to a survey. It is simple to follow and follows a click-next approach.

For anything else that you’d like to try out, there are plenty of “Talk to us” buttons that strangely instead of taking you straightaway to the contact us form, direct you to the pricing page first. Call it their marketing strategy, but we found it rather unnecessary. A simple redirection to the contact us form would’ve been good.

Pros VS Cons

Well, it may sound harsh, but it was a bit tough to find a plus point to this tool. The idea behind it is good but somehow, using the utilities is not very simple. It is very difficult and confusing to understand what to do with the tool and how to use it. The website look is fine, navigation menus are okay etc, but to what end? From a user’s point of view, only if you are very familiar with such kind of tools can you figure out what to do with this tool.

Plus every time you wish to clear your confusion by hitting the “Talk to us” button, you’re first redirected to the Pricing page that makes you think the makers are interested in earning from the service first and making it of use to customers later.

  • Build a better web experience for your users by knowing what they’re liking: @usabilitytools via @supermonitoring

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Final Verdict

All in all, not a very recommended tool since it is quite confusing to deal with and figure out. We honestly couldn’t comprehend why it was made. Maybe we started off at the wrong foot. But there would be a lot of people out there who’d also land up where we did. So maybe there should’ve been something there to help people understand what it’s all about. What an irony, a tool that’s aimed at helping people improve visual conversion insights has quite poor visual insights itself!

My Web Toolkit: Neil Patel

We started this series interviewing a successful Developer, now it’s time for one of the top 10 online marketers and his toolbox.

Neil Patel is Wall Street Journal’s top influencer on the web, also praised by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, United Nations and President Obama himself.

Neil consults the largest enterprises, including Amazon, eBay, GM, HP, Microsoft and NBC, helping them maximize their revenue. But he’s best known from creating the three brands you surely heard of: Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar.

Neil blogs at Quicksprout and speaks at 25 conferences a year. He lives in Seattle.


Facebook Google+ Linkedin Twitter

Neil’s Top Web Apps

Neil Patel uses and recommends the following web tools:

  • googleanalytics Google Analytics“I use this tool to analyze how my websites are doing. It gives me a rough overview if there is growth.”
  • kissmetrics KISSmetrics“This tool helps me track my life time value and if things are getting better or worse.”
  • rescuetime RescueTime“I optimize my productivity through this free tool. It tells me how to save time.”
  • yesware Yesware“This free service tells me if people are opening up my emails. This is useful for sales.”
  • hellobar Hello Bar“It’s a great free tool to help you convert more visitors into customers.”
  • gmail Gmail“My inbox controls me. I run everything through it and Gmail is what I use.”
  • wordpress WordPress“I love blogging and WordPress by far is my favorite platform. Blogging is also how we generate most of our traffic.”
  • googlecalendar Google Calendar“My life is hectic and this app lets me easily organize my day.”
  • unrollme Unroll.Me“This is a great app that lets me remove junk from my inbox.”
  • .@neilpatel Top Web Apps: @GoogleAnalytics, @KISSmetrics, @RescueTime, @Yesware, @theHelloBar, @Gmail, @WordPress, @GoogleCalendar

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Web Apps Neil is involved in

“KISSmetrics and Hellobar. I am the co-founder of both of them.”

How does Neil find his apps?

“Word of mouth. When friends tell me about a app that’s great, I usually try them out.”

That’s all, but another “My Web Toolkit” interview is coming soon!

Blow off Web Analytics with KISSmetrics

The collection, analysis and measurement of the web data to understand and optimize the web usage utilizing the reports hence generated. Web Analytics is a multipurpose tool which can be used for measuring the web traffic, perform market research, to enhance the impact a website has on the visitors and also to measure the impact an advertising campaign has. Web Analytics helps you keep a watch on the traffic on your website and also reveals the popular trends useful for market research.

It provides the number of visits and page views a website has. Web analytics can be divided into two categories, namely on-site and off-site web analytics. Off-site analytics includes visibility of the website, comments about the website and potential audience of a website while on-site web analytics deals with the measurements about a visitor’s behavior on your website. This includes the force driving the traffic and conversions. Many tools are used these days for performing on-site analytics while Google Analytics is the most popularly used application in this domain, but there are much more advanced tools available these days which give you many additional information such as heat maps.


KISSmetrics is one such analytics tool which helps you in identifying and understanding the traffic and improve the same by enabling you to take an informed decision about marketing and quality of your product. KISSmetrics tells you about what steps a person or future customer who visits you your website takes after landing on your website and before buying your product. Using KISSmetrics you can easily track what a customer does on your website till end until you get paid. KISSmetrics can also be used to track sign up procedures and you it keeps you informed about successful sign ups and what time the person took in signing up for your website so that you can make changes in the future and have a more hassle free signup process. It can track till where the customer completed the signup and where he left so that you know what is keeping you away from increasing your sales. The number of times people log into your website via Facebook or Twitter is also recorded by the KISSmetrics.


KISSmetrics and Your Website

Just getting signups from the people visiting your website is not enough for increasing your sales. You should look for ways to ease up the process after sign up. People should easily be able to find what they are looking for. If you are selling a service or software there should be options to upgrade and details about service configuration. You need to make sure that the core features of your website are being utilized well and people are able to complete this core process which is the essence of your business.


One should be able to locate the products, search for the desired product, view individual product details and your product should be easily downloadable or added to the cart and the complete purchase procedure should be hassle free and completed within a time limit. KISSmetrics would help you fix all these issues and help you keep your customers happy and yourself wealthy.

Unsubscribes and Refunds

KISSmetrics also helps you track the events which lead to cancelling of orders, generating refunds, and unsubscribing the newsletter services. It allows you to ensure that these events do not occur again and you are able to increase your sales next time a customer visits your website.

Events & Data

The Data you get from KISSmetrics gives you the full details about your user for example who he is, where he is from and what he does. Using KISSmetrics you can also form a group of users having similar characteristics. Multiple identities of the same person are merged automatically.
All events involving subscription, signup, sales, downloads and even browsing the homepage and landing page are recorded. The details such as where the user is from , his or her age, if he was a returning visitor and many other such properties about the user are included in the report generated by KISSmetrics.

Unlike Google Analytics KISSmetrics does not include Time on Site, Time on Page, Exits, Bounce Rates and Bounces. You’ll have to perform an analysis of the funnel report generated on KISSmetrics to get these quantities.


KISSmetrics and Social Media

KISSmetrics can be used to track social media for Return on Investment (ROI). This would help you analyze which social media platform gives you the maximum traffic on your website and thus whenever a person who comes to your website through social media is tracked for the source and the particular social media website is credited with the same . Using KISSmetrics you can track the whole life cycle of a customer.

Paid Advertising and KISSmetrics

You can also track your return on investment for online advertising channels . These channels include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Reddit Ads, Yahoo! Bing Network, Twitter Promoted Tweet and more. This allows you to track the best traffic source for you and which advertising source brings you the best return on investment. KISSmetrics tracks people at any point of time and originating from a paid search or a Pay Per Click advertisement a month back.You can find out who converts from a paid advertising service on a day to day basis.

  • Track what users do on your website using the best Google Analytics alternative – @KISSmetrics via @supermonitoring

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Plans and Pricing

Offers 14 day unlimited trial without any obligation and credit card. You have an option to choose from monthly or yearly billing. And you are charged 150$ per month for the starter pack while 250$ per month for the basic pack and $500 for professional pack. You’ll be able to track about 500,000 events per month subscribing for starter plan while if you subscribe for basic you can track up to 1 million events and 1+ million events for a professional plan.

KISSmetrics is one of the most popular and trustworthy web analytics website. It is very result oriented and you can see the changes within a short span of time. They say Google Analytics only tells you what’s happening while KISSmetrics tell you who. I found this web application very powerful and worth giving a competition to Google’s Analytics Service. Try out KISSmetrics and let us know your views too.

Unbounce – landing pages that convert

A/B testing is the process of testing landing pages using controlled parameter A and B as the treatment. The ultimate goal of this testing is to figure out the scope for alteration of the web page to maximize the output we are interested in such as to increase sale, increasing the click through rate for any advertisement and more. A/B testing compares these two parameters that is, A which is the version of the web page being used current while B is the treatment or the variable parameter evaluated after changes. A/B testing is the simplest form of landing page testing and it is important to gather enough data for A and B as well to come to a proper conclusion for our benefits. There are various web applications available on the internet for you to optimize your landing pages through A/B testing and increase your sales without any hassles. In this post we are describing one such application called Unbounce.


Unbounce is a Do-It-Yourself A/B testing platform for people equipped with technical skills and even for those who are not so equipped with these skills  and the complexities of the A/B testing. To be true you won’t need to hire IT experts to get your web page optimized for increasing your sales you can manage it on your own easily or through watching the introductory videos available on Unbounce.

User Interface

The Unbounce user interface utilizes WYSIWYG editor which allows you to have a look at the end result while the page is still being created. To be more specific What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors allow you to manipulate the layout of the page without using any layout command and thus, there is no programming involved.



  • Uses CSS3 to create beautiful landing pages with beautiful gradients. And you know what! You don’t need a web designer to design your beautiful landing page.
  • It features many tested and verified templates using which you can design a landing page within minutes.
  • Mobile ready templates are also available.
  • It allows you to create a landing page within the browser and enables editing of colors and text to create your own design using a black canvas.
  • You can easily integrate any social widget such as Facebook or Twitter, YouTube videos and even upload a PDF for people to download.
  • Using the form designer you can easily design the lead gen form without any knowledge of HTML or coding.
  • HTML and Javascript can be integrated to reproduce an exact copy of any web page that you want to test.
  • When you publish a page it is published on an Unbounce link which can be further integrated with your website and your own domain can be masked upon by adding a CNAME.
  • It allows you to run two tests simultaneously without affecting the statistics.
  • Can be easily integrated with Mailchimp and hence you can easily send the data using their API for getting new subscribers.
  • No Setup fee and you can start designing your landing pages as soon as you sign up.

The Unbounce dashboard utilizes Keep it simple smarty pants (K.I.S.S.) concept and gives users a clear and brief stats for their landing pages. It tells the user about the changes he/she need to make to the web page to increase the sale or conversion rates. It also gives out details such as number of total visits and unique visits, conversions and conversion rates, the difference in conversion rates of different pages in comparison to the page with best conversion rate. Gives results of the test and conversions based on reasons.


Partnered with over 60 Email, CRM and Optimization products which include MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact for sending emails and user data. For CRM it includes Zoho, Hubspot and Salesforce while for optimization it has Site Tuners, User Testing and Wider Funnel. Besides this it also allows you to integrate some popularly used apps on the web such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Marketo.


Managing Clients and Multiple Users

Facilitates addition of multiple clients to your main Unbounce account to ensure that you are able to manage all your clients and projects well. It allows you to create separate landing pages for each client and which are billed separately. It offers different roles to users such as Viewers, for the people who are interested in your project, and Authors who can edit the different landing pages.

Building Customer Lists

The most essential tool for a Business to Business marketing is the lead generation or lead capture form which is used to capture user data and generate leads. It has easy to analyze statistics that anyone can easily understand and using various options and user data the number of leads or sales can be increased very easily.

Plans and Pricing

Unbounce offers different plans for your various requirements such as for New Business and entrepreneurs the charges are $49 per month only and this plan offers Landing pages and A/B testing, 5000 unique visitors per month and Landing page templates while many other features which do sound important are not included in this plan, such as the multiuser feature. Plan for consultants and small businesses is for $99 which offers Landing pages and A/B testing, 25000 unique visitors per month, templates, multi user features, unlimited users with read only feature and many more.  For $199 Unbounce offers Agencies and marketing teams with the best plan which offers 100,000 unique visitors and other features are similar to the $99 plan. Unbounce offers you the flexibility to buy the basic new business plan and according to your needs you can upgrade it with the features of your choice such as Custom domains at 5$ per month, Multi-user feature at 10$ per month and Client management at 10$ per account per month. Apart from this if you just want to test the waters or check out how it works and how effective it is Unbounce offers a free signup too.

  • Build, publish & A/B test a high converting landing page with @unbounce via @supermonitoring

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Customer Support

It has a wonderful customer support with support people active on emails, live chats, phone support, Blog and Forum. These people are highly active on blog, email and the forum and you can expect a solution to your problem within minutes. Unbounce is a very useful tool for online marketers as it is user friendly, takes less time, has powerful features and you can add features as per your requirements. The only flaw I could figure out is the pricing! Yes it has excellent features but is highly priced especially if you fail to see any results.

Qualaroo – smart behavior insight surveys

Customer development and customer management these days require a huge investment of hands on time by the founders in interviewing the market participants, but as an organization grows and expands one hardly gets enough time to get the details about the customer experience by the customers who may or may not buy your services. There is always a scope of improvement and for improving the services you offer on your website you need to understand the user behavior on your website.
When you are aware of the intentions of the user and issues which may keep the user away from taking a decision you seek for, you would make changes based on these details which will enhance your website, improve the site performance and increase your revenues.


Let us assume you had a shop in the real world and all or most of the customers  who visit your shop walk away after having  a look at the products without making a deal, now wouldn’t you ask them the reason and try to come up with an offer which would suit the customer. Qualaroo does the same thing now if you have an online shop you would obviously like to know why a user didn’t buy your product this is where Qualaroo steps in by asking certain set of relevant questions like Are these services too expensive? Or the products you stock are irrelevant or not according to the needs of the visitor.

Qualaroo helps you get deep inside the heads of the people who visit your website and know what these visitor think about your business and what barriers keep them away from converting. It helps you understand and improve user experience on your website and drive better results. Qualaroo offers services called Qualaroo Insights, Qualaroo Convert and Qualaroo for Mobile.

Qualaroo Insights

Easy to build and design micro surveys targeting your audience as they surf your website can be integrated using a single code which you need to install on your website. Qualaroo offers intelligent question branching so that you can nest up a new question based on a previous answer or answers. Qualaroo includes a library of questions which you can include in your surveys to ask the visitor making the survey more efficient and perfect. There may be a difference between what a user says and what he does on your website, thus Qualaroo can be effortlessly integrated with Google Analytics or KISSmetrics to offer a proper detail about a user experience like what a visitor did and why he did that. You can take more informed decisions and update your websites in accordance with the requirements of the visitor to ensure a decent conversion rate.


Qualaroo Convert

Qualaroo convert enables you to tap more sales by giving the right offer or content and it makes you aware of the unique needs of a user to achieve that. Redirecting users to a call to action screen which may offer discounted rates for services. You can deal with last minute objections of the users more efficiently using qualaroo with fewer efforts. It can be easily integrated with the live chat services. After asking a few questions you may lead your visitors to a live chat session where a representative can solve his or her queries. You can also ask a few questions and present the user with a offer which may lead to an increased conversion rate.

Qualaroo for Mobile

Qualaroo is the first survey service available for mobile users visiting your website. Qualaroo enables you to know the needs of the mobile users and offer your services accordingly.


Qualitative Analysis of your business

Instead of going for numerical analysis Qualaroo allows you to have qualitative analysis of your business for example, It may allow you to ask open end questions so that users may write whatever they feel about your services instead of asking them to rate your business on the scale of 5 or 10 and providing insights like 56% users like your services. By asking open ended questions Qualaroo would allow you to come up with more creative and innovative ideas to increase your business. Though this may take time but would surely help you a lot with Qualaroo performing most of the tasks you would just have to read feedbacks and respond in the right direction. Qualaroo allows you to collect the data and export them into an excel sheet to keep a record of the areas you need to work on. It also allows you to create pie charts on the data collected.

Points to keep in mind while creating surveys on Qualaroo:

  1. Feedback should be asked only once to the user and not as many times he would visit the website.
  2. Always check how the survey comes up on your website and place it according to the website design it shouldn’t appear out of the place.
  3. Always thank people who complete surveys on your website as they are giving you their valuable time to enhance your services.
  4. Being polite while you create and place your surveys would surely help you a lot and these surveys should appear as spams to the people who visit your website.
  5. Always schedule your surveys.
  6. Ask more open ended questions.
  7. You can or you must ask for email address to contact in case you would like to get in touch with the customer who visits your website.


  • Offers customizable surveys that is, you can create a survey on your own or use the survey questions recommended for the kind of website you own.
  • Comes with attractive themes and has a good visual appeal which would easily complement any website.
  • You can select who should see your survey like for returning visitors or people who visit for the first time.
  • Has wonderfully easy to handle dashboard with easy installation.
  • Works awesomely well with http as well as https pages which have secure SSL certificate.
  • Provides immediate feedback from users.
  • Offers better customization than other available options for similar tasks
  • No training required.
  • It is useful not only for ecommerce websites but also for blogs and forums as it would allow you to ask people what would they like you to write about.


  • Wont capture details when a user leaves in comparison to some other available options.
  • Expensive for small scale business.
  • It often seems to track impressions rather than tracking the unique visits.
  • Create smart micro surveys targeting your audience as they surf your website with @Qualaroo via @supermonitoring

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Qualaroo is an innovative tool to tap more deals from your own website than targeting some other website’s audience and gaining traffic from them. Installing a small code snippet would bring wonders to your website or blog and would efficiently increase your sales for sure.
I strongly recommend people to use Qualaroo themselves and do write us about your experiences. That’s all for now. Toodles!

Website Benchmarks 2012 (infographic)

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