Top 3 Data Removal Tools for Ultimate Cyber Hygiene

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Every click, search, and download leaves a trace. Scary, right? Or do you not think about it until you’re part of a data leak? It’s probably the second one. Yet, our digital footprint is something we should all focus on. In 2023, IT Governance studies showed 8,214,886,660 records of data breaches. And that’s only the ones logged on record. There will be more than that.

It’s called cyber hygiene, and data removal is one essential part of it if you spend your days online. Well, not even if you spend most of your time online. Every click counts.

Data removal tools are the ultimate way to remove your personal data.

Below, we’ll talk you through data removal, why it’s essential, and three of the top tools you can use that all do something different.


What is data removal

Data removal is more than hitting the delete button, unfortunately. You can delete your browser history, but your footprint is still online.

Personal data removal, when done correctly, should include removing data from social media platforms, consumer websites, and even databases you might not be aware are storing your information. Tools like Incogni have streamlined the process of data removal, meaning internet users don’t need to .

It’s about ensuring that your online activities and history don’t remain lingering and vulnerable to exploitation. One of the biggest causes of personal identity theft is that people have such a vast digital footprint they don’t clean. But if you don’t know how to do it, other than simply clearing your browsing history and erasing the cookies, it can seem complicated.

How do you find all this information? Well, there are tools online. More on that later. Next, the perks.

The perks of keeping it clean

There are tons of benefits. The main one? You’re in control of your data. You know where it is, who has it, and how you get rid of it when you want.

There are so many online threats to personal data that data hygiene controls. Good data hygiene, anyway.

By proactively managing your digital footprint, you’re significantly reducing the risk of becoming a target. What could you be a target for?

  • Phishing scams
  • Identity theft
  • Financial fraud
  • Much more

A clean digital presence can positively impact your personal and professional life. It can also negatively impact it – but we’ll go into that in more detail later in the article.

Ultimately, keeping your digital presence clean is an ongoing commitment. You’ll have to do it often, but it’s worth it to protect your security, reputation, and peace of mind online.

Who needs data removal?

Everyone. We could end the paragraph here, but we’ll go into more detail. Everyone should focus on data removal – and anyone spending time online needs it. The issue is everyone can get online, and hacking tools are more sophisticated than ever.

That isn’t limited to the tech-savvy or those with a significant online presence. If you’ve ever made a purchase online (basically everyone unless you live under a rock), interacted on social media platforms, or browsed websites, your personal information has likely been collected. It’s then stored and potentially shared or sold to people you’ll never know about until you become a hacking victim.

It’s even more essential for professionals who handle sensitive information, public figures, and people going through big changes in their lives (such as changing jobs or moving to a new city). It’s also invaluable for anyone who has been a victim of online harassment or wants to minimize their digital footprint for safety reasons. See, in reality, it’s absolutely everyone who should be focusing on data removal.

We have three of the best tools to do it for you so they do it correctly.

Top 3 tools to wipe the slate clean

1. Incogni


Incogni focuses on removing you from data brokers’ lists so they stop selling your personal information. Once those data brokers have their hands on your information, they can really start to exploit it – selling it onto third-parties, some of whom aren’t just looking to target ads your way.

Most of the time, you won’t want basic surface-level cleaning. Because let’s face it, did you know data brokers existed and that they could be selling your information as you read this? Companies can ensure that your details aren’t just deleted but are made inaccessible.


2. YouWipe

The tool YouWipe focuses its attention on the traces left behind by your online presence. It goes through all your digital activities and ensures everything from browsing history and cookies to the hidden cache files are cleaned.

This tool is designed with simplicity in mind. It boasts an interface that demystifies the process of data removal.

3. Privacy Eraser

Privacy Eraser

Privacy Eraser took the concept of digital cleanliness and ran with it. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to purge your digital and physical storage spaces.

Privacy Eraser aims to optimize your device’s performance by clearing out redundant system files, temporary files, and leftovers from uninstalled software. It’s basically one of the best if you want to erase everything. It’s kind of in the name. We love its customizable features, allowing for a tailored cleaning experience.

What can happen without data removal

You need robust data removal practices. If you don’t, your data is sitting there for anyone to use – unless, of course, you were one of the good ones and rejected the privacy terms and conditions because you realized how exposed your data would be.

The consequences can range from mildly inconvenient (still annoying) to financially severe.

Firstly, personal information that stays online is a goldmine for identity thieves. They’re literally searching for it. And they don’t even need to go to one source. They can find information from different sources to commit fraud, open unauthorized accounts in your name, or even impersonate you for other malicious activities. The list of things they can do seems to be getting endless. And they’re getting better at doing it.

The repercussions of identity theft aren’t just financial – although the financial aspect is what everyone thinks about. It’s incredibly emotionally draining.

Unmanaged digital footprints can affect your professional life. How often have you heard of employers potentially doing an online background check? It’s more common than you think now. Prospective employers often conduct online searches on candidates (and they’re within their right to), and what they find can influence hiring decisions. Or it can influence firing decisions.

Sensitive information that remains accessible can lead to misunderstandings, exploitation, and major issues for your safety – after all, the most effective phishing scams leverage sensitive information.

Data hygiene online is essential. With the correct data removal tools, you’re not just cleaning up. You’re taking a stand for your privacy. And you do need to take a stand for your privacy with the number of cyberattacks increasing year-on-year. Once you understand your digital footprint and where you might be vulnerable, it’s easy. Well, it’s easy with the best tools for your needs.

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Aun Sherazi is always focused on helping consumers take back control of their personal information. Aun uses data analysis to tell stories about online privacy – which he believes to be a fundamental human right and a vastly underestimated issue in the digital world.

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