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Customer experience is a key factor in competitive differentiation in the digital economy. The online business model has changed, and today, the focus has shifted from brands to customers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that customer experience plays a central role in any business model.

Understanding customer journeys and what customers experience the moment they start the journey of buying a product or service is important to ensure the whole process is as simple, clear, and efficient as possible. Companies have to gain from focusing on customer experience and how they can evaluate and enhance it.


FullStory – Digital Intelligence platform that wins customers

FullStory is a digital intelligence platform that helps SaaS and e-commerce companies understand their customer journeys and improve their digital experiences. It is a connected platform that lets you optimize the customer journey from end to end. By leveraging advanced search capabilities, on-the-fly conversion funnels, analytics, robust debugging and developer tools, and video-like replay of real user sessions. This allows businesses to reduce customer struggle while ordering products and services and capture more revenue.

FullStory is available in three versions – Free, Business, and Enterprise. The platform provides advanced analytics & debugging tools, workflow and management tools to understand your customer experience on your portal in detail.

Let’s take a look at the key features of the platform:


FullStory captures a wide range of interaction data thereby offering more opportunities for detailed analysis. The custom conversion analysis can be used to measure important business conversion funnels. The variety of signals allows you to know the elements that impact conversions like slow page loading, device-specific bugs, and frustrating workflows.

Data Visualization

FullStory can create funnel visualization on the fly to help you know how many users complete each section. The user counts saved in the database can help you learn about changing trends by comparing new data with past data. The heatmaps help you know which page elements are cold, lukewarm, and hot.

Dev Tools

FullStory offers a wide range of developer tools which include JavaScript console log for powerful debugging data. Other useful tools include comprehensive stack traces to find out problematic method calls in less time.

FullStory - screenshot

This is how it works

FullStory works to create pixel-perfect rendition of customer journeys for their clients. This allows their clients to identify bottlenecks and points of frustration for customers and eliminate them to provide the best user experience. The recorder captures all actions of the user on your website and sends them to the companies servers for search and replay.

Step 1 – Bootstrapping of the code snippet to your website

Before you use FullStory, you need to download the recording script which is ideally a JavaScript statement. You need to paste the code snippet in your website HTML code.

Step 2 – Execute the FullStory code snippet in the browser

The FullStory snippet is copied in the

element of a webpage. The JavaScript snippet defines a few JavaScript API functions. The FullStory snippet of code starts downloading the fs.js script.

Step 3 -Load the FullStory recording script

The fs.js scr is 60KB in size and load asynchronously. In other words, the script won’t block other web page elements like styles ad images from loading while the script is being loaded. The asynchronous loading ensures the FullStory script does not affect the page loading time and the user is able to see the content on the page as quickly as possible. The fs.js script contains JavaScript API code, FullStory’s recording code, and privacy exclusion code.

Step 4 – Check Org settings

The Org settings refer to customer’s accounts on the FullStory platform. Every customer gets a unique ID after signing for the service. Each Org comes with a FullStory snippet(even free account). Some of the Org settings include session quotas, elements exclusions created in the app and other configuration items.

Once the fs.js script is loaded in the browser, Org settings are requested through a call to a record page. The settings are imported and applied before any recording begins. The fs-uid cookie is also set which is used to group sessions together for anonymous users.

Step 5 – Bind event listeners and starts recording

The fs.js script binds event listeners to all manner of browser events which include:

  • Keystrokes
  • Mouse movements
  • Scrolling the window
  • Button clicks
  • Page navigation
  • Touches for mobile browsers
  • Resizing the window
  • Network requests
  • DOM Mutations
  • And more

Excluded web page elements do not send DOM mutations, keystrokes, or value changes to FullStory servers. All recorded events are bundled temporarily in a queue on the browser. After every 5 seconds, these activity bundles are sent to FullStory’s server via a call to record bundle. Before sending events to the server, they are compressed (more than 60% compression ratio). This is specifically done to reduce the amount of data sent to FullStory servers. The entire process takes less than 300ms and happens without users knowing it.

Step 6 – Playback

The FullStory reconstructs the recorded exactly in the way they occurred during user live session. The events can be analyzed to create frustration metrics like error clicks, dead clicks, and rage clicks. Events are stored in the database and customers can search independent recorded events by creating filters and funnels.

Evaluating the tool


  • Ability to see a live view of user browsing and tracking of events is magical
  • Easy to filter out sessions based on a particular session of interest
  • Jira integration for reports and decision making
  • The summary section is helpful


  • Slow Internet can make video replays very slow
  • The free plan with limited features is only good for small sites
  • Too pricey for the features offered
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Final Verdict

If you want to stay ahead in the game, you need to nail down a great customer service strategy. Digital experiences form a major chunk of customer experience for online businesses. FullStory captures all your customer experience data in a powerful, easy-to-use platform, thereby giving you valuable insights into the customer’s journey. Revealing the truth about customer’s digital experiences paves the way for businesses to make it better and stay ahead of the competition. A great digital experience while ordering your products and services online will increase customer satisfaction, maximize customer lifetime value, and send your revenue soaring.

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