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Keyword Rank Tracking – How To and Tools

Keyword Rank Tracking – How To and Tools

We are sharing a list of 10 best tools to monitor your position in search results and several important remarks to keep in mind when watching SERPs.

Reacting to website failure: A foolproof process (infographic)

Reacting to website failure: A foolproof process (infographic)

Faultless websites, online stores or web apps simply don’t exist. Despite an exemplary infrastructure, duplicated systems and excellent mechanisms, something can always go wrong. We offer you a proven process that you can apply in a crisis situation – adapting it accordingly to your conditions, of course. You can publish our infographic on your blog […]

Positionly – track your SEO results

Positionly – track your SEO results

A process of affecting the visibility or ranking of a website on a search engine’s natural or organic search results is called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Search Engine Optimization involves consideration of how a search engine works, what words/keywords are being searched by people and which is the most popular search engine among the […]

Monitoring Organizations: Groups Keeping an Eye on Things

Websites are the primarily drivers of many businesses, so a company will often hire a service that monitors websites to respond to and limit downtime. Property managers need to be made aware of break-ins, fires, and elevator malfunctions in a timely manner, leading many to use an alarm monitoring service to stay in the know. […]

Best Web Tool Award has been awarded and recommended as a top rated website monitoring service by Web Hosting Search.

Monitoring hosting providers

On April, 2010 we have started to monitor two of the most popular shared hosting providers – HostGator and HostMonster. Now we are able to publish their uptime for the last 30, 90 and 180 days.

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