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When starting an online business, people are usually not aware of what their targeted audience needs to see and how they will see it. For instance, businesses don’t realize why website visitors don’t convert into paying customers. Well, there could be several issues triggering such an occurrence like unattractive UI, complicated webpage view, or long response time.


Tackling such issues and tracking website visitor behavior thus became an area of interest for most organizations. And to simplify working in the area, several tools were created. One such currently popular tool is Cux which redefines the way companies conduct tests to evaluate their visitor preferences and behavior. Let’s take a close look at this tool in this review.

A brief look into Cux

Cux is a tool that allows developers to test their created websites on all stages of development, right from mockup designs to final copy. It keeps a track of website visitors along with real-time streams of their visit. It also tracks the number of clicks, zooms, scrolls, mouse movements, etc. the visitors engaged in on the website. This kind of in-depth tracking and analyzing is sure to help businesses in improving conversion rates and identifying website strengths. It provides a clear picture of the visitor’s experience and interaction with your webpages.

Cux analyzes every minute detail of the user’s activities on your website. It allows you to see what they are doing in real-time. With such power in their hands, businesses can understand the conscious and unconscious behavior of visitors through the critical data provided by the software. With the help of features like heat-maps, they can track how the visitor has navigated through the web pages and categories. It also provides real-time browsing sessions that allow seeing a clear picture of what is working for the site and what isn’t. It helps developers to understand the trends and update the website accordingly.

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Interesting features of the tool

Here are some attractive features of the Cux tool that help developers and business owners make necessary improvements to their websites:

  • One-stop shop: Cux helps you understand your user in the broadest way possible. You won’t lose sight of them even for a second. You can review their clicks, duration of staying at any specific page or the complete website, features that attract most visitors, etc.
  • Conversion waterfall: The tool allows you to analyze every single detail that is necessary. This will help you in optimizing the conversion rate.
  • Auto capture events: It auto-captures all the events and analyzes how the conversion waterfall worked. It is just another way to optimize the process or product and eventually increase revenue.
  • Customized Aggregation: With the help of heat-maps you can track how users move through the page and also through groups of identically designed pages or categories. This feature specifically helps to analyze the interaction of people with different products in an e-commerce platform or the type of article they read in a blog.
  • Recordings & Playback: This feature records the movement of a visitor through a page. You can watch the behavior of the user, what’s happening with every abandoned cart, and what made your visitor bounce away from your site. It will help you in improving the user experience and convert visitors into customers.
  • Tracking real time browsing: You can watch your users live as they interact with your website with a simple login to Cux and an easy implementation of the tool’s code on your site. Once it is setup and running, it will help you identify the issues and problems with your design, products, and everything.
  • Behavioral Insights: It helps you to understand your users’ preferences and behavior. It will let you focus on metrics that really matter.
  • URL tagging: With the URL tagging feature, you can carry out real time tests for users, track campaign results and also address the different versions of your website. You will get detailed results and analysis that will help you in making the right decisions for your website.

Cux - screenshot 2

How Cux works

To start working with Cux, you need to create an account and sign-in. After that, follow the below listed steps to create a project and start viewing the statistics.

  1. Click on the ‘account’ icon on the top right corner of the page and select “Projects”.
  2. Create a new project by adding the URL of the website under test. Once you’ve added that, you will be able to see the created project on the list. You can add as many projects as you want.
  3. From the list, click on your desired project and you will see Cux’s code in a black box that you have to add on every page of your website. You can copy it from there and paste it in your website code.
  4. Once you have added it, CUX will show you the statistics of the website in detail.

All features and shortcuts of the tool are visible on the dashboard for convenience. The tool is not very complex. You will be able to get along with it from the very first interaction.

Evaluating Cux

Most reviews and feedback of users about this tool are positive. People enjoy using the tool and most of them believe that no other tool can compete with its features and reliability. Although there are many competitors and replacements available in the market, the tool’s new and innovative features, like real-time tracking and recording video of user’s interaction with the website, keep its customers loyal. Recently this tool was selected as one of the top picks up for TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin held in 2018 in Berlin.

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Final Verdict

After analyzing the tool in detail, we can conclude that it is very useful for testing and keeping track of visitor behavior. There are many similar tools available in the market, but Cux’s innovative features make this tool stand out. Other than that, the tool is very simple and user friendly. Due to this, it mostly has positive reviews from critics and users.

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