Essential Tools for Converting Organic B2B Traffic to Customers

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Turning organic visitors to your website into loyal customers is the goal of every company that has an eye on growth.

B2B traffic that finds your website through Google search brings the best new customers since those visits are organically searching for what you write about.


Converting these organic visitors of your website into customers who will return and order should be the focus of business marketing efforts.

Search Engine Ranking Tracking Tools and Why They Matter

Converting visitors from SERP pages to your website can be considered a step in a conversion funnel. This is a conversion from SERP impressions to clicks.

Bazaar Expert explains how having website ranking tools is vitally important to companies that provide B2B services through their websites.

If a business searches for a particular service or product, the higher the ranking a company’s website has on search engines, the higher that page will appear in searches.

Often a business will choose a company that is on the first page of search engine results, so being ranked highly will bring organic B2B visitors to websites.

To convert organic B2B traffic into loyal customers, a company first must have those organic B2B visits. Ranking highly on SERPs is essential to having the volume of B2B traffic that can then be converted to customers. The best tools for SERP tracking are listed below.



SEMRush is really one of the market leaders for SEO and SERP tracking tools. The benefits of SEMRush are that it features a wide variety of features, like keyword research and keyword gap tools, performance analytics and competition tracking.

It’s a really full-fledged SEO platform. The downside is that it’s a bit expensive and if you just need SERP tracking, there are cheaper options out there.



SERPWatch is a tool specifically to monitor your pages in the SERP rankings. You can track organic positioning as well as ads positioning in SERPWatch. The same keyword can be tracked in multiple locations and even multiple domains, search engines and devices.

You can also monitor specific competitor pages and how they’re moving up and down in the rankings. The price start from $29 per year, so it’s super cheap.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a tool that can perform full SEO audits on your site and gives you a full report including 70+ parameters.

For SERP tracking, it monitors your defined keywords and traffic volume. It can also give you a traffic forecast for any keyword.

The saying that nothing succeeds like success is true in the SERP world. The more B2B traffic that visits a company’s website, the higher a website’s ranking will be on search engine results pages. This spiral can increase B2B traffic and sales exponentially.

Reaching Customers by Using Email Marketing Tools

Once a company’s website has organic B2B traffic, converting those visits into sales is essential to growth. Reaching that B2B traffic requires online tools that will engage visitors and turn them into customers.

Before turning visitors into customers, they often need some persuasion and nurturing. Email is the best channel for that. Converting visitors into qualified email leads is an important step in the customer journey funnel.

One of the first steps to email conversion is gathering contact information from website visitors, usually in the form of emails. Companies can gather emails from potential customers by offering free benefits such as e-newsletters and reports.

Consider these tools for email newsletters that will keep your B2B traffic engaged, informed about sales and new products and services, and visiting the company website regularly, driving the website’s search engine ranking even higher.

Website Monitoring Tools

Super Monitoring

Email marketing will drive B2B traffic to a company’s website, so that website should be working properly and loading quickly.

Super Monitoring

Website monitoring through Super Monitoring will ensure a website doesn’t lose potential customers through HTTP errors or slow-downs in loading. Those problems will send potential B2B customers looking elsewhere and hurt a website’s search engine rankings.

Email Automation Tools

E-newsletters and marketing emails should be automated so sending them can be done quickly and easily. While a company’s staff members are doing other things, emails and e-newsletters are going to leads from B2B traffic, turning them into customers. Some of the email automation tools are:



MailBird is a stylish email client with a sleek interface and easy setup. It can help you create your own e-newsletters and marketing emails. You’ll will also get analytics on your email outreach, including open rates and the number of B2B leads that click through the email to your company’s website.

Being able to access business emails by phone is essential to business and marketing. Having the Gmail app for Windows from MailBird on your business smartphone makes email marketing management possible whether you are in the office, traveling, or working from home.

Gmail apps for Windows such as MailBird will put all your email accounts into one place, which will make dealing with email communication easier.
MailBird also has a free trial available.



ConvertKit is quite a powerful email service provider. It’s designed specifically for creators and the company has been growing fast.

Aside from basic email marketing and campaign management, you can also create and deliver content upgrades, create complex marketing automation sequences and even create landing pages.

Email deliverability is the fundamentals of email marketing, so Convertkit has optimized for that.

Using Webinar Tools to Close the Leads

Another bonus that you can offer B2B traffic to convert them to customers is webinars that provide leads with valuable industry-specific information that will help their businesses while turning them into repeat customers.

A good webinar platform is essential to have content upgrades that will connect B2B traffic with resources to convert them into customers. Webinar education is a bonus for B2B visitors.

The reason webinars work so well for B2B prospects is because it’s highly specific to those industry professionals. It relates to a real-world industry problem that they have. Typically, the webinar host is also a subject matter expert.

When hosting webinars, it’s essential to have the right webinar platform, because this allows you to capture leads, create an automated email sequence to make sure they actually attend your webinar. The best Webinar Software for this task are:



WebinarJam is probably the most diverse and flexible tool for hosting live webinars. You can create and customize your own webinar sign-up page and create custom sign-up forms. There are even built-in A/B testing, so you can run 2 different variations of landing pages to see which one converts best.

The live webinar room is reliable and features all sorts of engagement tools like polls, Q&A and live chat. Live webinars are especially effective for sales, since the host can get the audience excited and then launch a sales offer at the end of the webinar. WebinarJam can do that in an excellent way.

The downside of WebinarJam is that it only has annual pricing available. But it does have a 14-day trial for just $1, so you try it out risk-free.



WebinarKit is a really smooth webinar tool for automated webinars. You can set up automated interactions that would trigger specific time points during the webinar.

The webinar platform allows you to smoothly run your presentation, get the audience engaged with chat and polls. Ultimately, the webinar host will present the solution to the aforementioned industry-specific problem. The solution often happens to be the same product he’s selling.

The webinar tool allows to trigger that sales offer in an attractive manner and get attendees to click the offer. Additionally, when they have extra questions, the host can use the Q&A feature to address those.

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