Study Fonts in detail with Identifont

An integral part of any designer’s job is choosing the correct font for his blueprints, not just for texts, but also where shapes are concerned. The height, width, and weight of a font family can make or break a great design and that’s the reason even huge organizations like Adobe Systems develop dedicated tools to […]


Collaborate Better with RealtimeBoard

People who work in teams understand the purpose and vitality of whiteboards. What looks like a simple, glossy, white surface actually solves the purpose of a thousand notebooks, scrap books, blueprints, maps, or any other term you might want to give to something that is used while planning and brainstorming for development. Today, you’d hardly […]


CanIUse – Test Browser Compatibility with Web Technologies

Problem: You’ve built an awesome web portal using HTML5 and some cool CSS features. You’re sure the portal will look amazing on Chrome. However, you’re wondering if the code will work on Safari or not. For that matter, you don’t even know if the code will work on a few old versions of Firefox or […]


TinyPng – Optimize images without losing quality

A blog post, a social media share, or an article gains a lot of weight if accompanied with an appropriate picture. But more often than not, the problem with including a picture in an online post lies in the picture’s size. Let’s look at this problem from another viewpoint. Many software applications need to work […]


Using CoSchedule to Run Your Blog

Guest Post Most blogs fail in the first 100 days, and one of the main reasons is disorganization. Successful blogs post new content frequently and consistently. But if you aren’t organized, you won’t be able to do either. How do I keep my blog organized? CoSchedule. It’s an excellent tool which allows you to plan, […]


Analyze live backlinks, for free with OpenLinkProfiler

A backlink for a website is a link from some other website to it. In other words, if some website likes the idea behind your web page or any of your posts, it provides a referring link to your website on one of its own web pages. If you own or moderate websites, there’s no […]


Take Your Task Management to a Whole New Level with Insightly

Guest Post Modern business organizations understand that they need to find good tech solutions in order to be efficient and competitive on the market. One of the areas in which a lot of business try to improve is their communication both external and internal. All business organizations need to have contact with their employees and […]


Write flawlessly with Grammarly

How often have you heard the remark, “I’ve always struggled with my grammar”? Mastering the proper use of written English language is tricky even for native speakers of the language, let alone, people foreign to it. The punctuations, articles, phrases, similes, etc. that make up the language are sometimes too much to handle. And if […]


Track & Fix Errors before they cause damage, with Rollbar

Nothing steals the thunder from good applications like bugs and errors. That’s why, when they’re still under development, every effort is made to find out and fix hidden bugs and unexpected errors. But it is easier said than done. While creating working code is one thing, fixing bugs, errors and exceptions is another thing entirely. […]


Manage application logs the easy way with Loggly

What does every software engineer dread most? Finding out what the problem with his application is based on logs. Especially when the application is super complicated with hundreds of logs that run into thousands of lines each. Add to that the pressure of doing all of that in real-time, and just picturing the scenario is […]

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