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The most important thing you need when looking for strategies to monetize your website visitors is clear but actionable advice on how to proceed. No matter how much traffic you have you will require some tools to monetize your website and make some money. Although some methods require a little patience and others might yield quick results, they are all crucial to know.


One of the top optimization tools is OptinMonster. This implies that it assists you in motivating users to visit your website to perform the desired activities, such as:

  • Boosting pageviews
  • Growing your email list
  • Increasing your webinar audience
  • Driving more sales

What makes it do that? By helping you create effective marketing campaigns on your website for a range of objectives, such as lead generation, cart abandonment, and more. These are short messages that may be displayed as popups, floating bars, welcome mats that fill the entire screen, or in several other ways. You’ll have a targeted call to action for each campaign that invites your audience to look at, sign up for, or purchase anything. The best aspect, though, is that you can tailor each user’s experience by displaying customized campaigns based on their interests, choices, and behaviors. Therefore, you can always present the appropriate offers to the customers at the ideal point in their journey.

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Working of OptinMonster

For small businesses

The best conversion optimization tool for expanding small businesses is OptinMonster. And the process we use for small companies can be broken down into three simple sections, such as creating a campaign that is optimized for conversions and attracts prospective leads or customers, ensuring that the campaigns are seen by the proper site visitors, and converting new visitors into leads or customers.

For larger eCommerce store

All marketing strategies essentially come down to one thing when it comes to operating a successful eCommerce business i.e. how can you improve sales and profit? Yes, it’s crucial to have a sizable email list. However, only if you are adding leads to that list who will eventually purchase your goods or services. With OptinMonster, you can quickly generate more revenue by obtaining the highest-quality leads.

Online blog or publication

OptinMonster may assist you if you run a blog or other online publication in several ways, including an increase in your pageviews, boosting revenue from affiliate marketing or ads, selling your ebooks and growing your email list, etc.

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Benefits of OptinMonster

  1. You can design visually appealing optin forms with the OptinMonster builder that are geared for the maximum conversion rates. Opt-in forms may be made in a variety of formats, including lightbox popups, floating bars, sidebar slide-ins, after-post forms, sidebar forms, welcome gates, discount wheels, and more.
  2. Did you know that more than 70% of website visitors who leave will never come back? When a visitor shows signs of leaving, their Exit-Intent technology recognizes their behavior and alerts them with a customized campaign. Even mobile exit-intent technology is available from OptinMonster.
  3. You may target certain pages using our page-level targeting module to create a hyper-targeted email list.
  4. The simple-to-use A/B split testing tool enables you to increase conversion rates. No more assuming what functions. To determine what converts the best, experiment with different content, headlines, layouts, and styles. Your conversion rates will be better the more tests you conduct.
  5. It offers OnSite retargeting and personalization. You may display various popups to new visitors, repeat visitors, and customers with OptinMonster. This enables you to present the ideal offer to the appropriate parties.
  6. With their integrated analytics, it’s simple to examine clicks, views, and total conversion rates. It’s not necessary to be techy at data analysis. Get the stats that matter, to put it simply.
  7. You can design optins with OptinMonster that function flawlessly on mobile. Additionally, popups may be device-specifically targeted so that mobile users see a different optin than desktop users. Exit-Intent technology is a unique feature of OptinMonster that is available for both desktop and mobile.

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OptinMonster offers 4 pricing plans with different features:

  • The basic plan is normally $16 per month. It has essential tools to get more leads from your existing traffic.
  • The plus plan is normally $32 per month. It is great for growing businesses that want to do more.
  • The pro is normally $49 per month. You must have one if you sell anything on your website!”
  • The growth plan is normally $82 per month. It has all the tools necessary to transform your conversions.

Pros & Cons


  • It is user-friendly and has lots of customization options.
  • It has various popup options.
  • There are many available templates.
  • It provides integration with many popular tools.
  • It provides on-site retargeting.


  • It is very expensive.
  • Many websites use OptinMonster which means many sites already use its available templates.
  • You need to connect to Google Analytics to see your stats.
  • There is no automatic winning feature in the A/B testing.
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Final thoughts

OptinMonster is a fantastic tool for new users as well as for those looking to grow their subscriber list for lead generation and base expansion. It is easy to use and resolves the complicated process in just a few clicks. OptinMonster works effectively and provides you with a great head start for an email opt-in for your website. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers you the best analytics that can lead you to success. OptinMonster is a good option for you, particularly if you’re seeking anything flexible, really user-friendly, and with a variety of different pop-up themes. But it doesn’t offer any free plan.

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